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What Is The Alan Wake 2 Rifle Location?


Just like in previous installments, Alan Wake 2 will have many puzzles and trials for gamers to complete to gain rewards to help escape Alan’s everlasting nightmare. One of those puzzles is located in a Wellness Center with the reward being a rifle. Here’s how to find the Alan Wake 2 rifle location.

Where Is The Rifle In Alan Wake 2?

To get to the Wellness Center Saga will need to clear up any business still left to complete in in Watery. At the center, there will be a computer revealing that there’s a secret rifle hidden in the building but will require the completion of a riddle to be obtained.

Next to the computer is a door missing a doorknob. The knob is in a case near the reception desk by some flowers. Head back to the place you entered the Wellness Center from to find the reception desk near some plants. The doorknob will be in a box. Pick it up and re-attach it to the door. Once opened, the rifle can be obtained.

Different Editions

Currently, Alan Wake 2 has 2 different versions to choose from, each one providing its bonuses and perks.

Alan Wake 2 Standard Edition $59.99

  • Ornate Revolver Skin for Alan
  • Survival Resources Pack for Saga
  • Oh Deer Diner Sweater

Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition $79.99

  • Digital base game
  • Expansion Pass
  • Night Springs Expansion (additional story content)
  • Lake House Expansion (additional story content)
  • Nordic Shotgun Skin for Saga
  • Crimson Windbreaker for Saga
  • Celebrity Suit for Alan
  • Parliament Shotgun Skin for Alan
  • Lantern Charm for Saga
  • Ornate Revolver Skin for Alan (Pre Order)
  • Survival Resources Pack for Saga (Pre Order)
  • Oh Deer Diner Sweater (Pre Order)

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