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Tryhards: The Blockchain Shooter Game that has Gamers Spellbound


Tryhards: The Blockchain Shooter Game that has Gamers Spellbound Blockchain PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI

The gaming industry is currently experiencing a seismic shift. More and more people are moving away from the more familiar traditional games to blockchain games. According to a report, gamers across the world are spending an average of eight hours and 27 minutes every week playing video games. This substantiates the fact that gamers invest a lot of time and money into playing games. They spend in-game currencies to gain access to characters, weapons and other in-game accessories. 

In the end, it doesn’t pay the players because whatever they’ve earned in a game, they can’t redeem them or take them to another game and this is where traditional games are at a disadvantage to blockchain games. Gamers have always wished they could sell their in-game currencies or even their old characters when they decide to focus on a new game or transfer their assets to the new game. The thought of making a living by playing games professionally does not even cross the mind. But all of these are being made possible through play-to-earn games that are based on the blockchain. And one gaming platform that is doing this to perfection is the Tryhards. 

Tryhards is an NFT-based blockchain shooter game where players can stake, fight, craft and upgrade their playable NFT-based characters and weapons by simply playing the game. This is a play-to-earn game which means there is a monetary incentive to stake the $TRY tokens and continue playing. To upgrade their gaming power, players will aim to collect as many Fanatics as they can. Players can then use this power to influence the outcome of matches and determine staking rewards. 

Powered by Polygon because of its seamless gaming experience which includes its low transaction fees, Tryhards aims to use the blockchain to create a Metaverse of games that are built by gamers for gamers. Players can play the game with the mindset of investors and hold NFTs and items that might be worth much more later or they can simply play the game for the fun it gives. 

Players will be able to craft a variety of crystals. There’s an option available to craft crystals to higher quality and these quality crystals can be used to level up weapons and Fanatics. Players can easily sell or buy crystals, fanatics or weapons of every level and quality in the in-game marketplace on Tryhards. 

Players on Tryhards are required to collect Fanatics. These Fanatics are unique warriors that belong to different Factions. Fanatics come in different quality levels —ranging from Normal to Legendary— and can be used to fight in the Arena, and also used for their powers. Every single thing in the Tryhards ecosystem takes place on Planet X. This is where Fanatics from different planets come to fight, earn precious crystals for themselves and rank top on the Leaderboard. 

Game Overview 

Gaining Power

A player’s Power level depends on the amount and quality of their Fanatics and Weapons. The more Fanatics and Weapons a player has in their crew and arsenal, the greater their Power. 

Ownership: The Polygon blockchain serves as a secure storage unit for all Fanatics and Weapons. These are stored in the form of NFTs, and gives the players full ownership over their Universe.

Marketplace: Players can prepare for the battlefield by trading Fanatics, Crystals and Weapons with other players in the in-game marketplace.

Staking: Players can stake their Universe Power to earn $TRY tokens. The higher a player’s Universe Power, the more tokens they will be awarded every day. Players will receive a reward from the staking pool for every 100 Powerpoints their Universe has.  

Farming: Players can earn different quality crystals by providing liquidity for a certain period. 

Tokenomics & Allocation

Total Tokens — 200,000,000 $TRY

Total Raised — $4,480,000

Play-to-earn — 17%

Staking — 16%

Strategic Sale — 11%

Private Sale — 11%

Seed Sale — 9%

Development — 7.5%

Team — 7.5%

Treasury — 7%

Advisors — 6%

IDO — 5%

Initial DEX Liquidity — 1.5%

Community/Airdrop — 1%

  • Play-to-earn — Strategic release as per game plan 
  • Staking — Strategic release as per game plan 
  • Strategic Sale — 10% at TGE with 90% vested over 12 months. 
  • Private Sale — 10% at TGE with 90% vested over 9 months. 
  • Seed Sale — 5% at TGE with 95% vested over 12 months. 
  • Development — 100% vested from Q4 of 2022 to Q4 of 2023.
  • Team — 100% vested from Q4 of 2022 to Q4 of 2023.
  • Treasury — 100% vesting for 24 months, starting from Q1 of 2022. 
  • Advisors — 8.33% at TGE with 91.67% vested over the next 15 months. 
  • IDO — 33% at TGE with 33% vesting over the last four months of Q4. 
  • Initial DEX Liquidity — Strategic release as per market demand. 
  • Community/Airdrop — Airdrop in Q4 of 2021. 
  • Q1 2021 — Episode 1

  • Establishing the project
  • Setting up the company
  • Concept art and game design
  • Q2 2021 — Episode 2

  • Setting up game architecture
  • Official website launch
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Concept art and game
  • Establishing the Tryhards team
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Q3 2021 — Episode 3

  • Attracting Advisors
  • Fanatic reveal
  • Transforming 2D art into 3D game art
  • Smart Contract Creation
  • Starting Fundraise
  • Building partnerships
  • Lore reveals
  • Q4 2021 — Episode 4

  • Introduce TRY token & IDO
  • Fanatic NFT Drop (ERC721)
  • Weapon NFT Drop (ERC721)
  • Crystals NFT Drop (ERC721)
  • NFT’s tradable in Tryhards marketplace
  • Web3 Wallet integration
  • Craft better crystals in the refinery
  • Use the crystal to increase fanatics level
  • Introduce staking
  • Q1 2022 — Episode 5

  • Introducing governance
  • Equipment enhancement
  • Equipment marketplace
  • World map release
  • Learn and equip skills
  • Q2 2022 — Episode 6

  • Alpha release Tryhards platform
  • PVE battles to earn crystals
  • PVP battles on planet X
  • Land sales
  • Introducing monsters
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