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Quantum Generation® announces a partnership with Plato Technologies and the Quantum Space Revolution.

(Raleigh, NC., July 2022 -) - Quantum Generation® is pleased to announce an orbital and terrestrial technology partnership with Plato Technologies. The partnership allows...

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New Zealand dollar flies despite GDP miss

The New Zealand dollar has edged higher on Thursday. NZD/USD is trading at 0.6855, up 0.24% on the day. The pair jumped 0.99% on Tuesday, buoyed by optimism over developments in China and Ukraine. New Zealand GDP posted a strong 3.0% gain QoQ in the fourth quarter. This fell short of the consensus estimate of […]

Bridge Platform Bridge Champ Reveals 2022 Roadmap

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Bridge Champ, a blockchain-based online bridge platform, has announced its roadmap for 2020 featuring a lot of developments which include the addition of online bridge championships, NFT registration, token payments, and rewards. Many Exciting New Features Coming in 2022 As the result of an innovative collaboration between the European blockchain development company Jelurida and Barak [...]

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Solana-Based ARPG Eizper Chain Raises $2 Million From Seed Round and Private NFT Sale

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March 15, 2022 – Bandung, Indonesia Eizper Chain, the blockchain action-based multiplayer ARPG, has secured $2 million in funding through a seed round and private NFT sale. Overall demand for exposure to this up-and-coming blockchain project – the first game in the Eizper gaming franchise – is accelerating. Eizper Chain secured $1.6 million in seed funding from […]

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MELD Protocol: DeFi Banking on Cardano

Whether you like it or not, crypto hasn’t yet taken over the world. In most places, fiat currency is used for the majority of financial transactions. This means that not all of your funds can go into crypto since you’ll need some cash to pay for your expenses. Yes, you could sell your crypto whenever […]

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Polkadot: The Most Widely Held Crypto Asset Among Venture Capitalists and Hedge Funds

Interoperable blockchain Polkadot is the most widely held altcoin among venture capital firms and hedge funds, according to a report from Messari. In an analysis of 57 funds, Messari found that over 24, or 42% of the funds, hold DOT, making the smart contract platform the most bet-on crypto asset on the market. “Additionally, as […]

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NZ dollar dips despite strong mfg. data

The New Zealand dollar’s mini-rally has come to a halt, as NZD/USD has posted slight losses. In the North American session, NZD/USD is trading at 0.6845, down 0.21% on the day. NZ Manufacturing PMI expands New Zealand’s manufacturing sector posted strong numbers this week. Earlier today, Manufacturing PMI accelerated to 53.6 in February, up from […]
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Japanese yen falls to five-year high

The US dollar continues to pummel the Japanese yen. USD/JPY pushed above the 117 line earlier today for the first time since January 2017. USD/JPY is up 0.61% on the day and has recorded a massive gain of 1.76% this week. We continue to see sharp volatility in the currency markets and the Japanese yen […]

NZD extends losses ahead of mfg. sales

The New Zealand dollar is trading lower on Tuesday, after starting the week with considerable losses. NZD/USD is trading just above the 0.68 line in the North American session. Investors are keeping an eye on New Zealand Manufacturing Sales, which will be released later in the day. After a dismal release in Q3 of -6.4%, […]

Hive Strikes a Deal With Intel to Buy New ASIC Chips for Bitcoin (BTC) Mining

Crypto miner Hive Blockchain has announced a "landmark deal" that involves buying new ASIC mining devices via a supply agreement with Intel.

NZ dollar slips, mfg. sales next

The New Zealand dollar has started the week in negative territory. NZD/USD is down 0.50%, and is trading at 0.6825 in the North American session. The currency enjoyed its best week since August 2021, with gains of 1.75%. The war in Europe has drained risk appetite, but the kiwi, although sensitive to risk, is also a […]

Elonmoon Announces Token Presale as Part of Phase One of Its Emerging Metaverse Ecosystem Roadmap

 ElonMoon ($ELONMOON), a play-to-earn moon adventure basically in a moon-themed environment for an improved experience that taps into what makes humans the most crucial step, is excited to announce the date of its token pre-sale on DxSale. The presale is going to commence on March 07, 2022 at 1:00 PM UTC.

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ElonMoon operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a blockchain network built for running smart contract-based applications. ElonMoon's primary concept is the idea that projects can be done more fairly, sustainably, and in a way that benefits everyone involved. No huge firm or company seeks to gather personal information from users for advertising purposes or to boost revenues for yearly reports.

To celebrate the release of ElonMoon whitepaper, the project is also holding its first ever $ELONMOON airdrop event. Total rewards of 90 Trillion $ELONMOON tokens worth 6300 USD will be distributed among 6000 random winners. The airdrop event will be held from February 24, 2022 to March 24, 2022.

With upcoming planned collaborations and marketing efforts on the way, the project will reach new heights by the end of 2022 after completing the final phase of its roadmap.

Presale on DxSale

ElonMoon token presale is going to commence on DxSale on March 07, 2022 with a IDO supply of 2,797,600,000,000,000 $ELONMOON, using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network.

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How to Participate

The presale rate is set at 5,200,000,000,000 tokens per BNB. The minimum amount required to enter the pre-sale is 0.2 BNB, with a maximum amount of 5 BNB.

The presale is going to have a soft cap of 269 BNB and  hard cap of 538 BNB.

IDO Launchpad: DxSale Launchpad

Token Launch

ElonMoon has also announced the date of its official token launch to commence on March 08, 2022, the day after the presale.

$ELONMOON will also be available for purchase on PanckaeSwap in the coming days.

The ElonMoon Ecosystem

Elonmoon's mission is to establish a safe, organized, highly polished platform that can evolve modularly with unlimited possibilities in a metaverse filled with moon exploration, discovery, and creativity.

ElonMoon's ecosystem consists of the following primary features:

Borrowing and Earnings

With a prime rate of 2.5 percent, ElonMoon's collateralized borrowing arrangement produces a variable interest rate dependent on the use of funds. Before granting the asset, the user receives a quotation from the oracle. The contract is implemented, and the tokens are staked to borrow the asset after the collateral rate has been chosen.

ElonMoon can easily forecast that the tokens will continue to climb with at least a 500 percent gain based on its economic model, total formula calculation, and user volume accumulation.

The ElonMoon Metaverse

The Elonmoon Metaverse will be a vast three-dimensional realm packed with opportunities for exploration, discovery, and invention. Elonmoon's objective is to build a safe, well-structured, and well-polished platform that can grow modularly over time. Developers and the community can incorporate various mechanisms, elements, tools, space-themed games, events, and whatever else they want. Because of the nature of the metaverse, the platform's capabilities are really limitless.


Players can buy and trade items created by the ElonMoon developers in the ElonMoon metaverse. Furthermore, they have the ability to develop the NFT in order to express themselves in this metaverse. If they're lucky, they can make a fortune from their interests.


Name: ElonMoon


Token Type: BEP-20

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Contract Address: 0x03a3cDa7F684Db91536e5b36DC8e9077dC451081

Presale Price: 5,200,000,000,000 Elonmoon per BNB

Initial Launch Price: 5,200,000,000,000 Elonmoon per BNB

Max Supply: 6,000,000,000,000,000 $ELONMOON

  • 5,488,676,000,000,000 — Presale — 91.48%

  • 138,600,000,000,000 — Airdrop — 2.31%

  • 138,124,000,000,000 — Ambassador — 2.3%

  • 120,000,000,000,000 — Marketing — 2%

  • 60,000,000,000,000 — Team — 1%

The ElonMoon Vision:

Elonmoon's goal is to create a secure, well-organized, and well-polished platform that can develop modularly and offer limitless possibilities in a metaverse brimming with moon exploration, discovery, and innovation.

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ElonMoon's growth projections estimate that it will be able to hit most of the short-term goals by Q3 of 2022.

Further details are available on ElonMoon's official website, Twitter, and Telegram.

About ElonMoon:

ElonMoon is a play-to-earn moon expedition designed in a lunar-themed atmosphere for a more immersive experience that taps into what makes humans the most significant stride forward. Elonmoon thinks that the token will enable investors to have fun and freely engage with one another, have access to chances that will lead to financial independence, and contribute to the next stage of the internet's and online interaction's progress.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Clubhouse | Discord | Reddit | Instagram | Telegram | Telegram (Announcements)





The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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MetaWear: Pushing Fashion For The Metaverse


The global fashion industry is valued at $3 trillion. This is 2% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Making this up is: The retail value of the luxury goods market is at $339.4 billion The value of the menswear industry at $402 billion The value of the womenswear industry at $621 billion  The Bridal wear market at $57 billion  Childrenswear market at $186 billion  And Sports footwear market at $90.4 billion The figures above show clear proof of how valuable the fashion industry is and how much of an influence the industry is having on the world economically. While everything might look perfect in the industry, it doesn’t come without its challenges. For one, the problem of cost-effectiveness and pace is one challenge textile industry professionals point to. There is also the problem of a high cost of production, which makes it difficult for smaller brands to keep in the market, and compete favourably with the big international companies.  These problems together with the advent of Web3 and blockchain technology has led to a solution being proffered. That solution is the MetaWear brand. MetaWear  MetaWear is a fashion brand that is taking on the role of a playmaker in the transformation from traditional technologies to Web3 in the textile sector. This company is implementing unmatched new ideas and practices into the sector’s strategic purchasing, production quality control, design, marketing and sales by supporting the industry with cutting-edge technologies.  MetaWear in the Metaverse  MetaWear has a goal of integrating the different parts of the textile industry that exist in the real world (Designers, Well-Known Brands, Manufacturers, Advertising and Marketing Organizations, Fairs, Stores, Fashion Shows and Shopping Centers), into the virtual world that is the Metaverse. This integration will be accompanied by all the players and elements, thanks to the brilliant digital design team at MetaWear and the ultra-realistic virtualization technologies.  Put simply, MetaWear plans to transform the traditional textile industry into the Metaverse with its current brand design values, alternative models, best practices, recreating new brands and new collections.  MetaWear Token Utility  The native utility token of the MetaWear ecosystem is $WEAR. By holding, staking or carrying out transactions using $Wear, users will get certain privileges and benefits. Aside from this, 10% of the entire $WEAR supply will be put aside for use in growing the ecosystem by way of incentivizing both new and existing users.  Designers, Design teachers and their design offices will be the major beneficiaries of this 10% that has been set aside. They will receive these funds within a few years after the launch of the platform. Once the ecosystem growth pool is exhausted, new tokens will not be issued. Some of the utilities that the $WEAR token can be used for include but do not lie to the following: Governance  Curation MetaWear memberships Trading NFT 2.0   Event tickets Purchase and transaction of NFTs of MetaWear products  Digital brand transformation payments  Rent and operate  Premium access to services  Franchise NFT fashion stores rent and commissions Libraries   Event cost in the cross-platform shopping mall Staking incentives  Events and competitions  In-game fashion collections and purchasable tools MetaWear Office assets MetaWear Token Metrics  Token Information  Token name —  MetaWear Ticker — WEAR Total supply — 5,000,000,000 WEAR Seed Sale — 200,000,000 WEAR  Private sale 1 — 300,000,000 WEAR Private sale 2 — 200,000,000 WEAR Public Sale — 175,000,000 WEAR Initial Market Cap — $155,000  Fully diluted market cap — $25M   Initial circulating supply — 31,000,000 WEAR (0.62%)  IDO Token price — $0.005  Estimated IDO date — February 2022 Estimated DEX listing date — February 2022 Blockchain Network — Binance Smart Chain Token type —  BEP-20, Upgradeable  Token Allocation  Ecosystem growth — 10% Partners — 4% Fashion Mall Management — 4.5% Advisors — 5% Team — 12.5% Public Sale — 3.5% Private Sale 1 — 6% Private Sale 2 — 4% Seed Round — 4% Strategic Initiatives — 5% Influencer Marketing — 5% Development —10% Marketing — 7% Operations — 4% Foundation — 8% Saving Planet — 2.5% Liquidity & Listings — 5% Token Distribution  Technical development — 30% Business development — 46% Marketing and PR — 20% Finance and Legal — 4% Roadmap  Q4 2021 Formation of the team  MetaWear whitepaper v1.0 launch  Branding MetaWear MetaWear token website launch  MetaWear Social Media Account Integration Q1 2022 Acquisition of more Strategic Partners and Private Investors  Team expansion and acquisition of more Advisors MetaWear Token Security audit Launching Transformation offices Launching Design offices Public IDO launch & DEX listing & CEX listing Q2 2022 Navigation Map of the MetaWear Fashion Mall MetaWear design Academy and development with MetaWear Fashion shops  Onboarding 20 Virtual Designers Metamask wallet connectivity Q3 2022 Development of community incentives Token holder incentives Affiliate incentives  Activity incentives  Staking incentives Community and Designer badges based on activity Q4 2022 … Continued

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