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GriffinLand Play-To-Earn — The Battle of Earning


GriffinLand Play-To-Earn — The Battle of Earning




The concept of Griffin land is rooted in ancient times when giant monsters disseminated dread and tremendous courage to humans. Subject to various cults and regions, they were icons of Power and knowledge, wealth and ampleness, and evil. Griffin land is a PvP and PvE battle game on Binance Smart Chain. Here, Mythical heroes are NFTs. GriffinLand has 6400 NFTs of 4 personalities and rarities.

Players benefits

Griffin Land is a unique game where players can see renowned warriors and immerse themselves in digital reality, making them want to stay. Individuals or teams can join leagues. Griffin Land, an NFT game, is easy to download and play, even for crypto game newcomers. The game makes this concept more approachable.

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Griffin Land Token is a mobile gaming currency. $GLAND will not be issued indefinitely because the reward scheme differs from a play-to-earn economy. In-game fees and item sales will feed the prize pool. In PvP mode, two players put the same amount of $GLAND. However, the winner gets 85%, the loser 7.5%, and the reward pool 7.5%.




1. Players can make money while playing.

2. The players may make new friends and build a winning team.

3. Players will receive $GLAND and mystery chests depending on the game mode. Individuals or teams can join leagues.

Investment Privilege

The Griffin land is an excellent prospect for gamers and investors. Here, we will highlight the benefits to investors.

1. Griffin Land combines NFT and gaming with mythological hero combat, which gamers like.

2. Griffin Land is the second token in the Griffin Art ecosystem; the first token hit 130x. The team drives the project’s success; Griffin Land Team is diligent and tactical.

3. Griffin Land’s unique in-game economy and reward system prevents token selling by delivering in-game benefits from within the game.

Griffin token

Griffin Land Token is a mobile gaming currency. $GLAND is a limited-supply in-game token used to enter the PvP arena and win rewards. Griffin Land’s unique economy makes the token a secure investment. One can use $GLAND to enter the PvP arena and buy/sell Character Booster NFTs.

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