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Visa’s Game-Changing Move: Paying Ethereum Gas Fees with Cards


  • Visa tests a method for users to pay Ethereum gas fees using cards.
  • The experiment uses a paymaster contract, eliminating the need for ether balances.
  • Visa’s initiative aims to make blockchain transactions more user-friendly and widespread.

Visa, the global payments titan, has successfully concluded tests enabling users to pay Ethereum’s on-chain gas fees directly using credit or debit cards. This groundbreaking experiment, executed on the Ethereum Goerli testnet, employs a paymaster contract to shoulder gas fees for users. This innovative approach means users can initiate blockchain transactions without the necessity of holding ether.

Visa envisions this contract broadening transaction accessibility to a more diverse user base. The company’s technical team expressed, “By harnessing the paymaster concept, combined with account abstraction and the ERC-4337 standard, we’re exploring a transformative blockchain transaction process.” Essentially, a paymaster contract, a unique smart contract variant, oversees gas fee payments.

Visa suggests that merchants or decentralized apps (dapps) could implement their paymaster solutions. Alternatively, existing wallet and paymaster services might introduce a card-based gas fee payment option. This initiative aligns with Visa’s commitment to enhancing blockchain payment accessibility and user-friendliness. 

Earlier, Visa embarked on experiments to convert digital assets into fiat payments on the Ethereum blockchain, mirroring its existing foreign currency exchange mechanisms. This endeavor complements Visa’s broader strategy to master global settlements involving both digital and conventional currencies.

Looking forward, the collaboration between Ethereum and Visa holds immense promise for the crypto realm. As the world gravitates towards a “gasless” future, such pioneering efforts could be instrumental in shaping a seamless, secure, and inclusive digital payment landscape.

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