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CFTC Nabs 2 Crypto Fraudsters Involving in a $44M Ponzi Scheme

Two suspected cryptocurrency fraudsters Sam Ikkurty of Portland, Oregon, and Ravishankar Avadhanam of Illinois have been charged by the United States Commodity Futures Trading...

CFTC charges two men with $44 million cryptocurrency ‘Ponzi scheme’

advertisement The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on Thursday charged two US residents with fraud “akin to a Ponzi scheme” in soliciting...

Chinese Authorities to Prosecute eight Alleged Masterminds behind the MDC pyramid scheme

According to a local report, authorities in China’s Rong County, Zigong City, recently prosecuted eight people accused of crafting and delivering the MDC virtual currency...

Bitcoin Gives Users Total Control Of Their Money

The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1210: “Bitcoin gives you control. That’s the fundamental value.” Sign up for the newsletter...

Onecoin ‘Crypto Queen’ Ruja Ignatova Listed Among Europe’s Most Wanted

Ruja Ignatova, mastermind of the notorious pyramid Onecoin, is now one of Europe’s most wanted fugitives. Also known as the “Crypto Queen,” she disappeared...

Terrible crypto trader gets 42 months for fraud, claiming he was a total gun

A crypto trader who defrauded over 170 people was sentenced to 42 months in prison on May 11 for operating a series of cryptocurrency...
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The Sky Is Not Falling: Why The Bitcoin Price Doesn’t Matter

“Bear markets are the best time to be alive and in the sector. It’s depressing for those that don’t know what they’re doing, it’s...

Mining Capital Coin CEO Indicted for Masterminding $62M Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Mining Capital Coin CEO Luiz Capuci Jr has been indicted on Friday for orchestrating a scam that defrauded investors around the world of about...

Top ECB Official Ramps Up Anti-Crypto Rhetoric, Calls for Global Regulations

Comparing the rise of crypto assets to the gold rush, a top executive at the European Central Bank has urged governments to take...

ChangeX Building the Case for True Crypto Mass Adoption

Crypto has been with us for more than a decade now. The first years of that decade were the Dark Ages when the light of crypto shone on very few people, and the whole industry was pretty much obscure – not many knew about Bitcoin, what it was, what it did, why it was (and […]

SEC Issues Advisory Against AlgoSCALP’s “Enticing” Investment Scheme

The firm uses “scalping”—a trading style that specializes in profiting off of small price changes and making fast profit from reselling.

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XRP Architect Digs At Regulators ‘Picking Winners and Losers’ After Bitcoin Wins In EU Parliament

Did Ripple Try To Forestall The Devastating XRP Lawsuit By The US SEC_ CEO Brad Garlinghouse Clarifies
The Bitcoin community is euphoric about the rejection of the EU's plan to ban proof-of-work cryptocurrencies. However, Ripple proponents have used the opportunity to decry regulators' bias.
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