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Why Privacy Coins ? because bitcoin is not a solution anymore

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Why you ask are Privacy Coins under attack after so many years? because bitcoin was once the privacy solution dream we all had for freedom. Today with millions of dollars being spent on Blockchain Analysts by government bodies of all kinds, we see that bitcoin can be private if users follow privacy practices at home such as using VPN’s, Tor, I2P, Secure Operating Systems, Firewalls, etc.

Most people do not even know that their privacy is compromised once sending a coin from one exchange to another. We are all learning quick and if bitcoin the prototype of all chains cannot do it for people then we need a solution that gives people financial privacy protections in cryptocurrency transactions by default. Pirate Cryptocurrency has privacy by default and a community team that focuses on protecting the user unlike so-called privacy coins like Zcash. They even built an operating system to make the most anonymous coin and the most secure coin in crypto even more private for you the user. 

With the enhancing understanding of cryptocurrencies, the question of exactly how to regulate them has been the primary centerpiece for regulators. Generally viewed as money for making illegal purchases, regulatory authorities have a feeling of seriousness to create stringent guidelines concerning their usage, traceability, as well as how they’ll be exhausted.

Each nation has its own controlling body pertaining to tax obligations, yet due to the United State’s influence on the rest of the world, the choices of the Internal Revenue Service held a good deal of persuading.

When Bitcoin was developed 10 years ago, the general suggestion behind it was to develop a form of digital cash that did away with all intermediary services. In other words, genuinely peer-to-peer money. Fast forward ten years and also Bitcoin, together with many various other altcoins, have produced an extensive splash on the planet of conventional controlled financial mediocrity. 

This upending of the status quo has sent out regulatory authorities with the IRS scrambling to figure out where cryptocurrencies lie. Are they a financial investment? A property? Spendable cash? Do they represent resource gains? Should they be a Security? These are all questions still being disputed, and also yet, the IRS in addition to significant exchanges such as Coinbase case that you carry out, in reality, owe taxes on them.

Because of the total absence of quality, customers will certainly be much better protected if they guard their digital wealth, firstly, prior to also thinking about paying the IRS and their rash digital currency tax obligation strategy.

The Very Best Blockchain to Anonymize Your Crypto

When it concerns keeping your crypto wealth undamaged, there isn’t a better option for anonymizing your accounts than with a purely privacy-oriented cryptocurrency. After cycling via the code and each blockchain’s major anonymizing features, Pirate Chain attracted attention among the remainder.

Pirate Chain defeated better-known money such as Monero, Zcash, PIVX, Komodo, and also Zen Cash money. Although Pirate Chain is based on Zcash and also Komodo, it executes its own distinct functions that permit it to shine in offering its customers total freedom.

Pirate Chain uses the state-of-the-art zk-SNARKs to obfuscate addresses when producing transactions. The cryptographic version allows for both ends (sender and receiver) to become totally confidential. This feature of privacy is finished all while allowing network consensus to validate the transaction and also enter it into its journal; all without ever compromising its customers.

Although Zcash was the initial to bring zk-SNARKs to the remainder of the crypto community, they failed to only enable personal purchases. Instead, most customers on the Zcash blockchain use the public send out address, which is inherently not private.

An additional primary concern is that most of the exchanges that hold Zcash already stated that they will not make use of protected (personal) addresses to keep users anonymous. Pirate Chain, on the other hand, will just allow confidential deals; consequently never ever compromising its customers financial privacy.

Recently, Coinbase has actually provided tax letters, worrying lots of movie critics as well as drawing conclusions that Coinbase is, as a matter of fact, attempting to keep themselves in excellent standing with regulatory authorities. Surprisingly sufficient, Zcash is a provided crypto on Coinbase, and also although the very first to clarify zk-SNARKs, the exchange has actually currently revealed they will not honor protected addresses.

This also comes with a time where there are lots of blockchain evaluation groups that have been contracted by firms such as the IRS as well as other regulatory and also financial establishments. These firms are used to compile data on crypto individuals, and also to properly match public wallet addresses with individual recognition.

This breach of trust is only another reason in a long list of why blockchains such as Pirate Coin are necessary. Making use of a privacy-based cryptocurrency doesn’t mean you have anything to conceal, it just implies that you hesitate to allow a regulatory body to control your digital wealth.

It can just be thought that agencies such as the IRS will continue as well as step up their initiatives to tax obligation individuals on their crypto holdings. Whether you feel that this is underhanded due to crypto’s decentralized as well as stateless nature, or if you assume that the Internal Revenue Service needs to formulate a better understanding of digital properties clearly, it’s best to remain anonymous to safeguard your hard-earned electronic riches.

How to Guard Your Digital Wealth Against the IRS

First, you will want to obtain Pirate Chain tokens (ARRR) on a digital exchange. The only exchange providing a pair with BTC or KMD is Digital Price and quickly to be Crypto Bridge DEX. As soon as you’ve traded your BTC or KMD for ARRR, you might now download the Pirate Chain Purse.

Alternatively, you can begin mining ARRR promptly using a GPU or ASIC miner. Block benefits are 256 ARRR with a new block happening every 60 seconds.

As soon as you’ve acquired ARRR by getting or extracting, you can currently send it to your indigenous Pirate Chain Budget. You can download and install any kind of variation from As soon as you’ve downloaded and installed the Agama or KomodoOceanQT wallet, you can run it in Pirate indigenous setting.

Alternatively, if you wish to be a more protected pirate using the latest version of GhostShip which is PirateChain’s newest operating system provides tons of security for the individuals’ end. Such as Drive file encryption, Tor, VPN’s, MAC Address Spoofing as well as more. Plus the blockchain loads in 2 mins without having to wait for the chain to sync.

Currently, you prepare to negotiate completely confidential funds with Sapling addresses. This means that your electronic wide range is safe and secure due to the fact that you are the only person that recognizes its location address.

No longer will blockchain analysis teams have the capability to trace your electronic motions. The Internal Revenue Service will certainly additionally be not able to declare that you hold any type of digital crypto because you have successfully made it go away.

Up until the launch of Pirate Chain, lots of customers were attempting to anonymize their cryptocurrencies via bitcoin mixers as well as peer-to-peer networks such as LocalBitcoins. These services have essential defects that don’t properly resolve the issue of total privacy. The reasons being because of settlements through debit/credit cards or due to pure aggravation as well as a lack of count on.

Eventually, the safest approach to secure your digital wide range versus the IRS is by making it vanish. Pirate Chain has revealed that it can effectively do what other blockchain systems have failed to do. By creating a strictly private-send only cryptocurrency, Pirate Chain has actually shown that its main focus is keeping its users anonymous.



Axie Infinity Records Holders ATH: 420% Year to Date Growth



Popular non-fungible token (NFT) gaming platform Axie Infinity continues to see increased adoption from users, following exponential growth in the number of wallet addresses.

Axie Sees Surge in Address Holders

According to data provided by IntoTheBlock on Tuesday (September 28, 2021), Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) ownership is on the rise, with 17,480 address holders. This figure represents a new all-time high (ATH) and a 420% increase year-to-date (YTD). Meanwhile, this growth is indicative of the rising popularity of Axie Infinity and play-to-earn non-fungible token (NFT) gaming.

Back in July, CryptoPotato reported that the value of the AXS token skyrocketed nearly 400% within one month, leading to a market capitalization of over the $1 billion mark. Later in August, AXS was among the assets listed on the major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Pro, which also gave it an immediate boost.

Axis Infinity, developed by Sky Mavis and released in 2018, arguably popularised the play-to-earn trend and has recorded a number of impressive milestones in recent times. Data from DappRadar revealed that the project recorded over $2 billion in NFT sales volume, solidifying Axie’s place as the most valuable NFT collection, thereby surpassing major names such as CryptoPunks, Art Blocks, and NBA Top Shot.

The data also showed that more than 600,000 users traded Axis Infinity NFTs, resulting in 4,887,645 transactions. The project currently boasts over 1.5 million daily active users.


According to Jeff Zirlin, co-founder of Axie Infinity, half of the platform’s users got to interact with cryptocurrency and blockchain for the first time through Axie, while 25% of them did not own a bank account.

The Growth of NFT Gaming

The NFT industry is becoming popular with celebrities, major sports leagues, and companies buying digital art in whatever form, or selling them. However, blockchain-based games are seeing a special kind of attention.

A report by DeFiPrime stated that the NFT Gaming market has a total market valuation of nearly $180 billion as of August 2021, with the value estimated to rise to $196 billion. An excerpt from the report reads:

“NFT games may have the potential to become the standard for the gaming market if it sees enough attention and popularity. Already they have made major changes to games and made it much more fun for players. From there, it could be a very major change to the way people play games and could be as major as Doom was to the market or 3D was for environments.”


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Bitcoin, Ethereum will draw their market strength from this key aspect



Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently surviving a bearish scare, with both assets just about holding a position above their immediate supports. For Bitcoin, the $41,000-level is establishing a strong bounceback range while Ethereum has managed to remain above $3000.

On the contrary, some altcoins have recorded strong recoveries, with Solana, Bitcoin Cash, and Uniswap hiking by more than 10% in one 24-hour window.

Now, these altcoins seemed to have the relative edge at press time. However, there are a couple of key metrics which may allow us to evaluate the actual strength of Bitcoin, Ethereum as the market goes forward.

How much importance should be given to utility?

Source: Sanbase

Over the past few years, market stability has been dependent on different aspects. During the bullish rally of 2017, investor sentiment was key and when major traders started to become bearish, the digital assets collapsed.

Then, it was constructive institutional inflows at the beginning of 2019. At the time, it was suggested that institutions can allow tokens such as BTC, ETH to hold higher price positions. The price fell in 2020, irrespective of rising interest.

However, one key idea missed by most speculators might be the utility side of things, which is presently one of the most important functionality. Gone are the days when astute marketing allowed assets such as TRON to climb into the top-10.

Now, according to Santiment, Bitcoin has hit a two-month high in terms of circulation. What’s more, if the chart is closely observed, the average BTC transferred has risen consistently over the month of September.

Source: Sanbase

Similarly, Ethereum hit a similar feat but its 1-day circulation index was at a 3-month high, indicative of high token utility and movement.

Ethereum’s price has dropped sharply over the course of the past few weeks, but circulation has remained high.

Bitcoin, Ethereum spaces have evolved

Now, to be fair, it is important to account for volatility and the fact the circulation isn’t as high as it was during May 2021. However, maintaining a development and transaction-intensive ecosystem, one which allows the price to be built on strong foundations, is eventually advantageous.

Now, with respect to the assets that have grown over the past few days, besides BCH, both Solana and Uniswap are extremely utilized tokens. While one is the native token of a major DEX, another asset is currently responsible for bringing better L2 solutions.

Likewise, for Bitcoin and Ethereum, higher utility and circulation should keep the asset relevant, and progressively exhibit significant recoveries over Q4 of 2021.

Where to Invest?

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Blockchain Offering Seamless Crypto Swaps With No KYC Process


on Offering Seamless Crypto Swaps With No KYC Process

Advertisement &  & is simplifying how users are converting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by eliminating the current barriers available in the market.

The EU-regulated company is changing how people swap cryptocurrencies for money with its “swap’n’Go” approach. The platform is a user-friendly space that allows anyone around the globe to effort conduct various trading activities. has various unique features. The platform notably offers low commissions and a faster transaction experience to its users compared to many other venues in the market. offers the lowest fees in the industry while at the same time offering the best buying rates. Transactions performed on the employ price execution from top liquidity providers. In turn, this assures that customers get the best price possible for their purchase.

In addition, transactions on the platform take about 3 minutes. This is because there is no Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process and allows transactions to take three minutes to complete. This is a breath of fresh hair since the registration process associated with cryptocurrency exchanges is usually lengthy and cumbersome compared to most. The process has notably caused many people not to engage in cryptocurrency trade. 

Advertisement &  & 

Another notable feature is that coins get to users’ digital wallets within 15 minutes of payment approval. has two currencies available for purchase, including Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin (BTC). Currently, the platform is accepting two payment methods, Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards. Users can purchase varying amounts of cryptocurrencies up to €1,000 per month.

To merchants and developers, provides a convenient order widget that can be integrated into any webpage with just a few clicks.

In addition to being regulated by the authorities, integrates a full 3-DS V2 for safe and secure transactions. Reportedly, card purchases that use PCI DSS Level 1 certification will be authorized by code and verified by Visa or Mastercard ID Check. is now available to over 160 plus countries and is available 24/7 throughout the year. The platform is owned and operated by Octo Liquidity, based in Tallinn, Estonia.

PlatoAi. Web3 Reimagined. Data Intelligence Amplified.

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