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Dice has been known to be the oldest gambling instrument to man. Throwing dice is one of the simplest ways of gambling globally. Moreover, playing dice has been an easy and uncomplicated way of earning money. Whether being played online or offline, the dice game has a higher possibility of winning than other online gambling games. 

However, with the growing success of cryptocurrencies, their interest has shifted to the game market. The traditional way of playing dice from the old days to the modern days has not changed. 

Punters played the game by throwing the dice on a flat surface from the hand or a cup in a way that it is to fall at random. However, the symbols that face upwards when the dice lands are essential. With the high rise of cryptocurrencies used in online gambling platforms, crypto dice sites are now the best invention of the online gambling industry. 

About Crypto Dice

The virtual gaming platform’s latest member has been crypto dice. In regular dice games, you bet the outcome of the rolled dice; the same is also done with Crypto dice.

 In playing crypto dice, the user is to choose between numbers 1 to 100, and the player selects the figure they feel will be the result. Furthermore, other sites use dice cubes to play, in which the user throws the dice like in standard casinos. A number is selected based on the number that is to appear on the surface of the two dice.

The legality of Crypto Dice Sites

Many countries are now accepting cryptocurrency as a legal means of payment. The legality of crypto dice is therefore no longer a question. However, varying laws regulate its use from country to country, with most countries choosing the extent cryptocurrencies are used in their country. Also, when choosing a crypto dice site, always go for the licensed areas.

Benefits of Playing On Crypto Dice Sites

  • Anonymity

When playing crypto dice, you are a stranger to other players on the table as all your details are kept secret and unknown to the public.

  • Fast Transactions

Deposits and withdrawals when playing crypto dice are speedy and hassle-free. In addition, your earnings are instantly made available on your account after every win.

  • It is a Fair Game

Playing crypto dice is a fair game as every player on the table has an equal chance of winning due to being rolled at random. Therefore to win steadily, you must practice and perfect your strategy.

Is it Profitable Playing Crypto Dice?

Playing games on Crypto sites is very profitable and lucrative. First, however, it is crucial to choose a good crypto dice site. Furthermore, it is wise to always read the rules before playing, as each area has different rules.

If you want to enjoy the profitability of playing crypto dice, your strategy should be rock solid and well tested. There are many strategies out there that people can use for steady winnings. First, however, we will give you tips and techniques to follow to enjoy the benefits of crypto dice.

Tips for Crypto Dice Betting

  • Slow and Steady Wins the Game

Crypto dice gambling requires a high degree of patience. Always start with little bets and amounts. Then you can slowly increase it round by round.

However, betting with high amounts can damage your bankroll in just a single throw, so be careful. Moreover, crypto dice betting is enjoyable when starting with minor parts; when the groove hits, there is certainly no stopping your roll.

  • Withdraw your Initial Capital

When you seem to be on a roll on a dice session, try to remove your initial capital to ensure there is no total loss. However, you can also decide to remove half your earnings to reduce the damage further because, in crypto dice sites, just one lousy throw and you can lose all your profit.

  • Check the Statistics

Examining the statistics of the dice game is very important. Always know that the house’s edge on every competition is always high.

Strategies to Follow for Consistent Earnings When Playing

As earlier stated, strategies chosen when playing crypto dice is very important. A suitable method determines if you earn or make a loss. Here are a couple of systems to choose from. However, it is advisable to stick with just one strategy.

  • Martingale Dice Strategy

The French invented the Martingale dice strategy in the 18th century. Due to its simplicity, its use has not diminished through the years. Unfortunately, many punters have used this strategy without realizing it.

How Crypto Dice Works

The Martingale system is pretty simple to understand. If you place a bet on a particular outcome and it’s lost, the Martingale system is used. You can now recover your Initial loss by playing another stake by simply multiplying your Initial stake by 2, thereby doubling your profits. However, if the stake is won, you have made your Initial stake back, which is practically a win-win situation.

Does it work in the long run?

Due to the easy understanding of this system, as a beginner to crypto dice, it is advisable to use this system but start with low stakes. However, depending on how the player uses it, it works in the long run.

  • Paroli’s Dice Strategy

The Paroli strategy has been around since the 16th century. It is referred to as the opposite of the Martingale strategy.

How it Works

This strategy is a three-game system. It works by playing three consecutive games and doubling your stake with each win.

In using this strategy, you first have to decide on an initial amount in which to operate. For example, if you throw your first dice spin and you win, with the Paroli strategy, you are to double the initial bet and go again. However, you are to stop raising your stake after three consecutive wins as further continuation might lead to losses.


Regarding the question, if playing on crypto dice sites is profitable, you can see it’s a definite YES. It is probably one of the easiest earning methods compared to other online gambling games. Choosing the right strategy can give you consistent winnings, so we hope you read and follow the above approach to earn well in crypto dice betting.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence: PlatoData.io

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