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What Is the AABBG Token and How Do You Buy It?




Global governments have flooded economies with an unprecedented amount of fiscal stimulus, with most G20 countries injecting stimulus worth between 10-55% of GDP. The costs of such stimulus are enormous, and investors have been worrying about mounting debts around the world. Add to that the prospects of higher inflation, which could lead to interest rate hikes, and investment opportunities could start drying up.

Central banks have also been flooding their economies with money, leading to concerns about fiat currencies losing value. As a result, both gold and cryptocurrencies have been seeing additional interest.

Borrowing from tomorrow to spend today can only be sustainable for so long. When the tide goes out, who’s going to be left swimming exposed? 

Gold as a Store of Value

Gold has spent thousands of years as a reliable store of value, such that central banks and governments around the world own gold as a reserve asset. Up until the 1970s, even the US dollar was backed by gold. This safe haven asset has been stored, mined, and traded as a scarce commodity.

Gold has limited supply, can be transported reasonably well, and has maintained its purchasing power over time. Whether you are a gold bug or Bitcoin maximalist, the idea behind investing in commodities like precious metals is to hedge against devalued fiat currencies. 

Cryptocurrency Revolution

When Bitcoin was first introduced, it was touted as a form of “digital gold.” Cryptocurrencies created using blockchain technology offer a peer-to-peer network for money transfer that is secure, discreet, and fast. Transaction fees can be low, for any amount of money, and global transfers can occur at any time. Cryptocurrencies can also be created with limited supply, introducing a scarcity factor into valuations. 

What is AABBG Token – Marrying Gold Stability with Crypto Innovation

In the spirit of merging gold stability with crypto innovation, Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB) has created a cryptocurrency AABB Gold (AABBG) backed by physical gold. Gold backed tokens can benefit from both gold and cryptocurrency features, while maintaining the potential for price appreciation from both markets. The main advantages of AABBG are as follows:

Stability in value

The minimum token price is linked to the current spot price of gold, which means the token benefits from the lower volatility of gold relative to the cryptocurrency space, offering a sense of stability. Given fears of devalued fiat currencies, the bull case for gold remains intact, and AABBG could also rise as a function of increasing gold prices. As the price of gold fluctuates, the floor for AABBG token can change, but the potential upside price of the token will be driven by market demand.

Revolutionary Mine-To-Token Product

The AABB Gold Token is a hybrid cryptocurrency backed by gold mines owned and operated by Asia Broadband, Inc. and $30 million in physical gold reserves. The company has pledged to back the tokens 100% by reserves, with its own mining projects as a unique source, along with traditional third-party sources as a backup. The vertically integrated Mine-To-Token concept is a one of its kind product.

Unlike most gold-backed token projects, Asia Broadband, Inc. brings a wealth of experience about the precious metal industry to the table. Involvement in the production process, beginning with mining, provides a unique network that spans from the acquisition of gold projects in Mexico to extensive client sales networks in Asia. Global sales relationships add to the potential for AABBG demand.

Pre-Exchange Listing

In addition to aggressively pursuing company growth, AABB is executing plans to launch a proprietary exchange in early September 2021. This will allow AABBG token holders to have quick and easy access to liquidity and exchange the token for other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. 

The exchange platform transaction revenues can further improve token valuation, possibly leading to price appreciation. Considering the limited amount of token supply, owning the tokens before an exchange listing presents an appealing opportunity. 

AABBG Token and Wallet Features

To begin with, the token has a maximum supply of only 5.4 million tokens backed by $30 million worth of physical gold. Tokens will only be released if additional reserves are acquired. Each token is backed by 0.1 gram of gold, and each token is supported by 100% physical gold. Within the first 2 weeks of launch over $1 million tokens were successfully sold.

AABB Wallet features include:

  • Fast and efficient B2B and B2C transactions
  • Data privacy as transactions remain invisible to third parties
  • Instant sending and receiving of crypto, via email, SMS, or social media
  • Referral program for extra earnings
  • Passphrase and PIN code protection
  • Sample of assets supported: AABBG, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, PerksCoin, Dash, Cardano, EOS, Tron, Iota, and more!
  • Setup loyalty programs for customers to earn cashback rewards

How to Buy AABBG

To buy the token, download the AABB Wallet conveniently from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, create an account, and click on “Convert.” After going through the Know Your Client (KYC) process, you can purchase AABBG. Using the secure wallet, you can transfer AABBG anonymously with one click. 

Looking ahead to the future of AABBG

Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB), the company behind AABBG token creation, is focused on growth and expansion to the benefit of its stakeholders. In March of this year, AABB stock experienced a parabolic rally of over 100% in a matter of days, on the backdrop of news about increased dividends to shareholders. The company is also aggressively targeting gold projects to bring into production quickly to back future token sales.

AABBG stands to become a worldwide standard of exchange secured by gold backing, with global sales bolstered by Asia Broadband’s roots in selling gold globally. Expanding token circulation will improve with market demand and the commitment to marketing in high-growth regions. 

As the cryptocurrency market, as well as the gold market, continues to grow and provide upside as well as hedging during uncertain times, companies such as AABB that are creating value and building entire ecosystems that have the opportunity to flourish.



SEC Puts $7.6 Million Fine on Crypto Invention Database





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How Archer Swap Has Helped End Ethereum’s Bidding War





Most DeFi users have heard of Ethereum’s high congestion issues, but few are aware of the controlling forces operating behind the scenes, and how badly they can be impacted by this single problem. When traders send a regular transaction via the Ethereum network, it is susceptible to attacks from bots or front-running software run by entities seeking to profit from trader activity.

Ethereum’s ecosystem is perhaps amongst the fastest growing in the crypto space. Thus, there are already many solutions that tackle this issue and operate for the benefit of the users and decentralized exchange (DEX) traders. Most of them have gone under the radar.

Archer Swap is part of the Archer DAO, a project with features designed to mitigate the risks associated with sending transactions on Ethereum. It protects users from Miner Extractable Value (MEV) strategies, sandwich attacks, and front-running bots while maintaining a connection with Uniswap and SushiSwap, two of the most popular DEXs on Ethereum.

In this sense, Archer Swap can be described as a DEX extension that enhances the trader experience on these dApps. This protocol combines two powerful sets of features that give traders improved operations on Ethereum – protecting them and making trades more cost-efficient.

The first set of benefits are called Archer MEV Shield. Besides protecting transactions from bot attacks, it allows users to eliminate failed transaction fees, a recurring problem on Ethereum. Traders can also cancel transactions at no additional cost.

The second feature is called Archer Trader Extractable Value (TEV), a proprietary and innovative concept introduced by Archer Swap. Operating within the Archer Relay, Archer TEV uses automated rebalancing transactions with bots to sync market prices when big market moves occur.

After a trade or a big swap, there is usually an arbitrage opportunity in a market. Archer TEV uses these opportunities to capture the value and redistribute it to Archer Swap users. In essence, Archer TEV takes revenue generated by Archer Swap and gives it back to one of the protocol’s core components, the traders.

Archer Swap Launches Campaign To Reward Traders

Following a community vote, Archer DAO recently launched a 6-week campaign to buy back and distribute its native token ARCH. In this way, the protocol can reward early adopters. The tokens will be acquired with the revenue generated by Archer TEV.

The protocol won’t have to touch its treasury reserves to attract new users to the platform. The protocol and the users will benefit – as more users trade on Archer Swap, the campaign will have more resources to acquire and distribute ARCH. Therefore, the token will most likely see an increase in buying pressure during the coming weeks, and the platform will see a surge in the number of users.

Archer DAO will distribute rewards every Friday from June 11th to July 16th, 2021. The platform will calculate rewards for each user based on their transacted volume for each week. The rewards will be delivered automatically and with basically 0 risk for the users, all they need to do is trade.

Archer Swap has had famous trades. In May, during the high of the dog meme coins, the inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, used Archer Swap to dump his supply of Shiba Inu (SHIB), AKITA, MIRI, ELON, and others into the market.

The dump served a good cause, as Vitalik used this money to send over $1 billion to different charity organizations. The most notable is the Covid-19 relief campaign for India started by Polygon’s co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal. This trade could be among the most famous in 2021 and was enabled by a protocol whose main objective is to shield its users and give them back the power to operate safely within the Ethereum dark forest.


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Crypto Crash Trends On Twitter As Bitcoin Falls Below $30,000





Twitter has gone into a frenzy after bitcoin fell below $30,000 this morning. The hashtag #cryptocrash is currently trending on the platform. This is after the coin broke the $30,000 stronghold and fell below it. A price that has been a stronghold for bitcoin for a while now. Speculations were that as long as the asset didn’t fall below $30,000, then there would be a recovery.

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Bitcoin has been in a downtrend for a couple of days now. News of mining rigs closing down in China pushing the price even further down. Falling below $30,000 means bitcoin is about to erase its gains for 2021. The coin was trading at $29,001 n December 2020. Only breaking the $30,000 barrier in 2021. Now bitcoin is trading at only 3% gains for the year 2021.

Bear Market Trends

Richard Bernstein was on Trading Nation two weeks ago to talk about the trends in bitcoin. The CEO called bitcoin a bubble. He pointed out that bitcoin was currently in a bull market. Noting that people were leaving the markets that were actually in a bull market behind.

Chart showing bitcoin crash below $30,000

Bitcoin crashes below $30,000 before recovering back up to $32,000 | Source: BTCUSD on

Bitcoin has been struggling for the past two months. This was after the coin finally hit the all-time high of $64k in April. There was a lot of speculation that the coin was headed for $100k. But it seems the asset had other plans.

Analysts have compared this to the 2018 crash. When bitcoin hit a new ATH of nearly $20k and then proceeded to lose 80% of its value. At one point trading at a little over $3k.

There Is Still Hope For Bitcoin

Mike Novogratz was on CNBC earlier to talk about the price drop below $30,000. Novogratz said that while he was less happy than he was at $60,000, he still hopeful about the coin.

Novogratz further explained that calling a bottom on the crash is hard to do. This he attributed to the large liquidations currently taking place across a number of assets.

With regards to the $30,000 price level, Novogratz said, “We’ll see if it holds on the day. We might plunge below it for a while and close above it.”

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The co-founder of Galaxy Digital noted that he wasn’t worried about the price crash. Explaining that he does not expect another crash of the 2017 magnitude to occur again. This he chalked up to the maturity of the ecosystem. Pointing out that much more mature players are now moving into the system.

“Every single bank is working on their own crypto project, how they can get bitcoin to their wealthy clients. I think a lot of clients that didn’t buy it the first time will see this as an opportunity to buy it and get involved.

– Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital

Twitter users have taken to the platform to express their opinions on the current market movements. There are countless tweets asking people to not panic. That the market is going to recover. And right now, it is starting to look like they’re right as the market has gone back into the green. Bitcoin is currently back up to $32k, after a dramatic price drop below $30k.

Featured image from Forbes, chart from


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