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UK’s Advertising Authority Says Floki Inu Ads Are “Irresponsibly Exploited”


UK’s Advertising Authority Says Floki Inu Ads Are “Irresponsibly Exploited” Blockchain PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI

The U.K Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) officially announced a ban on displaying the advertisements for the meme based crypto coin, Floki Inu. Further the main purpose of this ban is due to the content of the ads screened publicly. 

Moreover, the ASA specifically states that the ads are “irresponsibly exploited”. As it might fear the users for losing their savings and investments in the cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the ban is rolled-out pointing out the Floki Inu ads on London’s buses and metro network last year. And as a reminder to the readers now, the slogan was, “Missed Doge? Get Floki.”

Ban on Floki Inu ads in UK

Following the case, the ASA shared an official notification about the poster. The one seen in November 2021 across all London transports and underground. Notably, the U.K’s Advertising watchdogs were investigating the ads of the Floki Inu. 

In addition, the ads authorities were very specific stating, an image of the cartoon dog wearing a Viking helmet is displayed in the ad. More so, a message with bold letters of, “MISSED DOGE. GET FLOKI” was written in the ad which will create a fear for doge users. 

Additionally, many points came out marking the purpose of such an ad for the public. Interestingly, the Floki community easily planned to target the new users to purchase their coin rather than doge. 

Besides, Floki Inu withstand themselves with strong points arguing, the main aim of the ad id for the informed users and the average users. Thus, it will project an idea for them as the users are not familiar with crypto investments. Unfortunately, in the end of November when the UK authorities were investigating the ads, London Assembly member for the Green Party Sian Berry commented,

“Floki Inu ads are completely unregulated which can lead the crypto users to lose their savings. Moreover, I don’t think cryptocurrency ads must be displayed on public transports as they are unethical.”

Therefore, the ASA concludes stating that crypto is really a high profile and sensitive topic to handle which is now open to the public. So hereafter the ads will not appear anywhere promoting the users in any way. 

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