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Data platform SAS acquires financial risk management firm Kamakura

Data analytics provider SAS has acquired financial risk management firm Kamakura Corporation for an undisclosed sum. SAS snaps up Kamakura as FIs anticipate tough economic...

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UK Digital Bank Starling Bans Crypto Exchange Deposits: Report

UK Digital bank Starling bans deposits to cryptocurrency exchanges due to high levels of suspected financial crime as we can see more in...

UK Treasury official: A ‘significant number’ of crypto firms fall short of AML standards

John Glen, economic secretary to the Treasury and City minister, has issued a statement claiming that a large number of crypto startups have...

Taxpayers must declare cryptocurrency and digital assets according to HMRC

TL;DR Breakdown • HMRC will require the tax return in BTC.• The UK Treasury changes the cryptocurrency scheme of 2014. The UK treasury...

U.S. SEC Thinks XRP Is a Security but UK Treasury Doesn’t

The government of the United Kingdom has described the XRP token as an “exchange token” in an example given in a new document outlining the country’s regulatory approach to cryptoassets and stablecoins. According to the document, published by Her Majesty’s Treasury, XRP is, just like Bitcoin and Ethereum, seen as an “exchange token” which is […]

UK Treasury Calls for Feedback on Approach to Cryptocurrency and Stablecoin Regulation

The U.K. government is focusing on stablecoins for the next phase of its development of crypto regulations.

UK Treasury Seeks Input on Stablecoin Regulations

Stablecoins are expected to have an impressive year in 2021, benefiting from the surge in crypto prices. It would appear that the year has begun [...]
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UK Treasury Opens Public Consultation on Crypto and Stablecoin Regulations

UK Great Britain Big Ben Crypto Bitcoin
UK Great Britain Big Ben Crypto BitcoinThe U.K. government is moving forward with its plan to harness the expanding crypto and digital asset market by organizing a public consultation on planned stablecoin and cryptocurrency regulations. The move is part of the U.K.’s economic transformation post-Brexit with an emphasis on leveraging the developing fintech landscape. UK Ponders Regulation for Bitcoin, Utility Cryptos,
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UK Is Creating Regulations Specifically For Stablecoins

The UK Treasury aims to bring specific regulations for stablecoins and CBDCs. The Treasury revealed some aspects of the move in a recent announcement. It views stablecoins as an opportunity to turn the country into ‘a pre-eminent financial center.’ The UK is getting ready to regulate private stablecoins, based on the recent announcement by the […]

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