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The Best NEM (XEM) Casinos Of 2020

Set your play on fire and buckle up for a rewarding gambling experience. Taking crypto to… read more

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nem casino

Set your play on fire and buckle up for a rewarding gambling experience. Taking crypto to the world of gambling means players can look forward to some large wins and thrilling plays. With the rise of NEM (XEM), gamblers have the opportunity to access a world filled with new possibilities. Do not miss out on this opportunity to gain while gambling.

The Best NEM (XEM) Casinos of 2020

With NEM (XEM) still building in popularity, there are not very many casinos offering that option. The casinos that have risen to the occasion are some of the best in the business.


fortunejack nem casino

The first to take center stage is the one and only FortuneJack Casino. With a few years under its belt, FortuneJack knows how to satisfy players. Focusing on all gambling fronts, FortuneJack is one of few online crypto casinos that allow players to indulge in such a wide range of gambling pleasures. 

With NEM (XEM) being an option, players can reach new heights in their gambling. With cheap transaction fees, players are able to save and earn!

Play at FortuneJack


1xbet nem casino

Offering both an online casino as well as a well-known sports betting casino, showing players a world of gambling possibilities. The game selection is never-ending and the promotions are mouth-watering, 1xBet Casino is all about offering players a cutting edge experience. 

There is no better way than to jump on board with this new up and coming crypto trend. NEM is a payment option that provides quick and effortless payments, allowing players to hit the reels and reap the rewards as quickly as possible. 

Play at 1xBet


betcoin nem casino

In 2018 Betcoin Casino took it’s already extravagant online casino to new heights, by bringing on board a promising cryptocurrency, NEM. Betcoin is an online gambling platform that offers players a chance at their dreams. With a design filled with traditional gambling attire, players get to experience the modern experience of online gambling mixed with a classic twist.

Play at Betcoin

History Of NEM (XEM)

NEM was created in 2014 by a BitcoinTalk forum user called UtopianFuture and a year later the company launched a cryptocurrency XEM, which was inspired by Nxt. NEM works on a system based on high customization and versatility. With such adaptability, NEM is the perfect financial asset to most endeavors especially gambling.

In 2018, NEM was selected by the Ukraine Central Election Commission as the accepted blockchain technology for elections. Another accomplishment to becoming more recognized happened later in 2018 when Malaysia’s Ministry of Education pushed to use NEM’s blockchain technology to authenticate academic certificates. 

NEM is also a fantastic option for trading, which can be done on trading platforms such as:

AlfaCashier: AlfaCashier is an automatic cryptocurrency exchange platform that started in Russia in 2014. You are able to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, NEM, Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Ripple and many more at AlfaCashier.

Binance: Binance is the world’s leading trading platform, with over 50 currencies on offer. Binance allows users to access their trade on any platform and provider fantastic security and support.

What Is NEM (XEM)?

NEM is a blockchain platform that runs off the concept of proof-of-importance and delegated harvesting to reward verification efforts, which offers the altcoin scene a new option for a decentralized algorithm. Being closely compared to Etherum, those who have invested are hoping for the same kind of success, if not better. NEM strives to provide total decentralization, absolute financial freedom, and equality for all users. The NEM ecosystem is focusing on optimizing and evolving the blockchain system. This will be achieved by looking at the user’s ambitions and setting goals in place to meet those needs. NEM has a zero inflation rate, with a total of 8.999.999.999 XEM in circulation. NEM was created in the genesis block, meaning all coins are already in existence. All other cryptocurrencies are subject to inflationary and deflationary forces. 

Recently NEM created NEMpay, which is an open-source payment system based out of the NEM blockchain. Allowing for quick and cheap payments at any corner of the earth.

Unique NEM Features

  • Mosaics: Mosaics are unique to NEM and represent assets that are traded on the NEM blockchain. Mosaics can be created in many shapes and forms, such as cryptocurrencies, a signature or status update and run on the NEM blockchain.
  • Multi-signature accounts: Transactions are highly secure, needing multiple signatures for any transaction 
  • Namespaces: Name your mosaics, by using something similar to an email address on the blockchain that allows you to give a unique name to your blockchain adventure. 
  • Updates: NEM focuses on adaptability. To make sure the updates are enjoyed by all the NEM to ask all users to get involved in update suggestions. 

What are the Advantages of NEM Gambling?

Gambling is all about what you get out! When gambling with NEM (XEM), players get even more out of it than they ever anticipated. Using a two-tier architecture and the use of groundbreaking cryptography, NEM provides advanced security. When gambling all transactions are fast and effortless, resulting in fast-paced play. Transactions are cheap, with a charge 0.01% per transaction, making it one of the more affordable currencies to invest in.

The benefits don’t stop there. NEM allows for cheap transaction fees, across all processes. NEM promises to always improve and evolve, in saying this NEM is looking at the full implementation of Catapult, a technology that should make the platform even faster, and more reliable.


NEM (XEM) Is The Future Of Gambling

Sign up to one of these thrill-seeking casinos and be one of the first to incorporate NEM into your gambling. With only added advantages, gamblers will see improvements in their play and returns. By saving just by using them, gamblers are able to take their money the extra mile with NEM (XEM). NEM is a revolutionary blockchain platform geared towards a smart economy. The casinos offering NEM (XEM) offer a fantastic array of gaming options. So pick your poison and get winning. 



AMC Entertainment Could Include Dogecoin as a Payment Option



Following confirmation that AMC would begin accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin for online payment, the company’s CEO has asked the Dogecoin community if AMC should add the meme coin among the cryptocurrency options.

Almost 80% Want to Pay for a Movie Ticket With DOGE

Adam Aron, CEO of the world’s largest movie theater chain AMC Entertainment, conducted a poll via Twitter on Tuesday (September 21st, 2021) to check whether the company should accept DOGE payment. The poll, which ends on September 22nd, has garnered a lot of responses, most of them wanting AMC to include the meme crypto.

According to Aron, the Twitter survey came amid calls from members of the Dogecoin online community to add DOGE to the list of crypto options.

“I hear from many on my Twitter feed we should accept Dogecoin too. Do you think AMC should explore accepting Dogecoin?”

Before the latest development, the AMC CEO announced that the movie theater giant will accept Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin by the end of 2021. This was after Aron previously revealed during an earnings call in August that customers would be able to pay for movie tickets and concessions online with bitcoin, also at the end of the year.

The poll has so far seen 110,000 votes, with 70% responding positively to the idea of DOGE payment, while 8% also agree but say they would not use the meme coin for payment. Meanwhile, 22% of the voters were not in support of the motion.


Growing Support for Dogecoin Payment

Aron’s survey comes as the cryptocurrency market is experiencing massive price dumps, along with the global financial markets, mostly tied to the Evergrande saga. Bitcoin, which traded at $48k over the weekend, dropped to as low as $40k, with the price of other altcoins also plummeting. However, there has been a slight recovery.

Dogecoin is currently the 10th largest crypto by market capitalization and reached an all-time high (ATH) of over $0.7 back in May. Now, though, it’s down to roughly $0.2.

If AMC Entertainment goes ahead to include the meme token among the list of accepted cryptocurrencies, the movie theater giant would become the latest company to support DOGE payments. Some others who have adopted Dogecoin include American basketball team Dallas Mavericks and Newegg.

Apart from AMC’s Adam Aron, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk also carried out a similar poll for his followers. Although many of the respondents voted in favor of the electric vehicle manufacturer including DOGE among payment options, the company is yet to make it official.


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Osprey Funds launches first-ever Polygon fund in the U.S



The cryptocurrency market is witnessing a huge dump right now, one that was triggered by a sudden meltdown in global financial markets. Even so, many, including quite a few institutional investors, remain confident in the asset class. While the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum have often stolen the limelight, of late, others have come to the fore. The example of Polygon (MATIC) is a case in point.

Crypto-asset management firm Osprey Funds is in the news today after it introduced its fifth digital asset investment product. According to an official press release,

Osprey Funds, LLC, a premier digital asset management firm, launches its fifth investment product of the year ​​― the Osprey Polygon Trust. It is the first U.S. fund to invest exclusively in MATIC, the native token of the Polygon network.”

The product will offer exposure to MATIC, the native token used on Polygon, an Ethereum Layer-2 blockchain network. According to Osprey CEO Greg King,

“Polygon is a disruptive layer-2 technology that gains from Ethereum’s secure network while mitigating common blockchain pain points, such as high gas fees and slow transactions.”

He added,

“We’re excited to offer investors a new way to tap into the growing Ethereum market via the Osprey Polygon Trust.”

The trust is available to accredited investors with a $10,000 minimum investment. Moreover, Osprey plans to list the fund on the over-the-counter OTCQX exchange “as soon as possible and has also agreed to waive the management fee for all investors until January 2023.”

This development comes just weeks after it launched its Solana Trust. Meanwhile, it also offers products tied to Bitcoin (BTC), Polkadot’s DOT, and Algorand’s ALGO tokens.

Polygon (MATIC) has seen a lot of traction both inside, as well as outside the (crypto) community. For instance, one of the world’s largest consulting firms, Ernst & Young (EY), has now partnered with Polygon to aid its Ethereum scaling.

Moreover, despite the current market being what it is, its on-chain metrics have painted a promising picture.

Its unique addresses (no. of ETH wallets holding MATIC) as well as total wallets held over time, have both seen a parabolic incline over time.

Source: Dune Analytics

The number of unique transactions too has played a positive role behind the coin’s surge since its inception.

It won’t be a surprise to see more firms jumping on this fast-paced bandwagon. For example, Grayscale Investments has also shared its interest in incorporating the said token under its belt.

Where to Invest?

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XRP Lawsuit: Ripple’s appeal in the pre-clearance data dispute has been “DENIED”




The latest update in the XRP lawsuit saw the court deny Ripple’s Motion to Compel SEC to produce documents reflecting the SEC’s trading preclearance decisions of SEC employees’ transactions in Bitcoin, Ether, or XRP, as well as annual certifications concerning SEC employees’ XRP holdings.

Ripple’s Privacy Act Argument falls flat


In its opposition, the SEC had already argued that Ripple’s request has a “low bar of relevance” and is an “unjustified intrusion” into SEC’s employees’ sensitive financials. Ripple argued against SEC’s Privacy Act claims, stating that the defense only seeks aggregate and entirely anonymized data of narrow scope and of a limited timeframe. Ripple ascertains in its response that their motion to compel discovery possesses “no Privacy Act obstacle to the Court ordering production of this information.”

While the defendants appealed for anonymized or aggregated documents, the Court stated that the data related to Ethics Counsel’s preclearance decisions is not sufficiently probative. Furthermore, according to the Court’s decision, partially probative evidence cannot justify the intrusion into SEC employees’ financial conduct, even if anonymized, aggregated, or redacted.

The Court clarified that the Privacy Act protects information retrieved directly or indirectly from a system of records like the SEC’s Personal Trading Compliance System. However, the only way to discard the Privacy Act pursuant to a court order is by providing the court with evidence justifying the disclosure.

Furthermore, ‘the court must accord proper weight to the policies underlying…statutory protections, and…compare them with the factors supporting discovery in a particular lawsuit’. The Court order has also highlighted the defendants’ failure to display that such disclosure is justified in the XRP lawsuit.

The defendant’s annual certification appeal has also been denied through the existing Congress ban of “disclosure of such financial information through federal privacy statutes and regulations in order to maintain government employees’ privacy.” However, the Court directed the SEC to provide Defendants with data supporting SEC counsel’s statement during August 25, 2021, meet and confer that, after the formal order of investigation was issued as to Ripple on March 9, 2019, SEC employees could no longer trade XRP.


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