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Unlocking Open Banking Data: A Masterclass in Cash Flow-Based Underwriting – Finovate


Upcoming Finovate webinar, in collaboration with Taktile, on Thu 9 Nov, 11am ET / 4pm GMT

In the constantly evolving landscape of open banking, lenders are presented with a remarkable opportunity to redefine their underwriting processes. By harnessing the power of cash-flow data, lenders can elevate their precision in assessing customer risk and confidently explore untapped markets. 

As open banking data becomes more accessible worldwide, a central question emerges: How can lenders effectively utilize this data? 

Join us for a groundbreaking discussion led by industry experts in open banking, where we will delve into the current state of the open banking landscape in credit underwriting (B2C and B2B). 

Discuss strategies on how to effectively:

  • Tag and categorize cash flow data 
  • Extract valuable signals tailored to your use case 
  • Combine data from multiple open banking sources 
  • Optimize your underwriting infrastructure to better leverage cash flow data 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the future of underwriting and discover how open banking can empower your lending strategies. Register now >>

Moderated by Julie Muhn, Senior Research Analyst, Finovate

On the panel:

  • Maik Taro Wehmeyer, CEO, Taktile
  • Abhinav Swara, VP and Head of Credit Risk, Bluevine
  • Jonathan Gurwitz, Credit Lead, Plaid

In collaboration with

Can’t join us live? Register now, and we’ll send you the recording. 


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