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Valora Launches Stablecoin Reward Program, Gives 50% Annual Returns


Valora Launches Stablecoin Reward Program, Gives 50% Annual Returns News PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI
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By Hans Doringo

Valora, a mobile remittance and payment app, launches its stablecoin reward program, Supercharge, giving an automatic 50% annual returns to its users’ average weekly account balance. In this regard, the digital wallet requires its users to have at least 10 Celo Dollar or Celo Euro balance (cUSD/cEUR) on their account to qualify for rewards that can boost up to 1,000 cUSD/cEUR.

According to the developers, Supercharge allows people to start venture in financial independence with only a little amount of money. However, Valora will not give rewards to accounts with more than 1,000 cUSD/cEUR.

In addition, Valora also assured its customers that the rewards obtained from Supercharge are secured through its blockchain technology, and therefore, will only add up to the original amount on the account. The weekly rewards gained from the program can be withdrawn, anytime.

“We want people to try Valora and experience the real profit potential that crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) provide,” said the company, referring to the opportunities brought by crypto and blockchain.

Offered for only a limited time, Valora wants to bring excitement in using the app and the opportunity to further explore crypto and DeFi.

Valora is a digital finance wallet built in the Celo platform, a blockchain designed to support stable coins and digital assets while using mobile phone numbers to secure the user’s public keys.

Earlier this year, Valora has secured $20 million in a series A funding, allowing it to operate as an independent company. (Read more: Celo’s Blockchain & Fintech Remittance App Valora is Now an Independent Company After Securing $20M in A16z-Led Series A Funding)

Supercharge your Crypto

How to get the 50% annual reward, according to Valora:

1.       Download the Valora app (if you haven’t yet)

2.       Tap the green ‘Earn’ button 

3.       Connect your phone number

4.       Go to Menu > Add and Withdraw > Add Funds

5.       Select your preferred stablecoin, either cEUR or cUSD 

6.       Select your preferred payment method

7.       Deposit at least 10 cUSD or cEUR

8.       Select a cash-in provider (in many countries you can cash in for free via Ramp)

9.       Sit back, enjoy, and Supercharge! We’ll take it from here.

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