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Token Sale Launch Pushed As We Wait To Get Xircus Smart Contract Audited

Xircus NFT

We’re making significant advances with the project on the technical front as well as strategically representing the project at international events to secure the necessary funding to take the project to the level it deserves. However, to the community members who are eagerly waiting for the token sale launch, we have to announce a short delay. It’s been a tough call for me and the team but eventually, we have decided not to go ahead with the launch without having our smart contract duly audited by one of the most reputed names in the industry. While it’s already in the process, unfortunately, we haven’t gotten our smart contract audited. As reported by our auditing partner, it would take some time.

The team and even some long standing initial members of the Xircus community have advised not to launch without the SC audit. We do take the responsibility for the delay — honestly we miscalculated the time it would take to get it audited. That said, we believe it is very much in the best interest of the team, the project and taken holders that we launch the main token sale event with an audited smart contract. It would give confidence to investors and our launchpad and Dex partner platforms.

At this point, it is also important to share with our community members that we haven’t fully met the expectations during our private sale rounds. That’s precisely because we had been busy focussing on developing the project on the technical front and were not just securing investments through token sales. However, with the platform ready for deployment we are now forging meaningful partnerships and have top blockchain investors like Ian Scarffe on board. Ian has been proactively helping Xircus connect with a network of investors who have demonstrated interest in the project intrigued by its disruptive potentials. To blockchain enthusiasts, Ian Scarffe needs no introduction as he has been behind a number of successful blockchain startups and has helped them overcome liquidity challenges.

Also, we have been actively representing Xircus at international forums and connecting with institutional investors with whom we have had rounds of talks. Sequoia Capital is already having considerations for Xircus and we may soon get a big positively exciting news from them. All this is to remind our community members that projecting Xircus to institutional investors and VCs and securing meaningful partnerships and investments effectively translates to huge benefits for our private community investors before we launch the main token sale event.

At this point, deciding to go ahead with the token sale without the smart contract audit and without meeting the private sale expectations would be irresponsible on the part of the Xircus team. We are already doing the needful for the community and leaving no stone unturned to ensure that everything works out in the best interest of the project and the community and all existing potential investors.

In the meanwhile we have also made some exemplary developments with the platform. We’ve been consistently improving the products. Working on the feedback we received we have been consistently improving the Xircus platform.

Let’s take quick look at some important developments over the past two weeks:

1. Dashboard — The new dashboard now allows you to add token assets for you to view your balance. Users can also add them to their metamask wallet.

2. Skins Marketplace — An additional section where users will be able to see all marketplace skins on sale. These could be from Xircus, resellers and even the developer community. The platform would generate 1% royalty from resellers and 5% commission from developer created skins. Note that 1% of commission earned will be burnt on every purchase.

3. Provider Center — The provider Center is a powerful tool for the Ringmasters. It offers a dashboard for those who want to host queries for marketplace data servers from low latency, edge-servers thru CloudFlare. Providers earn 10% from all marketplace mint and transaction fees. Requires staking 10,000 ~ 25,000 $XIRCUS tokens, 5% burned on stake, locked yearly.

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4. DeFi Studio — A dedicated tool to deploy NFT staking contracts that allows users to buy random NFT items. The proceeds from the sales are distributed to all creators who participated — works like a jukebox. 1% of the $XIRCUS token is burned :chains::chains:

5. IPFS Uploader — section where you can upload file to IPFS and share link to anyone — alternative for WeTransfer :space_invader:

6. Token Factory — Its as additional section where users can deploy tokens for FREE. It includes both standard and deflationary tokens. Users can leverage their stablecoins to instantly add liquidity to their newly created tokens.

7. We are providing a new set of domains such as,, and many more.

In the coming week we are also releasing two NFT marketplaces. First is for our pioneer NFT marketplace showcasing crypto arts and the second is Xircus Elite Club NFT marketplace similar to BAYC where NFT holders will have exclusive access to future products, opportunities and more. All will be deployed through Xircus Deployer Studio.

Mobile App for iOS and Android:

Once again, we did not anticipate the delay but we are confident that we will soon have the smart contract audited and can go ahead with the confident token sale launch that would be in the best interest of the project and all our existing and potential investors.

Please note that the delay would just be a matter of days, not weeks.

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