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Wild Rift Arena Mode Ranked System Explained


Surprisingly, despite being more of a casual game mode, Arena has a ranked system. It rewards points for the player’s placement at the end of their match — providing benchmark goals to climb. Here is an explanation of the Wild Rift Arena Mode Ranked System. To begin, each rank has four tier — excluding Master rank.

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All Wild Rift Ranks Listed

  • Wood (VI-I)
  • Bronze (VI-I)
  • Silver (VI-I)
  • Gold (VI-I)
  • Master

When players begin playing, they start at 0 points. To get to the first rank, they must farm up 2000 points. In other words, Wood requires 2000 points. Bronze requires 10,000. Silver requires 22,000. And Gold requires 36,000. Master far more, at a whopping 52,000. Within each rank, or officially called “Arena Title,” there are four divisions. They require different amounts of points per division, split evenly among each other within each specified tier. Master is a different story — since there are no tiers within this division.

As of now, it seems Wild Rift Arena Mode is a temporary game mode. It’s fun, but super grindy. Trying to achieve a high rank in this game mode is a little insane, with a win earning around 425 points. This means it would take 24 straight wins to reach wood, assuming players earn first place every time. And with each first place game taking around 18 minutes, that’s a huge time sink.

Now let’s calculate the amount of time for masters, which requires 36,000 points. That’s around 85 straight first place wins, each is an estimated 1530 minutes. In other words, 25.5 total hours of Arena Mode gameplay — this is assuming players get first place literally every game without exception. And needless to say, this is improbable, therefore will take far longer. Unironically, this ranked mode may take longer to climb than the typical ranked mode — at least in the early levels.

In addition, it’s unclear as of now whether there is a proper match making MMR system. As a mostly casual game mode, it wouldn’t be surprising if there wasn’t.

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