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Web3 Gaming Adoption in Asia | BitPinas Webcast 30 | BitPinas


Join us for the final episode of the BitPinas “Road to YGG Web3 Summit” series, where we focus on the rapidly evolving landscape of web3 gaming in Asia.

We are thrilled to welcome Irene Umar from W3GG and Christy Choi from SkyGG, bringing to our audience their unique insights into the development, challenges, and future of web3 gaming in the region.

Watch the livestream below or on Facebook:

Web3 Gaming Adoption in Asia With W3GG and SkyGG - BitPinas Webcast 30

What You’ll Learn:

  • The current state and potential of web3 gaming in Asia.
  • Insights into how different Asian markets are responding to web3 gaming innovations.
  • The role of communities and guilds like W3GG and SkyGG in fostering eeb3 gaming adoption.
  • Strategies for driving growth in the Asian web3 gaming space, in the perspective of players and developers.

We’re still giving away 50K satoshis to 6 winners and 2 ALL ACCESS TICKETS (worth 32k) to the YGG Web3 Games Summit! Thanks to our sponsors Bitshares Labs and YGG.

  • Date and Time: November 14 at 8PM
  •  Watch Live: Join us on the BitPinas Facebook page.

See you!

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