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The Blockchain Router | The Wallet QORTector

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QORTector is developed especially to be a full node and/or Producing Node on the QORT network. Offering you default accessibility to every solution that QORT uses, as well as the capability to end up being a Minter on the QORT network.

Have you ever had a router that pays for your net link? Well, now you can!

All of the attributes of the tool, working on 5w of power! You no more need to run a high-powered computer in order to keep a complete node on the network and also gain benefits. Unlike the power-hungry algorithms of PoW coins, QORT makes use of a totally new system called ‘minting’ that gives individuals benefits based on their contribution on behalf of the network, just being an on-line reputable full node. Making It Possible For QORT Minting to be possible on lower-powered computer systems, such as QORTector.


Several non-blockchain services on top of all QORT services
Not just does QORTector offer you a default gateway to the completely decentralized solutions of the QORT network, while at the same time offering anonymous, private connection using a 5W tool … it also gives you a huge quantity of non-blockchain related services, within the device itself.

QORTector offers you security beyond that of any type of traditional router. Securing you from dangers of all kinds on the typical net. Just attach to the ‘qortal’ wifi network, as well as you are completely safe and secure.

Usage QORTector to protect your devices by becoming your router, or merely by being a node on your existing network, with a massive selection of features.

‘ Mumble’ Web server for encrypted communications
QORTector is concentrated on personal privacy, and protection on the existing web, as well as being a gateway to the net internet of QORT.

Part of the existing safety and security is to offer a completely encrypted voice as well as message interactions, with PTT (push-to-talk) performance, making use of the Mumble project.

Usage ‘plumble’ application on your phones to safely connect to the web server, and communicate worldwide, totally encrypted.

‘ Tor Network’ Gateway ( like a free protected p2p VPN by default).
Sick of spending for a VPN to gain access to solutions as well as preserve your right to personal privacy when accessing the web? QORTector offers you a default ‘Tor’ portal, enabling you to connect straight to the Tor Connect with either the tool’s wifi network or the ‘WAN’ network of the tool, your existing LAN network. Whether you are attached to QORTector’s Wi-Fi network or otherwise, you can still maintain connection safely and also independently pre-installed entrance to the Tor Network.

It can be used as a backup service by default, to support any one of your network-connected devices, from your computer to your phone to your tool itself and its information. Whatever can be instantly supported with qrotector.

Internet Server. A default web server permits you to organize your very own web solutions, blogs, and so on without the demand for an extra computer or web server. (Some understanding and network arrangement are essential.).

‘ OwnCloud’ server. Fed up with the ‘huge kids’ like Google and also Dropbox making you actually transfer possession of your information before you can back it up as well as utilize it with them?

Concern not, QORTector offers you an exclusive variation of the large cloud services, with your very own copy of OwnCloud!

The expandability of OwnCloud is amazing, functional for not just file sync and also storage instantly from several tools, but automatic phone image uploads, phone tracking to monitor your youngsters, a completely featured video clip and music player add-on, as well as a substantial list of other readily available plugins, conveniently installed with a solitary click.

A default OwnCloud installation comes pre-installed on your QORTector tool’s customized firmware. BTC wallet + Full Node. The only way to have FULL control over your BTC is to have a full node. QORTector (with expanded storage space add-on, or any type of broadened storage space customer added for blockchain room) offers you this.

This blockchain router has Infinite Possibilities.
Because of QORTector’s fully open-source nature, the opportunities are countless regarding future services that can be constructed into the gadget’s photo. Actually ANY open-source system can possibly be ported onto the base image of QORTectorz.

Both future updates of the tool picture for Gen 1 as well as the newer Gen launches will certainly be completely upgradable in multiple methods.

Hardware-based ‘addons’ for expanded hardware feature, wifi rate, and also range, and included attributes like ‘Mesh Networking’ or flexibility enhancements, included LAN ports, etc

We also added software applications for new amazing functions.

Published image updates with completely custom Kernel, focused on Java and also node.js velocity for QORT rate.

Incorporate that with being an entrance to the ‘new internet’ on QORT, and also you have a solitary tool that can literally give you anything you can ever desire from a network-connected tool. All suitable in the hand of your hand!

Future versions of the gadget will certainly consist of:
A full Desktop OS – use this tool to essentially change your desktop or to be your completely protected maker for any type of purpose.

Enterprise Networking – A future version will certainly include several LAN ports, broadened outside Wi-Fi antennas, even more, CPU/RAM power, and also improved UI certain to Enterprise degree network requirements.

QORTector Mobility – a mobile variation that has a battery add-on and also expanded Wi-Fi variety, for your mobile node as well as network protection demands. Will certainly also consist of a SIM card slot, for 4G connection and also entirely mobile web, Wi-Fi Mesh Networking to become eliminate spending for the web entirely by using P2P Mesh Networks for moving net information, without being forced to pay an ‘entrance company’.

The checklist is actually limitless regarding future possible functionality … Remain tuned to the QORT Team’s announcements for development updates!

Contribution Based Advancement and also Enhancements.
Without the payments of the community, QORT Team would certainly not have been able to develop this device, and we will continue to focus on User-Based Contributions, to decide the future variations of the device, as well as their future functionality.

Maintaining Completely OPEN RESOURCE GROWTH in ALL ASPECTS. Both Hardware and Software of the device and also what runs on it will certainly ALWAYS be totally open source.



Matt Damon partners with around clean water project



Digital currency exchange has donated $1 million to, a clean-water initiative co-founded by Matt Damon and Gary White in 2009.

The direct donation will go towards supporting’s mission of ending the global water crisis by providing safe water and sanitation to people in need, the companies announced Monday. The partnership is also aimed at exposing to’s more than 10 million users, who are also being encouraged to donate to the project.

Matt Damon cited the ongoing financial transformation brought on by cryptocurrency as one of the chief motivations for partnering with “As our financial solutions and platforms evolve, we can use them for good,” he said. “ and are both working toward positive transformation, and our innovative, financial solutions will help change lives and the world.” has quickly emerged as one of the fastest-growing digital currency platforms in the world. The company rose to prominence by offering its customers a crypto-focused Visa card that pays out rewards for staking CRO, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. As Cointelegraph recently reported, the exchange has expanded its insurance program to cover up to $750 million, reflecting heightened consumer protection standards in the industry.

The cryptocurrency industry has ushered in a new era of charitable gifting as its newly rich participants look to give back to their communities. Charity: water, which has a similar mandate as, raised $1.3 million in June through a Bitcoin (BTC)-focused trust. Crypto donations platform The Giving Block has also facilitated charitable contributions for dozens of organizations by providing them with the tools and resources to begin accepting crypto contribtuions.

Related: Charitable sustainable NFTs for the United Nations’ 17 SDGs

Many nonprofits have opened their coffers to crypto donations in the wake of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in August. Crypto donations are also being used to support suicide prevention, ethical journalism and even a universal basic income project.

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What Is a Trailing Take Profit?




Today, cryptocurrency trading is considered one of the most demanded and profitable ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, cryptocurrency trading is a rather complicated and time-consuming process that requires a deep understanding of the market from a trader. After all, a lack of knowledge and proper experience can lead to significant losses. The main difficulty for traders is that the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable enough, and the price of assets fluctuates very often. Fortunately, there are now a lot of crypto trading platforms on which traders can enter transactions even with minimal experience and knowledge in this field of activity. The best trading platform for trading is Cryptorobotics.

On the Cryptorobotics platform, you can set up and implement a trading process, both manually and algorithmic.

Many traders who trade cryptocurrencies through this trading terminal are already familiar with the function of the Take Profit that increases the chances of making a profit from cryptocurrency trading.

Take Profit is a type of pending order to close a deal when the price reaches a certain profit level. If the price reaches the Take Profit mark, then the deal will automatically close and fix the received profit.

But with a possible increase in the price of an asset, each trader can set a Trailing Take Profit. This tool is intended to maximize your income.

Let’s take a closer look at what Trailing Take Profit is and how it works.

What is Trailing Take Profit?

Trailing Take Profit provides you with placing an order when a certain percentage of the maximum of the market price is reached in conditions of increased market volatility.

Trailing Take Profit moves with the price when it moves in a favorable direction. The order guarantees a profit by leaving the position open and following the price in a profitable direction. If the price reverses in an unprofitable direction by a certain percentage, this type of Trailing Stop Order will close the trade at the market price.

How does Trailing Take Profit work?

A Trailing Stop Order can be placed when you open a new trade. As we have already mentioned above, for a long position, a sell Trailing Stop Order will be placed higher than the open price of the position on the chart. The trailing stop price is increased by a certain percentage. A new trailing stop price will be created when the price starts growing. In case the price is falling, the trailing stop discontinues its movement. If the price changes by more than the specified percentage of deviation from the peak price and reaches the trailing stop price, then, a sell order will be placed. To close the trade, a sell order will be placed at the market price.

The Trailing Take Profit is the exact opposite of the Trailing Stop Loss.

What is the Trailing Stop Loss?

Traders place a Trailing Stop Loss during the opening of the order. This type of Trailing Stop Order could be placed with the aim to help limit losses and protect profits when a price moves in an unfavorable direction.

For a short position, a Trailing Stop Loss will be placed below the open trade price. The trailing stop price is decreased by a certain percentage. A new trailing stop price will be created when the price is falling. When the price starts growing, the trailing stops moving. If the price changes by more than the specified deviation percentage from its lowest price and reaches the trailing stop price, then, a buy order will be opened. To close the trade, an order will be placed to buy at the market price.

How to start using the Trailing Take Profit on the Cryptorobotics trading platform?

To start using this function in the Cryptorobotics trading terminal, you should implement the following acts:

  • Go here and pass the registration process.
  • Set up an account on one of the exchanges that are available on the Cryptorobotics platform.
  • After creating an account, you should bind it to the terminal by using the API key.
  • Transfer funds to the exchange wallet (in the absence of funds).
  • Click on the Trade button.
  • Select the exchange.
  • Select the crypto pair.

It is worth noting that if you want to search your crypto pair much faster, you can click on the heart to add it to your Favorites section.

After you click on the pair that was chosen by you, you will have access to the chart in a new window.

In order to set Trailing Take Profit, you need to set additional settings for a new order.

Any type of order available in the terminal can be used to place an OCOs or smart order: market, limit, and stop-limit.

Let’s take a look at the limit order. In the Trade section of the tab, when you click on the Smart order button or the Buy button, a settings window will be opened.

The upper part is intended for placing a buy order. To customize it, you have to follow these steps:

  • In the upper field, indicate the price at which you want to purchase this coin.
  • Indicate the amount of the purchased coin.
  • You have an opportunity to use a certain percentage of the deposit (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%).
  • You can also set the balance in the main currency. If you add your value there; then, the required amount will be updated in the Number of coins.
  • The price value can also be set by moving the level on the chart.
  • Activate Take Profit. Take Profit indicates the price at which the order will be closed in profit (in percentage). Take Profit can also be set by moving the level on the chart.
  • Activate Trailing Take Profit by adding a checkmark, and you need to specify the distance in %.

You can use Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss. When setting Stop Loss, you specify the loss (in percent) that you are willing to go when the price is falling. When this value is reached, the order will be closed automatically. The Stop Loss can also be set by moving its level on the chart.

You are able to use both the exact price level and the percentage with help of moving the slider or indicating its exact value in %.

As for Trailing Stop Loss, it is also activated by adding a checkmark.

We advise you to use Trailing Stop Loss only in a growing market. During the flat market, this function can reduce your profits.

After you have specified all the parameters, you need to click on the green Buy button in the lower-left corner, and the order will automatically go into operation.

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Wormhole #7: PolyGamma Finance Review



PolyGamma (L4) is by the same team behind PolygonFarm (L1), PolyAlpha (L2), and PolyBeta (L3). PolyBeta is a project that we’ve reviewed and Wormhole-ed previously.

At the time of writing, PolyGamma seems similar to PolyBeta in terms of product features. It has the standard farming, dividend pool and vault features (for both its native and native LPs). The only difference is that PolyGamma doesn’t seem to have the lottery system that PolyBeta had.

The project team has also stated that L5 will be their last layered farm. After which, they plan to launch an NFT project and profits will support all their layered farm tokens.

For the newest layer, PolyGamma (GAMMA):

  • Max Supply: 70,000
  • Emission Rate: 0.04 GAMMA per block
  • Listing price: $1

Assuming that emission rate remains constant, max supply will be reached at block 22223090 (~approx 43 to 45 days from farming launch).

Based on what we can see:

  • Liquidity providers for L2 and L3 native tokens are still incentivized through the farming of L4 token.
  • L2 and L3 natives are following the standard farm chart and found stable price floors — which means it could be consolidating for an upward movement. Nonetheless, natives are rather volatile, and providing liquidity can result in potential IL.
  • L4 native will return to a stable price after ATH. APRs will continue to fall due to profit taking, so get in fast before it’s all gone!

The project has a Low Risk rating for its latest layer, PolyGamma, as well as its other 3 layers. The project owner has also done a KYC, and you can read more about RugDoc’s KYC process here.

Any malicious actions from the KYC’ed applicant can be prosecuted with legal action, so developers undergoing the KYC process show the first steps towards transparency.

PolyGamma has also locked its liquidity with RugDoc:

  • 1,366 WMATIC-GAMMA LP tokens (~55 at time of review) — Txn Hash: 0xe75d5b…449382
  • 0.00174 USDC-GAMMA LP tokens (~79% at time of review) — Txn Hash: 0xfc00f…c5d6d1


The project has completed a total of 5 audits across its layers:

Paladin is one of the leading audit firms in the DeFi space and also a RugDoc recommended audit firm.

There are 2 risk levels that we’ve assigned to PolyGamma, namely:

  • High Risk: Potential IL due to the project’s earlier layers dumping. If there’s low liquidity for the earlier layer, we recommend staking with small amounts, then DCA in with larger amounts to make the most of your profits. Our Wormhole contracts also protect you from any large slippage risks with a maximum slippage of 5%. This safeguard will thus cause your transaction to fail, thereby keeping your capital safe.
  • Low Risk: Assigned because of deposit fees (to the specific project, not Timeleap), but once again, you’re likely to earn it back through farming

Standard risks also apply across all Wormholes regardless of project:

  • Project decides to adjust multipliers to encourage liquidity migration to other pools
  • Project decides to change emission rates
  • Insufficient utility for native token may cause native dumping, which affects APR
  • Poor community management resulting in FUD

Please make sure you understand the risks and the associated terminology prior to staking in a Wormhole!





At the time of writing, we’re seeing some amazing APRs and APYs — we had to display those APYs as such because there’s no way we could fit all the numbers into the card UI 😂

Even the Low Risk Wormholes are getting some of the sweetest APYs in the market for stables and large caps!

High Risk Wormholes
Low Risk Wormholes

Wormholes are estimated to officially launch within the hour after PolyGamma launches its GAMMA farming layer.

This is so that we can verify that the project’s MC used on chain is the same as the one on their UI — a safety precaution as projects switching out their MC is a common type of rug.

We’ll make an announcement on Telegram and Twitter once our PolyGamma Wormholes are launched — you’ll be able to find them via the below links then:

If you’d like to participate in this batch of Wormholes early (before the project even launches its farm), head to our Telegram to request for the URL to our beta site.

Note that this is high risk, high rewards territory. Although deposit and withdrawal transactions have been tested to work, we’re pending farming launch in order to verify that the MC on chain is minting correctly.

Only recommended for experienced yield farmers!

All information in this review is accurate at the time of writing.

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