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Researchers Sound Alarm on Dangerous BatLoader Malware Dropper

A dangerous new malware loader with features for determining whether it's on a business system or a personal computer has begun rapidly infecting systems...

“Gucci Master” business email scammer Hushpuppi gets 11 years

by Naked Security writer He was sentenced under his real-life name of Ramon, but in back in his boastful days of pretending to be a seriously...

Why Cybersecurity Should Highlight Veteran-Hiring Programs

Organizations are struggling to fill cybersecurity positions. That may be because they aren't utilizing security staff efficiently and so they need more people. It...

Dangerous SIM-swap lockscreen bypass – update Android now!

by Paul Ducklin A bug bounty hunter called David Schütz has just published a detailed report describing how he crossed swords with Google for several months...

Emergency code execution patch from Apple – but not an 0-day

by Paul Ducklin No sooner had we stopped to catch our breath after reviewing the latest 62 patches (or 64, depending on how you count) dropped...

S3 Ep108: You hid THREE BILLION dollars in a popcorn tin?

by Paul Ducklin THREE BILLION DOLLARS IN A POPCORN TIN? Radio waves so mysterious they’re known only as X-Rays. Were there six 0-days or only four? The...

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