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PDAX Partners with NFT Bored Punks of Society

Filipino NFT Project Bored Punks of Society holders will be able to have discounts as well as access to beta test in PDAX.

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US SEC Taking More ‘Crypto-Friendly’ Approach To Regulations, PLUS Exclusive Details on Industry and Politicians Private Washington DC Talks.. | Live Breaking Cryptocurrency News...

  The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States seems to be transferring in direction of a extra ‘crypto pleasant’ method on the subject of rules.  Since the primary in 2013, SEC actions in opposition to cryptocurrency firms and startups had been on the rise. But based on current statistics from financial analysis […]

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PayMaya and Facebook Novi Philippines Receive Virtual Currency Exchange License from the BSP

By Shiela Bertillo Mobile e-wallets Paymaya and Novi Philippines Inc. are now added to the list of firms licensed by

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Lepricon launches another product in their gaming dApp suite: Gachapon

Gachapon launches on Leprion City Play with L3P on Leprichain, prizes sent on Polygon (and later any Ethereum-compatible

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Introducing Spark: Igniting the possibilities of Web3 Predictions

Spark is a wholly new, unique and creative solution to the problems of whitelisting, randomized minting, and prelaunch NFT

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SyndicateDAO Is Launching Web3 Investment Clubs. Could They Disrupt VCs?

Will Papper and Ian Lee, the two co-founders of Syndicate, join Unchained to announce the release of Syndicate’s new product: Web3 Investment Clubs, an innovation they believe could end up[...]

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Ape Gorilla Launches NFT Collection, Adding To The $40 Billion Market

New non-fungible token (NFT) collection Ape Gorilla just opened its presale whitelist. Holding one of the 11,337 uniquely designed 3D Ape Gorillas earns you a seat next to the world's savviest crypto visionaries and NFT collectors. Created on the ETH blockchain, all Ape Gorilla NFTs will be available on opensea.io, the world's largest digital marketplace for NFTs. Holders of Ape Gorilla NFTs will enter the exclusive Ape Gorilla Club, created to give everyone the same opportunities to grow, succeed, and increase their personal happiness index through business-building education, tools, and networking opportunities.

What makes Ape Gorilla NFTs unique is access to the Ape Gorilla Club, a community organization that offers business investment opportunities, play-to-earn gamification utilities, and daily token rewards, plus business consultation services, education, and academies on topics like Web 3.0, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology, and drag-and-drop merch building software to enable sales of their NFT designs.

Each of the 11,337 unique Ape Gorilla 3D models has been designed with love by an international artist team. Holders with Ape Gorillas have a ticket to the real-life Ape Gorilla Club, opening access to masterminds, brainstorming sessions, and networking events, both in real life and in the growing Metaverse. More community benefits include access to entrepreneur business software, an online academy with courses in cutting edge technology, and a merch builder—all to help Ape Gorilla holders grow themselves and their own businesses and find success.

Ape Gorillas have more than 300 traits, giving holders a high variation of rare traits.

“The NFT market surpassed $40 billion last year–if you aren't participating, you're missing out. That's why the Ape Gorilla Club opens access for its holders to learn even more about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and building a sustainable and thriving business,” said Silvan Schwarz, Visionary Manifestor of Ape Gorilla. “Being part of the Ape Gorilla Club offers more opportunity than simply skyrocketing your brand equity and proving to the world that you're an early adopter and innovator—it also opens the door to a growing network community, angel investment opportunities, and education, all while increasing the NFT's value to the holder.”

Ape Gorilla bases its business on the Personal Happiness Index, aligned with the Gross National Happiness Index created by the Kingdom of Bhutan, which doesn't pass a law unless it meets specific criteria on its happiness index. Some of these criteria include psychological well-being, health, education, governance, ecology, and living standards. The Ape Gorilla founders employ a similar approach to its business and to helping Ape Gorilla Club members, which is why the Ape Gorilla Club will provide more than $3 million in angel investments to its holders' business proposals for 2022 alone, with the criteria that the business objective is to help others or change people's lives. Ape Gorilla is also donating 700 ETH to the Community Growth Organization program created and partnered with the people of the Kingdom of Bhutan, with more donations planned in the community in the future.

The Ape Gorilla Whitelist is now open, offering the chance to purchase for pre-sale before it goes to the moon! The whitelist is open from 2 p.m. EST Jan. 11 to 2:22 p.m. EST Feb. 2. When the presale opens on Feb. 2, the 1,337 whitelist spaces will be distributed and mintable on apegorilla.com which will then be displayed on Opensea, with winner announcements taking place on Discord. Book your seat next to the world's savviest crypto visionaries and collectors in this exclusive community: Join the Whitelist now. The whitelist presale will begin on the 2nd of February 2022, with each NFT costing 0.38 ETH plus approximately ~$30 for gas expenses. The public sale is yet to be announced, with each NFT costing 0.58 ETH plus approximately ~$30 for gas.

Want to customize your own Ape Gorilla to commemorate or celebrate your business, event or charity? Contact the Ape Gorilla team to create your own video animation and promote your Ape Gorilla custom trait.

Ape Gorilla's Social Platforms:


Welcome to the Ape Gorilla Club. Our mission is to empower our community in educational growth, business and networking opportunities, play to earn games, test our boundaries and create a community mindset around a Happiness Index, modeled by the Kingdom of Bhutan. Ape Gorilla was created by a motivated group of individuals who wanted to bring a community together with a product to make a positive change. Based on the 3D models of 11,337 unique Ape Gorilla non-fungible tokens (NFTs), members of the Ape Gorilla Club gain access to online and real-life business-building education, angel investment opportunities, charity collaborations, exclusive business development software, and other benefits.

Carola Morena to Boost Music and Talent Search ahead of Token Presale

The project has its token presale on January 27, 2022. Buyers interested in the presale tokens can do so through the Carola Morena DAPP. Notably, it will be available soon on the project's official website.  
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Carola Morena is Refreshing the Entertainment Industry

Carola Morena believes that music should be based on reliable and secure software technology. To accomplish this, they created their BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain. The project will also reward holders who help in creating quality music and discover new artists.

Carola Morena reinvents the concept of leisure for concertgoers. It combines a versatile, exclusive space with an extraordinary gastronomic experience. The euphoria of the dance floor, the high-quality KV2 sound system, and the awe-inspiring lighting combine in the massive arena to redefine Madrid's nightlife.

The token's revenue will promote musical shows, DJ events, and promotions. In addition, other events at Madrid's iconic Principe Po train station. The massive complex in the heart of Madrid provides a multicultural space for music lovers. 

The renovated 3040 m2 space is inspired by New York and includes a Healthy Corner and exclusive VIP sections. The complex generates a one-of-a-kind environment, elevating Carola Morena to a reference establishment in the entertainment industry.

From the Carola Morena Academy to the World

The Carola Morena Academy is supported by the Carola Morena Music token, whereby artists can get into the program by selection. Artists will enter the program through a selection process, of which holders will be part. 

Each year, the project will choose different categories and styles. It will then provide 24 artists (individuals and groups) with a real-life opportunity. Selected performers are then assigned to one of two categories: Talent Cultivation or Talent Drive. Here, they will assist musicians by producing their first professionally released song. They may also expand their previously existing portfolio (or both).

In addition, 10% of ticket purchases for musical events will be converted to BUSD and sent to the liquidity pool. This approach should raise the native coin's price floor. Each year, the team expects that roughly $500K will come to liquidity for Music CMM. As a result, the token's market value will benefit.

Carola Morena distributes 40% of the earnings from signing and promoting artists to its artists. On PancakeSwap, some royalties help to boost liquidity. As a result, they can reduce price volatility and make token trading more frictionless.

About Carola Morena

Carola Morena reinvents the concepts of nightlife, gastronomic experience, artistic expression, musical production, and event organization. They aim to become the benchmark of the cultural panorama in Madrid.

It features sound and lighting systems exclusive to the hotel. There are also gastronomic presentations by the finest chefs and performance and musical arts. Music events and experiences in a multidisciplinary space will also come alive. 

To learn about the project and connect with the community, check out their social platforms below:

Website: https://www.carolamorena.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_carolamorena

Telegram: https://t.me/CarolaMorena_EN 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carolamorenamadrid

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@carolamorena

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJhpdlEXBm59_Zf9S7SwYRw

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolamorenamadrid/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/carola-morena

Crypto company EGridd introduces world’s first Green Energy Blockchain Ecosystem coupled with breakthrough Magnetic Generator Technology

A new crypto farm, EGridd, is all set to dawn in a new era of green energy space by launching the world's FIRST Green Energy Blockchain Ecosystem, that will be powered by a revolutionary patented Magnetic Generator Technology as one of the first of many technologies we aim to bring under our umbrella of offerings. The cutting-edge Green Blockchain ecosystem aims to support people with convenient access to eco-friendly renewable energy through a decentralized P2P network of green energy suppliers with energy users. EGridd is driven by the mission to enable people to buy clean, renewable energy without extra costs, by maintaining at the same price as conventional power plants and striving to be more costs effective in the near future, yet adding opportunities to access and yield from, while raising awareness to be more socially driven to aid in our environmental issues, than just being end energy consumers as most of us are today.

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EGRIDD is the green energy token of EGridd. 

“We bring to you an end-to-end green energy ecosystem that extends green blockchain projects easy access to all the growth opportunities that exist in ‘green' technology, with due compliance for the sustainability and protection of the environment. Our green energy blockchain ecosystem empowers users with our breakthrough technology to generate, yield as well as sell electricity within our DeFi infrastructure”, stated Edrick S., the founder  of EGridd.

“Akin to Alibaba, eBay, Lazada etc., as the globally recognized marketplace platforms for many types of consumer products catered to the mass markets and businesess, our EGridd ecosystem is compatible in adding any form of green energy technologies, including the existing ones and the ones we will witness in the future. We do value all kinds of green energies, ranging from wind, solar, to thermal, and more - thus we are positive that EGridd will ascend to being a statutory legislator platform in the coming era of green energy sources, where our token subscribers could utilize it for various beneficial purposes under one roof.”

The EGridd green energy blockchain ecosystem comprises of 3 parts - 

  • EGridd Decentralized Exchange (EDEX)
  • EGridd Green Energy Generation (EGEG)
  • EGridd Central Energy Exchange (ECEE)

Starting with the exchange, EDEX, it introduces a novel way to trade crypto without a third party. This eliminates problems like hacking, fraud, etc., that have occurred at some exchanges. The EDEX operates on the Binance Smart Chain, deemed by most savvy users as one of the best and largest smart Blockchain exchange platforms in the world, which also happens to be the most costs effective, whereby users can swap their BUSD to EGRIDD tokens without feeling sizeable losses in their spreads. EGridd welcomes users to join its liquidity pool that offers great passive reward opportunities pegged to viable intrinsic technologies and businesses.

“By joining EDEX, you will witness a faster growth in your investments while also enjoying more control over them. In other words, EDEX offers you a great opportunity to be a part of a historical revolution.”

Coming next to the source of green energy generation, the chief concept of EGEG is based on a breakthrough technology applying Magnetic Rotational Technology. When two magnets with poles meet, they dispel, but get attracted to each other when two opposite poles meet. The Magnetic Rotational Technology works by placing a series of magnets in various directions, which results in a spinning momentum motor leading to the development of a magnetic generator producing green energy. This next-gen technology lays the foundation for our EGEG Generators, such as EGEG-XX, with zero radiation emissions regardless of the scalability. 

Per the statements of Mr. Calvin Q., COO of EGridd, the EGEG-XX generator is designed to resolve the existing list of problems in the current green energy world. These include – lack of available adequate green technologies to meet demands, low efficiency outputs of current green technologies, need for extensive areas to deploy existing green energy mediums (such as solar panels), and low ROI. Additionally, many current De-Fi projects can't substantiate with real world tangible projects to assure subscribers of the true market value derivation.

The EGridd ecosystem resolves the above mentioned problems through an exclusive blend of a revolutionary green energy technology (Magnetic Rotational Technology), De-Fi, and blockchain. For comparisons to regular green energy mediums like solar panels, the EGEG-XX Generator assures a much lower installation cost and footprint for deployment. Further, while the current solar panel technologies generate at a 10%+/- operational efficiency, the EGEG-XX solution promises a consistent 99% operational efficiency. Importantly, it comes with a longer lifespan and a one time per year maintenance vs solar panels. Last but not the least, while solar panels require an average of 5 years to reap ROI, the EGEG-XX assures very healthy ROI in just 1.5 to 2.5 years.

But to take into account the phrases: “you can't please everyone” and “respect the existing proven technologies and inventors”, our Egridd ecosystem gladly welcomes and will include other green energy technologies under one platform roof. After all, our most pertinent value proposition is to develop a more socially responsible awareness, attitude and adoption (AAA) of green energies in general to aid the dire need in reducing our world's environmental issues. Therefore, we would like to end with a phrase: “what's the use of having all the wealth, if we don't live and enjoy in a healthy world?”.

Which brings us to the last leg of the ecosystem, ECEE. It is the platform where excess generated energy will be traded between power grid providers, sellers of green energy, and buyers. From which, the payments for the sale of excess green energy will go back to the initial EGRIDD token investors, thereby completing the full cycle of the EGridd green energy blockchain ecosystem.

“Our ecosystem assures unmatched high transaction throughput, eliminates ambiguity on electricity meter readings, and ensures better user experience with blockchain technology.”

Will EGridd be the next potential green energy stock?

“We are moving fast by leaps and bounds. Therefore, in order to gain the right tractions, we are conscientiously engaging with accredited and experienced industry specialists to aid EGridd to, lobby correctly and mitigate against potential suppressions which had happened in the past with various wonderful inventions, creating apt market buzz, and developing into a global presence platform of access and opportunities for everyone. Naturally, listing EGridd as a green energy stock will be in our cards. We welcome interested and like minded investors to join the business and lead the traffic for our presale at Pink Sale from 25th January 2022 to 28th January 2022 from 11:00am UTC.”

For more information, please visit https://egridd.com or join presale at https://egridd.com/pinksale

Telegram: https://t.me/egridd_official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/egridd

Media Contact
Company Name: EGridd
Contact Person: PR/Media
Email: media@egridd.com
Country: United States of America

Shar Pei, decentralized Meme coin with a unique concept

Shar Pei token is set to become the next big meme coin in the crypto world following its successful launch in the last quarter of 2022. Since then, the token has enjoyed a rapid rise of more than 20,000% and has achieved a market capitalization of $8 million and 5,000 holders.  A fast-rising ecosystem One […]

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FTX vs Coinbase Review

For many Crypto users, Coinbase has become nearly synonymous with Cryptocurrency as they have a great reputation for being secure, regulated and very beginner-friendly. Many old school Crypto holders you speak to today will likely say that Coinbase was actually where they made their first-ever Crypto purchase as the exchange has been around since 2012 […]

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What is DeadFellaz: A Guide on the Ambitious NFT Brand and Collection

DeadFellaz is an Ethereum-based collection of 10,000 NFTs (ERC-721s) launched in August 2021. The co-founders are Betty, a co-director of a creative production agency, and Psych, the lead artist of…

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