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Transforming Health and Longevity with Rejuve’s AI and Blockchain


Rejuve, a pioneering company, is leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to redefine healthcare and extend human lifespan. Using sophisticated AI models, they aim to transform vast medical data into actionable insights and innovative therapies.

The core of Rejuve’s approach revolves around intricate AI models designed to interpret extensive biological data. These models, embedded within the Rejuve Network, collect data from participants and medical databases to create personalized health strategies. CEO Jasmine Smith highlighted the role of AI in enhancing personalized medicine, emphasizing its ability to assist clinical providers in decision-making by analyzing comprehensive data.

The company’s Longevity App, set to launch on iOS and Android, enables users to input personal health details from various sources, fostering proactive health management. This app not only monitors essential health metrics but also provides tailored recommendations, enhancing users’ lifespan. Moreover, users and contributors earn RJV tokens within the app, which unlock rewards ranging from medical tests to travel discounts.

Partnering with SingularityNET, Rejuve.AI stands at the forefront of decentralized health research. Through advanced AI, Rejuve deciphers complex biological pathways and potential health outcomes, utilizing tools like the Bayesian Network to predict and model data, providing valuable insights for personalized health strategies.

The company’s Generative Cooperative Network (GCN), comprising transformative AI systems like the Transformer Variational Autoencoder and LongevityGPT, facilitates the creation of diverse datasets. These systems forecast health states and analyze various lifestyle factors, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of individual health.

Rejuve has established a collaborative platform for researchers, clinics, and data enthusiasts, aiming to pioneer accessible and affordable outcomes in aging and longevity research. The Rejuve Network rewards members with RJV tokens for their contributions, while Rejuve Biotech utilizes collective data to pioneer experimental therapies.

Founded in 2018 by Chief AI Scientist Ben Goertzel, Rejuve has rapidly evolved, launching its Longevity App Beta in 2022 and subsequently introducing its token. The company’s roadmap includes plans for a full app launch in 2024, offering premium subscriptions and personalized longevity plans. Additionally, Rejuve.AI aims to conduct studies and clinical trials on its platform by 2026.

Recently, Rejuve.AI partnered with NOWPayments, enabling the Longevity App’s Rewards Store to accept cryptocurrency payments. This integration extends support to 50 cryptocurrencies, including RJV, further enhancing accessibility to longevity-focused offerings.


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