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4 Crypto Instagram Influencers To Follow In 2022


Cryptocurrency, blockchain and trading are becoming more popular every day. Every second Internet user has at least once asked the question: “how to earn extra money using the crypt or make it the main source of earnings?”. But not everyone can tell in simple language about the complex things and features of the work of the cryptocurrency. Fortunately, there are influential people in social networks who are able to convey information to the masses.

Before they become popular and talk about crypto to a large audience, they have to “change” their profession and study the best marketing strategies to quickly promote the page. In this they are helped by a content plan, the possibility to buy Instagram followers and cross-promotion. They spend a lot of time and effort monetizing their account and sharing their knowledge for a fee (it’s free for subscribers). You have a chance to learn something new about cryptocurrency, follow the market news, and be aware of the latest changes. In this article, we collect the 5 best Instagram accounts about the crypto sphere.

@felix_hartmann. Felix is the founder of the crypto Academy, one of the most popular and largest educational platforms for people who want to start investing their money competently. In his account, he shares the latest news and gives tips for beginners that can help at the initial stage. A man in free form talks about how to become a crypto enthusiast and earn money using various currencies. 

On his page, you will find interviews (in Reels format) with well-known people who answer the most common answers and predict how the market will behave in a given situation. If you want to master crypto quickly, we advise you to subscribe to Felix and follow his valuable advice.


@bitboy_crypto. Ben Armstrong is known in narrow circles as a successful investor and an experienced influencer who simply and clearly talks about Bitcoin. He has thousands of memes and funny videos from TikTok in his arsenal, which he regularly publishes on the web. He shares news from the crypto world and trading tips that help beginners become successful. 

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Subscribe to the page if you like to receive information using memes, and do not forget to like posts. Every blogger has gone a hard way before they succeed; they spend a lot of time and effort studying working tools and money to buy real Instagram followers and become competitive. Likes are free; support the authors!

@girl_gone_crypto. Lea Thompson doesn’t have as many fans as the authors above, but she deserves no less attention. Not so long ago, she was named the best woman in the crypto sphere. With the help of funny but very informative and useful videos, she brings important information to the public in simple language. Lea shoots and posts various funny sketches and constantly tells the latest news in Stories.

@tallguytycoon.  FinTech entrepreneur Armando Juan Pantoja is one of the most famous and influential people in the field of finance and cryptocurrencies. His feed of posts is a real storehouse of knowledge for novice crypto traders. In addition to useful publications on his page, you can find motivational notes that help you not to give up if something went wrong. He has thousands of people on his case who have turned from amateurs into financially literate and flexible investors. 



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