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Vegas Eternal Release Malthel, Vulcan and Lukemino


Another season, another Eternal roster shakeup mid-way through the year. Even with the move to Vegas, it appears as though the most recent iteration of the Eternal couldn’t shake off their bad luck that has lingered the past two years. The organization has failed to net a win in over a year, meaning it is time for even more change.

On Monday June 26, the Vegas Eternal announced the release of Luke “Lukemino” Fish, Jack “Vulcan” McArthur and Josh “Malthel” Gonzales. The Eternal signed on Lukemino and Malthel last season as the org transitioned away from their European core in favor of an all North American based lineup. Despite failing to win a match last season, then Paris decided to bring back key pieces from the same struggling roster.

Vulcan was the newcomer for the Vegas Eternal, though he had plenty of experience playing with his ne teammates prior to joining the league. Vulcan had played previously with several members of the Vegas Eternal throughout his time in Contenders. Unfortunately for the semi-rookie tank, Vulcan never found his footing at the pro level.

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Lukemino was one of the few bright spots of the Vegas Eternal this year, as he appeared to have stepped up just a tad from his rookie year. He still find some trouble surviving in the back line but it is tough to look great when your team folds under pressure like a wet paper plate.

The Vegas Eternal will look to sign some new talent heading towards the second half of the season. Fans can only hope any new player can turn this org around.

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