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Great Age Reboot


The Great Age Reboot is the concept developed by leading longevity practitioner, Michael Roizen, M.D. (Dr. Mike), Emeritus Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic and best-selling author.

Roizen believes that sometime in the next 10 years, you are going to be able to—because of the exponential advances in 14 areas of aging mechanism research—reboot yourself, so that if 60 is now the new 40, 90 will be the new 40.

In his new book The Great Age Reboot: Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger Tomorrow (published by National Geographic), Dr. Mike and his co-authors—Peter Linneman, Ph.D. and Albert Ratner—predict that 90 will be the new 40 in the next decade.

Great Age Reboot Quantum PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI

Great Age Reboot Quantum PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI

They have an app to advise you on how to live longer and healthier. It is an expensive app. The Reboot Your Age app cost $34.95 per month or $299.95 annually. They have a ten day free trial.

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Nextbigfuture notes that if the scientific breakthroughs happen then the health advice in the Reboot Your Age app would be relatively meaningless for you being able to avail yourself of the medical advances. Just as taking vitamin D before the COVID vaccines were developed did not impact the speed or effectiveness of those vaccines.

The healthy diet and lifestyle promoted by the app can be followed in far more cost effective or free ways.

In developing the app, the Great Age Reboot team analyzed thousands of scientific papers to help create the content, which includes short videos and articles, brain games and other activities. Each user’s experience is customized to that person, and the app even includes a feature where physicians can monitor the progress of their patients. The goal of the program is to enable you to stay younger and stay on top of discoveries in the longevity field while not being misled.

“What we’re doing is building on Mike’s life mission,” Bridges told Newsweek “It’s not about extending your life so you have 30 more years in the nursing home. It’s about giving you 30 more years in your prime so you can do whatever it is that you love, whatever it is that fuels you.”

The app focuses on improving habits in several major areas of life that research has shown are key to longevity, such as stress management, diet, physical activity, sleep and brain health.

I interviewed Aubrey de Grey who is not involved in the Great Age Reboot. Roizen has more aggressive assertions about the timeline for comprehensive aging damage reversal. Aubrey de Grey has been saying for decades that aging damage reversal and significant aging reversal developments can and will be developed.

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A frequent speaker at corporations, he has been a TEDx speaker, a Singularity University speaker and guest at numerous interviews for radio and podcasts.  He is open to public speaking and advising engagements.

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