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EPOS: Is your brain leaving the meeting?


BrainAdapt™ technologies

We hear with our ears but listen with our brain.
EPOS builds on decades of psychoacoustic research on how the brain perceives sound, and designs audio and video solutions that provide the best conditions for the brain, so you and the people you communicate with can achieve more with less brain energy spent. Your brain is constantly scanning the surroundings, orienting itself in its environment, distinguishing relevant sound from disturbing noises and choosing where to focus. Orient, focus, recognise – this is the process the brain performs to make sense of sound. Sounds that cannot be recognised are perceived as noise and noise stresses your brain, causing it to become tired and unfocused.

Being part of the Demant Group allows EPOS to leverage R&D synergies from other companies within the Group, such as Oticon and the world-leading Eriksholm Research Centre. The Eriksholm Research Centre is the world’s largest psychoacoustic research facility near Helsingør, Denmark, and part of Oticon. The team of multi-disciplinary experts identifies and demonstrates new opportunities within psychoacoustics, audiology, signal processing and behavioural science.

At the Eriksholm Research Centre, EPOS documents the benefits of using EPOS solutions with advanced and proven test methods, and in collaboration with internationally recognised research partners. This lays the foundation for EPOS to further develop product features and apply them in audio and video solutions that empower people to unleash their full potential through sound excellence.

Thorough user testing to measure brain activity
A unique technical capability is the fact that we are truly pioneers in measuring the cognitive load on the brain. This is a key insight and has resulted in proven technologies working together to reduce listening effort and provide the brain with better conditions to perform.

Our technology features are based on decades of clinical evidence through research-based findings, and we continue to invest heavily in our own evidence-based approach documenting the benefits of using EPOS solutions. We are continuously working on better solutions that optimise the brain’s performance to enable businesspeople and gamers to achieve more.

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EPOS Video Solutions are designed to help your brain adapt to hybrid meetings. Video enhances brain listening as we naturally look at people’s faces and watch their lips as people speak and that helps us comprehend the spoken word. With audio and video designed for the brain, EPOS enables both sides of the meeting to communicate and perform better. This leads to increased focus, higher concentration, reduced stress and improved productivity.

Working in partnership with Microsoft, EPOS has developed premium speakerphones and video conferencing solutions that are certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows and Android™. Through the rich functionalities of Teams combined with premium audio, organisations today can be prepared to enhance collaborations when people are both in and outside the office through an inclusive meeting experience.

Email: ukenquiries@eposaudio.com
Web: https://www.eposaudio.com/en/gb

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