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Who Is The Best Striker Character In My Hero Ultra Rumble?


The Striker position in My Hero Ultra Rumble is reserved for players who want to focus on dealing heavy damage to the enemy team. As of right now, there are currently 4 Strikers but which one of them is the best Striker character in My Hero Ultra Rumble?

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Katsuki Bakugo

Being very aggressive is key to playing Bakugo after his recent nerf. With its damage being reduced at all levels, picking off enemies effortlessly with an AP shot can’t be Bakugo’s only move anymore While his dash can be used to evade enemies it can also be used to apply pressure.

Once close enough make everyone pay with the Howitzer strike dealing up to at least 285 damage. The Y skill can also do area damage so getting the jump on a trio can pay off in the long run potentially breaking everyone’s shields. If things get too heated, space enemies out with AP shots and improvised grenades. With both close quarters and long-range utilities Bakugo shouldn’t be slept on.

Quirk Skill A B Y
Level 1 63 DMG 79 DMG 60+126 DMG
Level 4 76 DMG 89 DMG 60+158 DMG
Level 9 90 DMG 95 DMG 96+189 DMG

Tomura Shigaraki

Shiggy is absolutely amazing at creating space and dealing area damage. He’s all about creating pressure on the enemy team with his decay. When dealing with long-range combatants he will need the most help as his moves only deal with close quarters.

Quirk Skill A B Y
Level 1 21×4 DMG 19×10 DMG 26+30+92 DMG
Level 4 27×4 DMG 23×10 DMG 32+30+95 DMG
Level 9 32×4 DMG 32×10 DMG 58+30+105 DMG
Special 53 DMG

Shoto Todoroki

Like Bakugo, Todoroki can deal long-range damage with his alpha move dealing burn damage. While his moves aren’t as versatile he can do heavy damage up at close range. The best thing to do is surf on ice and once an enemy is caught in the path hit them with an ice wall.

Quirk Skill A B Y
Level 1 57 DMG| *2×5 DMG 137 DMG 32 DMG x 3 | Freeze = 2 sec
Level 4 71 DMG| *2×6 DMG 149 DMG 38 DMG x 3 | Freeze = 2 sec
Level 9 81 DMG| *2×10 DMG 210 DMG 53 DMG x 3 | Freeze = 2 sec
Special 11×10 DMG| *4×15 DMG

Denki Kaminari

Definitely one of the harder strikers to play as Denki Kaminari when mastered is actually a real terror on the battle ground. The key words are “When Mastered”. Denki can Paralyze enemies leaving them open for a powerful follow-up. The only problem is players will need to connect three different projectiles together to form a fence of electricity which can be difficult against rapids and enemies with evades in their kit.

Quirk Skill A B Y
Level 1 69 DMG| *21×14 DMG 21×7 DMG| *11 DMG *11+84 DMG
Level 4 84 DMG| *26×14 DMG 28×7 DMG| *15 DMG *17+100 DMG
Level 9 95 DMG| *32×14 DMG 37×9 DMG| *21DMG *27+116 DMG
Special 21 DMG

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