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XX Price Prediction: Will XX Climb 40% with Its Unique Privacy Features?


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XX has experienced a significant surge on, skyrocketing by 1809% in the past 24 hours, attracting a growing number of buyers.

xx price surge

xx price surge

This token has been on a continuous uptrend since its launch on October 12, demonstrating significant interest from investors. However, the question remains: can the buyers propel the price of XX to achieve another 40% increase?

XX Price Price 50 SMA Remains Resilient as Price Rebounds

XX/USD Chart Analysis. Source:
XXUSD Chart Analysis. Source:

The XX price has been gradually trending upward since its launch, allowing the bulls to drive higher prices. However, it encountered strong resistance at $0.091, which has remained resilient even after the price rebounded to $0.055. This resulted in a double-top pattern, signaling a potential reversal towards a bearish trend( shown by the red arrow).

Currently, the token price is trading below the $0.055 support level, giving the impression that the bears may seize the opportunity to push the price back to its initial level of $0.011. Nevertheless, the price seems to have encountered support from the 50 Simple Moving Average (SMA), providing an opportunity for the bulls to regroup and push the price higher. 

Overcoming the $0.055 support turned resistance level remains a significant challenge for the bulls to recover their losses.

Despite the Relative Strength Index (RSI) trending downward, it aligns with the 50 SMA, indicating a potential rebound below the neutral mark of 50. This suggests a bullish momentum that could lead to the overbought region of 70.

In general, XX’s price is currently bullish, with higher lows forming an ascending triangle, which may empower the bulls to surpass the previous resistance levels and drive the price upward. Key levels to monitor are $0.055 and $0.091.

Conversely, bears may use the resistance level at $0.055 to establish a foothold and potentially push the price below the 50 SMA. Bulls may find support at the $0.03 support zone in such a scenario.

Meanwhile, expert analysts suggest that TGC, a new project in its presale stage, can deliver up to a 100X return for early adopters.

TG Casino (TGC) Approaches $1 Million Mark

The TGC presale is surging at an unprecedented speed, attracting numerous investors to join this initiative through the token’s website, a clear testament to the community’s burgeoning faith in the project.

At the time of writing, the project’s presale has already raised 79.62% of its intended $1 million goal, with a commendable $796,248 already secured.

Participate in Stake to Earn, Get Passive Income

The TG.Casino project comes with an array of incentives for its users. Investors can use the stake to earn feature to stake their acquired TGC tokens and earn an annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 624.12%. Currently, a total of 6.2 million tokens are staked, representing 79.77% of the 1.2 million total. 

Additionally, investors can play using their TGC tokens and get 25% cash back on all the net losses.

TGC has also established a buyback system divided into two categories: 40% of the acquired tokens will be burned, while the remaining 60% will be utilized to reward investors.

Buy TGC Fast, Presale Phase Inching to its End

There is still $200,000 of the total $1 million goal to be raised before the end of this presale phase. The TG.Casino team targets raising $5 million in the presale, a target poised to be surpassed. 

Of the total supply of TGC tokens, 40% of the project’s tokens are set aside for the presale, with another 20% reserved for staking initiatives.

Additionally, 10% is allocated to marketing campaigns, and 20% is dedicated to liquidity pools. This clear and balanced token distribution strategy has sparked considerable excitement among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Cilinix Crypto, a YouTuber with over 33k subscribers, mentions in his video that he has bought into the presale and has great hopes for this project, viewing it as a game changer for Web 3.

[embedded content]

He also thinks that the presale price will increase even after the launch, mainly because the APY will decrease as the presale progresses, potentially aiding the rise of the price. He thus highlights the importance of early participation. 

You can participate in the presale by buying $TGC tokens on the official TG.Casino website.

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