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Ukraine Will Launch New NFT Collection About The War


Ukraine will launch a new NFT collection about the war with Russia which is another way to gather funds and continue the fight so let’s find out more in today’s latest cryptocurrency news.

Ukraine wants to show the world the current situation in the war against Russia in the form of NFT according to the deputy minister of digital transformation. Amid the invasion from the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian government wanted to show the world some moments from the war in an NFT form which will also be a way to gather more funds and continue the fight.

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The popularity boom of the NFT sector-led countless musicians, businesses, celebrities, and prominent figures to donate to the cause in Ukraine. Russia’s decision to launch a military operation in Ukraine prompted their governemnt to try using digital collections and help themselves in the defense. At first, Ukraine wanted to airdrop the proceeds gathered from crypto donations which hit tens of millions of dollars as of now but then it failed to do so and decided to go with NFTS. The nation’s deputy minister of digital transformation also provided more details ont the matter and asserted that the digital collections will be like a museum on the war.

The minister refused some assumptions that the crypto proceeds will be used to purchase weapons but he did promise they will go for the defense equipment and to fund the media activities:

“We are buying night-vision goggles, optics, helmets, bulletproof vests.”

Recently we reported that the former heavyweight boxing champion Vladimir Klitschko wanted to launch an NFT collection and raise funds for his country. Before the invasion, the Russian government started a campaign that justified the future actions and explained what it had planned. Bornyakov labeled this approach as one of Russia’s biggest weapons and thinks that brands such as Facebook and Instagram did the right thing by blocking access to such content:

“We convinced social media platforms, international companies, to either block Russia, go out from Russia, or completely change their information policy.”

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Plenty of businesses from the crypto industry also undertook a similar approach with Coinbase even blocking 25,000 Russian addresses that were linked to illegal activities.

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