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Who Is The Best Assault Character In My Hero Ultra Rumble?


The Assault position in My Hero Ultra Rumble is reserved for those who can the team’s tank and extra muscle when need be. As of right now, there are currently 5 Assault characters but which one of them is the best assault character in My Hero Ultra Rumble?

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My Hero Ultra Rumble Best Assault Character

Izuku Midoryia

Starting from top to bottom we have One For All successor Izuku Midoryia. Izuku is exceptionally versatile as a tank. While being able to deal damage Deku can also carry downed allies on his back setting up for a quick revive. Thanks to Black Whip, he can both apply pressure and make a quick getaway thanks to his mobility. With both close-quarters and ranged combat in his kit Deku is ranked number one at the top of this list.

Quirk Skill A B Y
Level 1 60 – *100 DMG 120 DMG 0 DMG
Level 4 73 – *124 DMG 153 DMG 0 DMG
Level 9 85 – *150 DMG 180 DMG 0 DMG

Eijiro Kirishima

Kirishima without a doubt is one of the best assault characters around. On top of the 5% defense increase he automatically gets his special ability adds an additional 39% Damage reduction and doesn’t flinch when getting attacked. He even does crazy damage with all of his moves in his kit. So with all of this praise, why isn’t he at number 1? Well, that’s only because, unlike Deku, Kirishima doesn’t have any ranged attacks or quick evades which puts him at a disadvantage when it comes to brawls. In one-on-one situations he’s perfect but when a whole squad pulls up, there’s only so much damage he can take.

Quirk Skill A B Y
Level 1 120 DMG | *10×8+40 DMG 90 DMG 120 DMG
Level 4 175 DMG | *10×12+55 DMG 120 DMG 140 DMG
Level 9 220 DMG| *10×14 +80 170 DMG 200 DMG
Special 39% DMG reduction

All Might

Just like Deku, All Might can be pretty versatile. With his super jump and damage from his smash moves, All Might can make for a formidable opponent. He possesses attack options from any range, picks up allies, and has one of the best escapes in the game.

Quirk Skill A B Y
Level 1 65 DMG 40 + 90 DMG 75 DMG
Level 4 80 DMG 30 DMG* 55+105 DMG 90 DMG
Level 9 90 DMG 35 DMG* 70+140 DMG 100 DMG

Mt. Lady

The best thing about Mt Lady is that she can grow and shrink on command. Need to clear out a team, grow big, and dish out increased area damage. Of course, the one downside for growing is not only is your position exposed but you also become a much bigger target to hit

Quirk Skill A B Y
Level 1 35×2 DMG | alt: 40 + 30*x2DMG 40 DMG | alt: 100 DMG 85+35 DMG | alt: 100 DMG
Level 4 44×2 DMG| atl: 49+45*x2DMG 49 DMG| alt: 130 DMG 100+35 DMG|alt: 130 DMG
Level 9 60×2 DMG| alt: 65+55*x2 DMG 60 DMG| alt: 160 DMG 110+35 DMG| alt: 160 DMG

Itsuka Kendo

Kendo is a much more strategic character to use compared to the other Heroes. Kendo are the harder characters to play. With enough training, she can actually hold her own in battles with the aid of her team but alone, things can turn for the worse. Her shield is the only real special move in her kit. Throwing rocks barely does any worthwhile damage leaving her to rely on her Y ability.

Quirk Skill A B Y
Level 1 22 DMG per rock 0 DMG (400 points) 130 DMG
Level 4 27 DMG per rock 0 DMG (550 points) 160 DMG
Level 9 37 DMG per rock 0 DMG (800 points) 180 DMG

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