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TheRandomDao (RND) Goes Live on Crypto Exchange LBank


TheRandomDao (RND) Goes Live on Crypto Exchange LBank

The renowned global crypto-trading platform LBbank Exchange has listed TheRandomDao on its platform. The brain behind the smart contract project is Huang Zheng, a 12-year old Chinese boy who’s been learning programming since the age of six.

Huang surprised the crypto community when he recorded himself and then uploaded a video of himself working on his project. Posting it on Bilibili, a popular video website in China, the tutorial featured the entire process from creation, deployment, testing, and release of the smart contract. It also included in-depth details of the project, which he named RND (TheRandomDao). However, the video was deleted.

According to crypto enthusiasts, Huang Zeng might be the next Vitalik, the CEO and founder of Ethereum. On the other hand, RND can gain traction and compete with renowned projects like Shiba Inu (SHIB). That’s driven by the recent uptake of Huang Zeng’s project by LBank Exchange, an event that took place on March 11, 2022. Put differently; those interested can now buy and sell RND tokens on the platform.

The above-mentioned comparisons were founded on an analysis of RND by the blockchain community. According to crypto influencers, RND is a meme coin since it has no practical value. In fact, Huang had mentioned the same in a tweet that went viral. “RND has no practical value, and I only used it for demonstration in my tutorial video of Solidity programming. I, therefore, call on the community to not overhype the value of the project”, he wrote. Secondly, TheRandomDao was created on the Ethereum network.

More About RND

Although relatively new, the RND project has attracted massive attention. The smart contract has no private sale. Instead, it’s airdropped, with the initial number of users being 101010. Also, RND has an official website already, although it’s quite precise.

About LBank Exchange

Founded in 2015, LBank is a renowned crypto-trading platform. It has hosted trades from over 6.4 million users from about 210 locations globally. Aside from crypto-trading, LBank Exchange also offers professional asset management and financial derivatives services.

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