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CITIC Telecom CPC and DEAC Establish Powerful Partnership

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The Netherlands/Estonia, Feb 15, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (CITIC Telecom CPC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (SEHK:1883), announced a partnership with DEAC, a data center operator in Riga, Latvia. The strategic partnership sets forth a framework for the parties to collaborate in both company's data center and other value-added offerings reselling, including innovative cloud products and services.

The cooperation between DEAC and CITIC Telecom CPC allows both companies to offer disaster recovery and backup services to clients across multiple locations in the Baltics, complementing ICT capabilities in China and Russia. CITIC Telecom CPC's deployment in DECA's data centers enables to be part of a rich industry ecosystem, offering strategically seamless customer engagement services across regions. The strategic partnership not only helps enterprise meet and maintain IT compliance with their local data sovereignty requirements, but also enables customers to benefit from a "Technology-Driven Digitalization Enabler", leveraging all CITIC Telecom CPC's core competencies and expertise across multiple ICT areas (such as networking, information security cloud and data centers). Simultaneously, creating additional opportunities and value to meet the customer's strategic business development needs with localized solid management service from CITIC Telecom CPC 24/7 round-the-clock customer service.

"By combining CITIC Telecom CPC's technology expertise, global presence, and innovative products with our profound industry experience and resources, we are confident that this initiative is another key step towards our long-term strategy of building a dedicated carrier-neutral and Internet-neutral data center network (DCN) ecosystem. We're excited to complement our cloud and data center solutions and offer our clients the opportunity to use DEAC's high-quality data center in Latvia, Riga to tap into the fast-growing cloud data center markets," states Serve Bunnik, the Deputy Director of CITIC Telecom CPC Europe operations.

"Cooperation with CITIC Telecom CPC will make a new level of global extension for DEAC. Together, we are looking forward to leveraging CITIC Telecom CPC infrastructure around the Globe", says Andris Gailitis, CEO of DEAC. DEAC has been in the data center industry since 1999. DEAC's data center meets the highest security standards with efficient connectivity options and strong encryption.

About CITIC Telecom CPC
CITIC Telecom CPC is a trusted Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions provider with multiple branches across the world and a preferred partner by multinational corporations and business enterprises. Bringing Global-Local capabilities, CITIC Telecom CPC is committed to providing customers one-stop-shop ICT solutions with superior quality. Having a worldwide footprint across 160 countries, including Asia, Europe and America, Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia, CITIC Telecom CPC's global network resources connect over 160 points of presence (POPs), 19 Cloud service centers, 30+ data centers, and two dedicated 24x7 Security Operations Centers (SOCs). CITIC Telecom CPC's ICT capability spans the spectrum, including leveraging MPLS, SIEM, NFV, SDN, AI, Big Data, 5G, AR, VR, and other cutting-edge technologies in order to address business challenges. ( www.citictel-cpc.com )

About DEAC
DEAC is one of the largest independent green energy data center operators in Northern Europe, owned by a Swiss investment infrastructure fund managed by Quaero Capital. DEAC serves thousands of customers in more than 40 countries by providing innovative IT services and applying individual business approaches and top-notch technologies. With DLC, also owned by Quaero Capital, DEAC offers two primary locations in Riga and Vilnius with over 1000 racks. On top of that, DEAC has points of presence in the major cities of Central and Eastern Europe. ( https://www.deac.eu/en/ )

Media Contacts:
Jaanika Kaarst
(+372) 53 454 442
Email: jaanika.kaarst@citictel-cpc.com

Copyright 2022 ACN Newswire. All rights reserved. www.acnnewswire.comCITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (CITIC Telecom CPC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (SEHK:1883), announced a partnership with DEAC, a data center operator in Riga, Latvia.

One of the Best Decentralized Blockchain-Based Hunting Metaverse on Cardano is launched by MetaShooter: The Best Gaming Experience

Using blockchain and hunting, MetaShooter is able to combine two multi-billion-dollar industries. The following perks are available to hunting enthusiasts who want to join the community: Win awards, complete trophy collections, or participate in other hunting-related expenditures to earn token rewards. The game offers real hunting as players compete in tournaments while utilizing the platform’s...

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Secretworld.network, first metaverse bridge between real and the virtual world on blockchain

In such a huge market, well-designed and equipped games like Secret World

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To reach the high table, players must have premium values. These values act as a wild entry to the high table. Only then you are eligible for the prestegious High table. "I have served. I will be of service."

—The High Table's oath of fealty

The members of the high table have myriad luxuries in the game. They have access to luxury hotels, designer clothing, libraries and elite memberships. It is up to the members then, how they choose to use their premium facilities to achieve their goals.

We look forward to good strategies by our high level players. 

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“Secret world is a decentral tokenized VR secret society powered by Binance smart chain network.”


Play. Compete. Earn

Secret world offers a play to earn gaming model, enabling users to come together, communicate on the platform and play immersive games, all this while making significant earnings through it.


Communicate. Enjoy. Earn

Secret world project provides multiple earning streams within its network. Users can earn through Staking, Playing secret world games, Hodling secret world utility token, and much more


Explore. Design

Users can bring their vision to life at Secret world through designing their own lands and characters. Users can accessorize their lands, and characters with additional feature NFTs.


Gather. Exchange. Earn

Secret world's marketplace is a huge market with large numbers of buyer and sellers producing infinite opportunities for members to pick what suits their desires.


Secret World offers its users multiple liquidity pools to stake their tokens. Each pool has a varying time period and a generous APY specific to it.

Business model

Multiple income streams:

Secret world offers multiple passive income streams for its players. Firstly, users can create in-game assets in the form of NFTs that can be traded in the BSC marketplace. Secondly, users can stake their NFTs and tokens on the platform's secret staking pool that offer standard and compound staking with high APY. Lastly, users can buy and hold secret world native utility tokens as a store of value assets.In addition to this we plan to offer additional services in the future. Some of our under-development features are:

  • NFT ‘expansion set' sales

  • Secondary market royalty fee structure

  • Game reward model

  • Mobility and interoperability

  • Compounding growth loops

  • Hyper competitive user acquisition 

Game engine

Secret World was created using Unreal Engine 4.26. The battles take place in a simulation written entirely in C++ that executes game instances in less than a few milliseconds. This is then connected to Unreal Engine and visualized. The simulation is deterministic, which means that the server can save very small input values and replay any match. Secret world will be able to easily archive every battle that has ever been fought.

Payment & reward mechanism

The individuals that chose to play secret worlds must already possess a metamask wallet prior hand. 

Once the user possesses a metamask wallet, he/she will have to convert their digital currency in $SSD, which is the native currency on a secret world platform. All transactions on this platform are made in $SSD. 

Moreover, rewards are also made in $SSD and the liquidity mining program also accepts only the native currency of the platform for liquidity pools.

SSD Vision & Mission

Our mission and vision is to revolutionize blockchain gaming while keeping the true essence of PVE games alive. The secret world game is inspired by the presence of secret societies operational in different areas of the world. It is an attempt to bring new gaming technologies into our old games to strike the right balance of innovation and nostalgia. We aim to transform the Secret world into an ecosystem. This platform is not limited to NFT and tokens. We aim to provide entertainment and a fun way to learn and earn in the crypto space. The secret world is the future of the Metaverse.

For more information, visit Secretworld.network Read Whitepaper

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit |Medium | Documentation | Github | Smart Contract | Youtube | Contact

This Up-and-Coming GameFi Metaverse project will revolutionize the gaming industry, introducing MetaFlokiRush

This cycle's crypto bull run has led to the rise of a new and wonderful sector. The play-2-earn world has seen multiple cryptocurrencies exceed $1bn market cap valuations. METAFLOKIRUSH ($METAFLOKIR) is an all-inclusive ecosystem for gamers and traders powered by Defi and NFT. We aim to not only provide a place for fun but at the same time serve as a platform that generates real income for the holders. To achieve this goal, the METAFLOKIRUSH ecosystem combines the elements of gaming and crypto, creating an enjoyable and rewarding experience for our players.

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This $DOGE generator token is going to crush 2022, especially once they've entered the metaverse. We are convinced that the project is the next big thing in the crypto world.

MetaFlokiRush aims to hit the moon by giving a unique and new experience to the metaverse world for everyone, our main goals are to bring values and extraordinary benefits to all, by giving Doge Rewards from our Doge-Bank and also show appreciation towards the people who made it to the Top 50 Club by giving them rewards from the Doge-Bank. 

Not stopping there MetaFlokiRush will be giving the best and most unique Play-to-earn gameplay out there. Owning NFT will also be your gateway to a cool and unique in-game boost. In MetaFlokiRush players will be able to earn more by utilizing MetaFlokiRush NFT staking Feature. MetaFlokiRush will have 100% Metaverse gameplay in mind in the future of the MetaFlokiRush Metaverse Experience.

MetaFlokiRush is KYCed and Audits coming soon. MetaFlokiRush is 100% SAFE

MetaFlokiRush pre-sale is ON ITS WAY!! Pre-sale is coming at PinkSale and upcoming launch at Pancakeswap after 24 hours, make sure you set your reminder for their schedules. It will be happening on the rising star launchpad, PinkSale on 23 February 2022, at 16:00UTC. With a hard cap of 600BNB, they are getting ready for a great marketing campaign.

The legitimate of this project and its future are no longer doubtful, we seek for future vision and carry massive support from many well-known Gamers. Make sure our stated promises are proven and sink in into those who trusted in MetaFlokiRush.

MetaFlokiRush Presale at Pinksale link

Several great features that the project is offering are as follows:


Aside from earning active income from the P2E system of the Floki Rush game, the amount of $DOGE as a stable income can be earned at the Doge-Bank, which is filled through each buy and sell transaction on the Doge-Bank allocation, as well as the 10% transfer between wallets.

How to claim:

You get to collect your $DOGE on every 24 hours basis and it'll be directly corresponding to the amount of $METAFLOKIR that one's holds from the total supply. 


- There is only one Doge-Bank shared among every holder.

- At times of every holder's collection will cause the Doge-Bank to automatically reduce. 

- Every holder's collection time varies depending on their initial collection. Once the collection cycle arrives, recommended collecting immediately.

Top 50 Club Rewards

TOP 50 Club Rewards is exclusively for the elite 50 holders of $METAFLOKIR, to encourage them to hold more, they will get to collect extra rewards which are also filled from each buy and sell transaction on the TOP 50 Club rewards. The collection will happen uniformly every 17UTC.

MetaFlokiRush Game

MetaFlokiRush is taking a fresh approach to the endless running game. With high-end graphics, astounding visuals, usable characters, upcoming Skins - all mintable as NFTs. The NFT will also give in-game boosts. The game modes available include different kinds of situation the gamer need to overcome. The player will have the ability to earn whilst playing the game.


Another MetaFlokiRush main feature is its native NFT-marketplace, which acts as a hub for trading NFTs (Non-Fungible tokens). Gamers and holders can stake, while in the future artists from all over can use our NFT-marketplace to sell their artwork for $METAFLOKIR, purchase or trade in-game items like skins, boost, and more that can be used while playing the game. And this is just the beginning there will be more features updated according to the situation.

The creation of our NFT collection is already underway and will be released within the first quarter of our project's roadmap. The NFTs feature a unique utility that allows players to use them in-game to boost game-play and get a competitive edge for enhanced yield opportunities. They can also sell or trade their items in the future.


From passive rewards, active P2E income, and then there is the extraordinary earning potential just by owning MetaFlokiRush's NFTs. With the unique Cyborg-themed NFT, there is an NFT Staking feature with high APY. The longer you Stake the higher the rewards you'll receive. Those amazing NFT's act as an In-Game Boost with different amazing power-ups.

3 main ways of obtaining MetaFlokiRush NFTs: From Buy Directly, Gacha Minting, and Be A Top 100 Contributor.

METAFLOKIVERSE: Into the Metaverse

Metaverse is here and here to stay, and METAFLOKIVERSE is the metaverse of our very own cute floor. Stepping up its game from the endless runner game into the entire meta world, Metafloki is exploring endless scenarios. From buying, renting, and selling lands into building an entire civilization in the metaverse is an exciting vision to look forward to. 

The community gets to take on a virtual identity where they'll be living their lives the FLOKIWAY. METAFLOKIVERSE is bringing gaming to the next level by integrating the AR & VR aspects, the metaverse sensation is going to be epic. 

Our Roadmap Plan Ahead:

  1. Phase 1: This phase focuses more on the early stages such as idea making, interest-building, website & smart contract creation, as well as bringing the MetaFlokiRush gaming and earning spirits all across the community.

  2. Phase 2: At this phase, MetaFlokiRush will be focusing on the marketing side of the project. We also will be doing a MetaFlokiRush game beta run.

  3. Phase 3: this phase will have the NFT marketplace Beta Release. At this phase, we will focus on audits, listing, and having a well-thought-out Marketing Campaign.

  4. Phase 4: this phase will be releasing the MetaFlokiVerse beta release. At this phase we will be doing a heavy marketing game campaign also will have more CEX listing.

Social Media:

Website: www.metaflokirush.com
Telegram: https://t.me/metaflokirush
Twitter: @metaflokirush
Reddit: r/metaflokirush
Discord: metaflokirush
YouTube: Metafloki Rush

Instagram: @metaflokirush


MetaFlokiRush will be the next big game that will revolutionize the meta industry. With the huge potential growth in the metaverse, MetaFlokiRush will be your one-way ticket to the true metaverse future. Not to mention MetaFlokiRush have an awesome and unique NFT that players can use to give in-game boosts such as magnets, speed, jumping ability, and more. And owning NFT in the MetaFlokiRush will not just give you guys an in-game boost it will also give you the benefit of making money by staking your NFT.

MetaFlokiRush will allow you to build a world of fun and adventurous game. Now is your chance to be a part of the future of the world. Be ahead of the curve and be the best out there.  

PR Contact:

The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a Professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain gaming incubator Seedify gets investment from NGC Ventures

NGC Ventures, a crypto-focused investment firm, has announced a partnership with Seedify, a blockchain gaming incubator and launchpad. This strategic investment will drive Seedify’s expansion within the blockchain gaming arena and the wider metaverse. As a first-mover in the space, Seedify is a platform for IGOs (Initial Game Offerings) and effectively facilitates these launches with […]

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Here’s What is Happening in The Cryptocurrency Space Right Now

Here’s What is Happening in The Cryptocurrency Space Right Now

E-Crypto News' update provides the latest articles on technology and cryptocurrencies.


Continue reading Here’s What is Happening in The Cryptocurrency Space Right Now at E-Crypto News.

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Renewed interest in the Metaverse sends Decentraland (MANA) price 75% higher

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MANA price booked a 75% bounce off its swing low as interest in the Metaverse is rekindled.

Meta Adds ‘Personal Boundary’ Tool After Virtual Sexual Assault Allegation

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The function prevents digital avatars from coming within a 4-foot distance from one another to “avoid unwanted interaction,” according to a company exec

The post Meta Adds ‘Personal Boundary’ Tool After Virtual Sexual Assault Allegation appeared first on Blockworks.

Nintendo Sees ‘Great Potential’ in the Metaverse—But It’s in No Rush, Says President

The gaming icon is interested in the metaverse and acknowledges Animal Crossing comparisons, but it isn’t quite ready to start building.

Most Expensive NFTs This Week: January 29 – February 04

Here is a wrap-up of the top NFT news from this week: Manchester United joins forces with Tezos that will see the latter back MU with a yearly sum of 20 million GBP (~27 million USD) as part of a training kit sponsorship. The partnership comes on the heels of many sponsorship investments from Tezos […]

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Martial Spirit Odyssey announces Mint Pass launch!

Martial Spirit Odyssey is reimagining the gaming industry through a unique metaverse based on NFTs, mainly dedicated to combating sports and martial arts. MSO is launching its Mint Passes on February 7th with only 5,000 to grab! Funded and built-in collaboration with combat sports, NFTs & next-gen game fans who trust and share democratic and […]

Maze Theory and Pluto Digital Joint Venture Creates New Blockchain Studio ‘EMERGENT GAMES’ with GBP4m Investment

London, UK, Jan 31, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - Today, brand-new gaming blockchain and metaverse studio Emergent Games announces its formation as part of a joint venture between the London-based digital entertainment studio Maze Theory and crypto technology and operations business Pluto Digital.

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The joint venture combines two dynamic forces from blockchain technology and immersive gaming to form a business at the forefront of the new decentralised gaming sector.

Maze Theory comprises industry veterans from leading global games and entertainment companies and has released critically acclaimed games across virtual reality, PC, mobile and console, including: Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins (mobile and console) and Doctor Who: The Edge of Time (VR) with Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom (VR) launching soon.

Pluto Digital is a crypto technology company with market-leading expertise across blockchain, decentralised finance (DeFi), metaverse technologies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Pluto has three primary business units: Pluto DeFi which creates leading DeFi applications and tokens, Pluto Metaverse which creates metaverse technologies and tokens, and Pluto V which invests globally in leading web3 and NFT projects. The company has a team of 16 tech engineers.

Pluto will provide an investment pipeline for the new joint venture and has invested £4m as part of the deal to enable the studio's growth and consolidate its expertise in VR.

With a 'game first' philosophy, Emergent Games will offer players high quality, high production value games, jargon-free and easy to pick up and play. It's ambition is to bring free-to-play mechanics to the blockchain gaming space, offering players the option to just play for fun, or engage with the crypto NFT element and earn real money.

Emergent Games' first project, Resurgence, will take players on a journey from present day disaster to a post-apocalyptic future. The game gives complete control to the player to craft their own destiny by utilising resources in a unique community-based survival concept.

Ian Hambleton, CEO of Emergent Games, says: "Emergent Games has a strong 'game first' philosophy which means creating absolutely awesome games for all gamers, with an optional crypto element, enhancing the experience for those interested. We believe this approach is not only the right thing to do, but removes barriers for players moving into blockchain games."

He adds: "Story-living is a term we coined for the concept and technology driving our games. It's where players are inside a virtual world making meaningful choices that drive the narrative. Bringing this into a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) will offer new and incredible experiences for players and form a significant role in the future of gaming."

Brian Kinane, director of Pluto Digital Plc, says "We are tremendously excited to become the largest investor in Maze Theory and partners in the new studio, Emergent Games. We believe the combination of our high end blockchain engineering and token capabilities together with the gaming creativity of the Maze Theory team will create a leading next generation web3 metaverse gaming studio".

Follow Emergent Games' latest updates by visiting www.emergent-games.io and www.resurgence-game.io and join the community.





About Maze Theory

Maze Theory is an immersive gaming studio led by experienced industry veterans from the world's top entertainment companies.

Recent expansion has seen the business grow to over 40 people with the team comprising multiple award-winning developers and creatives. The studio believes in delivering unforgettable stories through innovative, multi-tech and multi-platform narrative experiences that go beyond mere gaming and re-define the future of entertainment.

The game portfolio includes the first ever Doctor Who VR game Doctor Who: The Edge of Time and award-winning found-phone horror game Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, which launched in 2021 to massive critical acclaim, heralded as 'the best Doctor Who game ever'.

Maze Theory are also working on the first ever VR game for Peaky Blinders, The King's Ransom, as well as developing their new VR game ENGRAM. More soon-to-be announced projects are in the pipeline.

For more information visit https://www.maze-theory.com

About Pluto Digital

Pluto Digital is a Web3 decentralised technology company with market-leading expertise across blockchain, Decentralised Finance (DeFi), metaverse technologies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Pluto has three primary business units: Pluto DeFi which is creating leading DeFi applications and tokens; Pluto Metaverse which is creating metverse technologies, games and tokens; and Pluto V which is investing globally in leading web3 and NFT projects. Pluto's mission is to launch a market-leading suite of DeFi applications and blockchain-based games that connect the crypto world with global finance and gaming communities.

For more information visit https://plutodigital.com

Media Contact
Company: Emergent Games
Contact: Penrose Tackie
Email: info@resurgence-game.io
Website: http://www.resurgence-game.io

SOURCE: Emergent Games

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