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Best Crypto Scalping Trading Bot List


A trading track record is historical performance from a trader or a trading portfolio

What is considered a good track record in trading?

First, we must explain that it´s not only important with high ROI, you always have to take risk into account. Risk can be measured as volatility (maximum drawdown). Also, we have to compare with something else than 0% ROI which could be stock index, for example. Stock index is easy to access from most part of the world and have high trading volumes so most traders can follow the index.

Making 25% per year annualized with low correlation to the market for 3 years, with a 10% maximum drawdown, and being profitable 90% of the months (Up 33 months out of the last 36) is an example of a fantastic record.

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  • Source: https://www.cryptocointrade.com/crypto-trading-blog/best-ai-crypto-trading-robot-for-scalping-trading-with-best-track-record/
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