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Rimage CEO Chris Rence Connects Covid-19 and Cyber Attack Pandemics in…


Black book cover with book title, author and the silhouette of cybercriminal standing ominously in front of a global map.

New book, “World War D: The Intersection of Cyber and Biological Pandemic,” draws parallels between cyber and biological pandemics and offers tips to avoid becoming the victim of a cybercrime.

Your most valuable assets – personal and corporate data – are at constant risk of attack,” says Rence. “My new book is intended to help individuals and companies navigate the many pitfalls that could compromise your data security.

With major data breaches in the news nearly every day, it’s clear that companies and individuals must take steps to ameliorate cyber attacks. That’s the message in World War D: The Intersection of Cyber and Biological Pandemic, the highly anticipated new book by Rimage CEO Chris Rence, a long-time C-suite leader in the data security space.

The book, available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, makes the fascinating argument that the Covid-19 biological pandemic and the cyber attack pandemic share many characteristics. For example, a critical way individuals can protect themselves from these pandemics is to engage in hygiene practices, whether that means hand-washing for Covid-19, or data hygiene practices like two-step login verification.

“Cyberattacks and the cost of breaches are increasing and there is no end in sight. That means your most valuable assets – personal and corporate data – are at constant risk of attack,” says Rence. “My new book is intended to help individuals and companies navigate the many pitfalls that could compromise your data security.”

To schedule an author interview with Rence, please contact Dustin Fish at 612.440.4414 or RimagePR@gmail.com.

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To order the book, visit: https://www.amazon.com/World-Intersection-Cyber-Biological-Pandemics-ebook/dp/B0B14BZN8F/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=christopher+rence&qid=1661967453&sprefix=christopher+rence%2Caps%2C100&sr=8-3


Rence is CEO of Rimage, the leading provider of offline data management solutions which protect your data by keeping a copy of it on removeable storage and outside the reach of cyber criminals. The Rimage portfolio is designed to address the evolving enterprise data volume and management needs of organizations that require on-premise storage and on-demand publishing solutions for mission-critical applications. Enabled by Rimage’s innovation in robotics, software, and engineering, Rimage’s automation systems are a critical tool in an organization’s Defense in Layers cyber security strategy. The Rimage solutions use proven, reliable technology to enable companies to keep their data offline and out of the hands of cyber criminals, providing those organizations business continuity when they’re attacked.

About Rimage

With over 40 years of innovation, Rimage delivers on-premise, enterprise solutions for archival, compliance and on-demand publishing. As the global leader in on-demand digital publishing, Rimage is an innovator in CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc and USB publishing. Over 22,000 Rimage workflow-integrated systems support businesses throughout the world, including day-to-day disc publishers and organizations that duplicate and print a variety of media as critical components of their daily operations. Throughout its history, the company has provided best-in-class workflow-integrated solutions that serve a variety of markets and applications.

Rimage’s portfolio includes:

  • Defense in Layers (DIL): Rimage’s solutions provide a Defense in Layers (DIL) approach to cyber security. Malware, ransomware, insider threats … because the list of potential cyber security threats continues to grow, most experts agree it’s not a matter of if your company will suffer from a cyber attack, it’s a matter of when. Insurance companies are taking note: they are toughening their underwriting standards and charging more for cyber liability insurance. In an age when no two threats are exactly alike, organizations need to have the tools to store critical assets offline where they can’t be altered, so they can quickly recover from disaster.
  • Ingest: As their storage strategies and requirements change, organizations need to be able to automate their processes. Users can save valuable space by reading data from already-written optical discs, then moving it to other forms of storage and media. Rimage provides solutions that will assist companies as they pivot to newer forms of technology with a seamless integration to forward-looking media technologies.
  • RX400: Rimage’s latest release which provides WORM technology to the healthcare and law enforcement verticals. As organizations that require removable data management phase out optical media, the RX400 is primed to step in to fill the need for secure, offline data management that’s compatible with today’s technology.
  • Evidence Disc Systems (EDS): Developed for law enforcement, EDS is the industry’s highest-performing, most reliable solution for automatically processing evidence. This platform will provide a springboard for greater data distribution through open access to new markets and technology.
  • 2450: The Rimage 2450 system is a high-performance, front-office solution for automated patient CD/DVD production. With 2450, medical imaging workflow is a fully automated and intelligent in-house robotic solution with a low long-term cost of ownership.

Rimage’s best-in-class solutions enable society’s critical industries like healthcare, government, and law enforcement to work toward solving some of the most pressing problems facing our world today. Rimage continues to fulfill its promise of reliability and efficiency through new API (Application Programming Interface) and SDK (Software Development Kit) DevOps tools to enable processes and communications for improved usability that meet industry standard and regional technology needs around the globe.

For more information on Rimage’s new solutions, please visit rimage.com.

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