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The Art of Refreshing a Logo



Thianh has evolved rapidly over the past few years, stemming from a small data-focused website to the most trusted crypto platform with millions of users around the world. As the company has changed, so has our look and feel. We’ve undergone a few logo and brand refreshes to meet the needs of the ever-growing crypto space and most importantly, our users.

Working with a talented team of in-house designers, we created a fresh look that was approachable, modern, and UI friendly. A keen eye might have noticed that over the past year, we’ve been quietly polishing various aspects of our brand. logo evolution to date

Did you notice?

Back in early 2019, we updated our font from a combination of Montserrat, Futura and Gill Sans to Inter across all product and marketing (and we haven’t looked back). We made the shift for a couple reasons:


  1. Didn’t support monospace
  2. Has hard to read numerals, which for number heavy interfaces like Explorer, Exchange and Wallet was far from ideal
  3. Is wider than most typefaces, taking up valuable space in places like data tables


  1. Has impressive legibility, designed for digital screens
  2. Has extensive glyph support
  3. Supports monospace for data heavy UIs

We also improved our color palette by increasing saturation and brightness to our blues, creating a more electric and dynamic feel. The muted, inactive and sometimes pastel tones we had before no longer lined up with the direction the company is headed. On top of that, we expanded our secondary palette to include a full set of colors, which allows us the flexibility to be more creative when experimenting and developing new designs.

Blockchain…I think I’ve heard of it

One problem we faced as a company was the confusion between Blockchain the company and blockchain the technology, especially from those unfamiliar with crypto. In order to differentiate our brand from the tech, we changed our name to (you can read a more in depth explanation here). In terms of the logo and wordmark, we kept it mostly the same for recognizability, adding a ‘.COM’ at the end. This was a simple solution for a much needed brand distinction.

So why’d you change it again?

While we love the name and new identity, it did create an unusual challenge for us. The added real estate of the ‘.COM’ expanded the width of the wordmark, making it difficult to place within certain situations across product and marketing while maintaining readability. The all caps also felt outdated and chunky, and the logo itself contained colors that we were no longer using in our palette. It was time for a refresh.

The process

At first, we mused over how in-depth we wanted to go. Attack only the wordmark? Update the logo colors to our new blues? Scrap it altogether?

We had a team meeting to discuss possible solutions, and knew the quickest fix was to move to initial caps to save much needed space and match the wordmark to our Inter font. This improved readability, since people tend to read the shape of a word rather than individual letters — which is hard to differentiate with an all caps wordmark.

But why stop there?

With our previous refreshes and recent update to our company core values, it was high time we had a full redesign of our logo to match. And so began our first design sprint.

Before the coronavirus hit, the design team was already dispersed across multiple timezones and was very comfortable working remotely with one another. We had a design session where we threw any and all ideas into a Figma file (a very effective whiteboard substitute). It was surprisingly just as productive and creative as an in-person meeting. Below are some of the rudimentary experimentations we came up with.

We all came together after this and had a general review. What, if anything, stood out to us — for good or bad reasons — and what can we draw from it? What if we change the rounding here, or increase line width there, or change the color of this shape? And maybe more importantly, does this look like an already existing logo?

After some musing, this design was initially chosen for further exploration:

We liked the illusion that the intersecting shapes created, masked within our well-known diamond shape. Some people saw a cube, while others saw a birds-eye pyramid. Whichever way, it made the viewer pause for a moment and take a second look.

Once we had our selection, we went back to the drawing board (Figma file) and tried out different iterations of the above, seen below:

We found that less rounding = sharper corners and a more serious/sharp tone from the shape, while more rounding = friendlier and more open. Being an approachable brand, we decided more rounding was probably better than less.

This logo iteration also needed more definition — we wanted to hold on to the illusion the initial design had, but also felt the colors blended into each other too much. We solved this by creating a simple outline of the shapes.

Okay — not bad. Next was to see how it stood up to in-situ mock ups. We placed it in navigation bars, app store download pages, research papers, and social channels. And although we liked what we saw, one discernable problem was that the light blue left ‘corner’ felt too light and was difficult to see against a white background, especially when seen at a small scale.

So after some experimentation with color, we settled on a selection of our blues that moved in increments of 200, based on our blue 000–800 palette. We found the result below worked best on most brand colored backgrounds.

The next step was to make the logo pixel perfect and place it with the wordmark. We set the dividing line between the shapes to be 1px and then defined the spacing between the logo and the wordmark based on that width.

Finally, when taking a step back and looking at our wordmark with our logo, we decided the main focus should be Blockchain, with a lighter emphasis on the ‘.com’. We experimented with different opacities and colors, and found that our Grey 300 worked best on all on-brand colored backgrounds.

With a little After Effects magic, the end result:

Why we like it

When we embarked on this journey, it was important to pay homage to the previous logo. Our original diamond shape denoted a block within the blockchain, and we wanted to replicate that core motif in this refresh. With this rendition, there’s still the block-like feel but with a cleaner and more modern touch. It’s also a simple enough design that anyone could glance at it and draw it themselves.

When designing the new logo, we wanted it to be flexible enough to grow with the brand for years to come. While the symbolism remains the same, it is a simple shift from the old to the new — a change of perspective. This movement is something we wanted to capture within the new design and kept this in mind when creating the logo animation as well.

Special Thanks: Design team

Thianh Lu

Rosana Castano

Greg Christian

Mikael Keussen

Bettsina Walkinson

Sydney St. Clare

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Rising Inflation Could “Destabilize” Stablecoins And Bring Crypto Industry Down — Coinbase CEO In Search Of Solution



Rising Inflation Could Destabilize Stablecoins And Bring Crypto Industry Down — Coinbase CEO In Search Of Solution

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In the US, inflation has been on the rise throughout the entire year. Just last month, the consumer price index (CPI) rose by 0.3%. While this has been quite a decline compared to April and May when prices rose by 0.6% on a seasonally adjusted basis, it is still a nerve-racking high.

It has been perceived that rising inflation would benefit crypto since more people would consider acquiring digital assets to hedge fiat depreciation. However, if the US dollar loses value significantly and becomes unstable, it will also adversely impact US-pegged stablecoins, which would infect the entire crypto ecosystem.

In a recent tweet, Brian Armstrong, CEO at Coinbase, has pointed out this issue and asked for possible solutions. 

Crypto Needs to Adapt

Stablecoins are known as the backbone of the crypto ecosystem. They are the safe zone for when the industry goes wild and plummets by double-digit percentages in a matter of hours. Further, they have taken the cross-border payments by storm, so much so that regulators from across the globe warn stablecoins could disrupt banking systems. 

However, these alleged “stablecoins” have a less-known issue: they are hyper reliant on the US dollar. Almost all major stablecoins are pegged to the US dollar. This means if the US dollar loses value significantly, then stablecoins would also lose value. In turn, this would drag the entire crypto ecosystem down.

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Mentioning this, Coinbase CEO has recently commented that stablecoins could very easily become inflation coins. “If fiat-backed stablecoins really become inflation coins (not so stable), then how will we get a coin that is truly stable?” Armstrong tweeted.

Proposing a vague solution, Armstrong added: “Perhaps something that tracks a basket of real-world goods (purchasing power parity) using oracles?”

Armstrong is not the first person who has raised this crucial subject. Previously, Balaji Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase, had explained that there are two types of stablecoins. First, there are fiatcoins, which “are pegged to an external fiat currency like USD, directly or indirectly.” Second, there is this newer form of stablecoin, which Srinivasan calls “flatcoins.” 

Srinivasan explains that if “fiat itself starts to inflate, it isn’t really “stable”. So a flatcoin optimizes instead for price flatness vs an on-chain basket of goods.” In simple terms, a so-called “flatcoin” is not pegged to a fiat currency, rather it is pegged to the purchasing power of an asset at a certain period of time. 

Considering the importance of the issue, we should see more projects developing alleged “flatcoins” in the near future — which is also crucial for “de-dollarizing” the crypto ecosystem.

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Pacific Union Appoints Mohamed Elsergany as Its Head of MENA Service Center

The new PUG’s hiring has over 12 years of experience in the financial services industry.



Pacific Union Group (PUG), an Australia-based forex and CFD broker, has tapped Mohamed Elsergany as its new Head of Service Center for the MENA region. Prior to his new role at the company, Mohamed spent over one year working as MENA Regional Director at CJC Markets.

Furthermore, according to his LinkedIn profile, the new PUG’s Head of Service Center for the MENA region worked for around four years as Business Development Partner at Tickmill, another forex and CFD broker headquartered in Cyprus.

In fact, most of his professional background lies in working in the Business Development field in the financial sector. Before his job at Tickmill, Mohamed worked in FX Solutions as Business Development Partner. Based on Egypt, the new PUG employee also had tenures in Swissquote, MIG Bank,, and BMFN Prime, with approximately a career in the financial markets of over 12 years.

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Mohamed’s educational profile notes that he earned a bachelor’s degree in e-Commerce.

Recent Major Banks Executive Moves

In the last few months, the financial services landscape had been quite moved in the MENA region, specifically from major banks. For example, Saxo Bank recently announced that the company had appointed Damian Hitchen, a former Regional Manager at HSBC, as the company’s new CEO of the MENA region.

The newly appointed CEO of the MENA region will report directly to the company’s Chief Sales Officer, Stig Christensen. Hitchen will be based at Saxo Bank’s regional office in Dubai. He will facilitate Saxo Bank’s growth in the region. Furthermore, Barclays Plc announced in August that it appointed Davide Sala as its new Managing Director and Head of Industrials M&A for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Sala has vast experience within the financial industry, having worked for over 22 years at Credit Suisse in London and New York. He focused his career on providing advice on M&A and financing to clients across industrials space.

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