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Top 5 Gaming Tokens by Relative Increase of Trading Volume


Top 5 Gaming Tokens Blockchain Gaming News
  • X World Games, Seascape Crowns, Dvision Network, Step Hero (HERO), Tower are the top 5 gaming tokens currently.
  • These tokens now occupy the first to fifth position based on their 24-hours trading volume and market cap.

The entire crypto gambling space is on heat positively these days. As a result, many gaming tokens are eagerly holding the gambling door tightly as they are giving out extraordinary performances than ever before.

Despite how several different tokens are shaking the crypto gaming world with their performance, X World Games (XWG), Seascape Crowns (CWS), Dvision Network (DVI), Step Hero (HERO), and Tower (TOWER) are the main top 5 tokens reigning at the moment.

In fact, these listed tokens outperformed many heavyweights gaming tokens in terms of the 24-hours trading volume. According to a tweet from Cryptolaxy,  X World Games became first with a decent price of $0.065 with a $12.7 million market cap. Also, Seascape Crowns is in a second position with a price of $7.25 and a market cap of $16 million.

Next to Seascape Crowns is Dvision Network with $0.52 as its current price and $108 million market capitalization. In the same breath, Step Hero also comes with a 24h trading price of $0.83 and a threshold value of $10 million market cap. Last but not least is the Tower token.  

These token statista got the crypto Twitter users’ attention. Many support Seascape as they think it will soon dethrone X World Games from the first position.

Source: https://coinquora.com/top-5-gaming-tokens-by-relative-increase-of-trading-volume/

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