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Ukraine Government Launches It’s NFT Museum Of War


NFT Museum Of War

To raise funds to assist its army and civilians who have been harmed by the ongoing Russian attack, Ukraine has launched its NFT museum of war. With just a few days having passed since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian government announced an appeal for contributions in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and USDT to aid in the support of its soldiers and citizens who had been displaced by the invasion. The response to this appeal for donations was overwhelmingly encouraging from the crypto community. According to Elliptic, a cryptocurrency analytics company, the appeal for donations netted more than $60 million in contributions. After previously planning to issue an airdrop to people who have donated crypto to help the country, Ukraine decided to go with an NFT project instead, hoping that more individuals will donate as a result of the sale of NFTs, as donors will have confirmation that they have made a donation. Ukraine’s NFT Museum of War The museum, which is named Meta History: Museum of War, was established to commemorate the Ukrainian identity and independence with NFTs depicting various days of the ongoing war. In it, a variety of digital images are shown, including warplane silhouettes, cartoon explosion images, and various photos of news stories.  A statement from Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation said that the project’s purpose is to preserve the memory of the genuine events of the war period, to transmit honest information throughout the digital community across the globe, and to collect contributions for the assistance of Ukraine. According to the website, each NFT will be sold for 0.15 ETH, and all revenues from the sale will be deposited into the country’s cryptocurrency wallet. NFTs are digital tokens that can be sold and traded. They contain valuable data stored on a blockchain, which is a type of digital ledger. It seems the Ukrainian government is looking to take advantage of the recent popularity of NFTs to bring in donations. 

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