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US Judge Says Governance Tokens Might Carry Legal Liability


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US Judge Says Governance Tokens Might Come With Legal Liability

bZx DAO and Founders Were Sued After $55M Hack

By Aleksandar Gilbert


The DAOs that govern supposedly decentralized crypto protocols have been pitched as 21st-century cooperatives whose members share in decision-making and, sometimes, profits.

According to a federal judge in California, they could share legal risk, too.

Owners of BZRX, a so-called governance token, could be held liable for a $55M hack, District Judge Larry Burns wrote on Monday in an order allowing a class-action lawsuit to move forward.

At stake are questions that get to the very heart of decentralized finance – what does it mean for an organization to be decentralized? What obligations do members of a DAO have to each other, and to the people who use the protocol they ostensibly control?

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Arbitrum Airdrop is Helping Smaller DAOs Survive the Bear Market

Layer 2’s unique airdrop is throwing some crypto projects a lifeline

By Owen Fernau

Arbitrum, an Ethereum scaling solution, made airdrop history by distributing tokens to treasuries of decentralized organizations, not just to individual wallets. Of 1.3B tokens airdroppped, 8.9% were gifted to 137 DAOs.

Projects large and small are debating what to do with the windfall, which amounts to over $1M for 42 of the 137 which are to receive ARB tokens.

It’s a new wrinkle to the saga that has been airdrops in crypto the past few years — while individuals don’t have to poll anyone about what to do with their “free money,” DAOs certainly do.

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Aave To Launch on Polygon zkEVM

Leading DeFi Lender Looks To Expand L2 Presence

By Samuel Haig

Aave, the top decentralized lending protocol with nearly $8B in total value locked (TVL), is set to launch on Polygon’s new zkEVM Layer 2 network.

A preliminary poll pitching the deployment on Polygon zkEVM passed on Wednesday with near-unanimous support. The proposal will now move to a formal on-chain vote.

If passed, the deployment could offer significant benefits for both projects. Aave v3 could drive significant value onto Polygon’s fresh-faced zkEVM network, while potentially giving Aave a competitive edge over rival lending protocols seeking to deploy on the network.

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Cosmos Ecosystem

Kava Flips Solana As New Lending Protocol Boosts TVL

Team Behind Mare Finance Replicates Optimism Playbook

By Aleksandar Gilbert

New DeFi applications on Kava, an Ethereum-compatible blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem, have sent user deposits soaring over the past month.

Since March 1, the total value locked (TVL) on Kava has risen almost 80% to $350M, leapfrogging popular Layer 1 blockchain Solana, according to Defi Llama. TVL is a measure of the value of crypto deposited on a platform.

The surge has been driven by a pair of new applications – Mare Finance, a lending protocol, and to a lesser extent Équilibre, a decentralized exchange. The network’s KAVA token is up 60% since the beginning of the year.

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