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Quantum Generation® announces a partnership with Plato Technologies and the Quantum Space Revolution.

(Raleigh, NC., July 2022 -) - Quantum Generation® is pleased to announce an orbital and terrestrial technology partnership with Plato Technologies. The partnership allows...

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Bunga Hasil DeFi: Staking vs. Yield Farming vs. Liquidity Mining

Semua 3 istilah dalam judul mengacu pada konsep yang hampir mirip tentang interaksi antara waktu & uang. Mirip tapi tidak sama persis. Anda...

Lending platform Sublime, which lets users stake their ‘digital reputations,’ raises $2.5 million

There is a new DeFi lending platform in the market called Sublime that wants to let users stake their "digital reputations" to access loans.

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Where to buy Compound as COMP registers 5% gains

The Compound (COMP) token has seen a price increase of 5% in the past 24 hours  The Compound token is currently trading at $315...

Compound (COMP) Bug Causes $90M Accidental Payout

Staking protocol Compound, the world’s fifth-largest DeFi protocol, has accidentally dropped $90M into users’ hands after a buggy software upgrade.Sponsored Sponsored Users of...

Are These Altcoins About To Break Out? Analyst Nicholas Merten Looks at One Hot Sector of the Crypto Market

Widely followed crypto market analyst Nicholas Merten is expecting altcoins in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector to rally. In a recent market update, Merten...

Compound Price Up 15% to $369.64 – Where to Buy COMP

The crypto market has started the week with significant gains. Despite the financial market uncertainty caused by the Evergrande debt crisis in China,...
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How to use Compound Finance: Beginner’s Guide

Every few years, mankind stumbles upon a new technology, innovation, discovery, or idea that catapults humanity and changes the world...

EToro bringt neues DeFi-Portfolio auf den Markt

Das “DeFiPortfolio” von eToro ist ein indexähnliches Investmentportfolio, das aus 11 verschiedenen DeFi-Coins besteht: Ethereum (ETH), Uniswap (UNI), Chainlink (LINK), Aave (AAVE), Compound (COMP), Yearn Finance (YFI), Decentraland (MANA), Polygon (MATIC), Algorand (ALGO), Basic Attention Token (BAT), und Maker (MKR). Das neue Produkt bietet einen einfachen Weg, um zu diversifizieren und ein Investment in das dezentralisierte Finanz-Ökosystem zu tätigen und durch regelmäßiges Rebalancing automatisch … Continued

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eToro launches Portfolio with exposure to major DeFi assets

The portfolio will track major assets in the DeFi ecosystem, including Ethereum (ETH), Uniswap (UNI), aave (AAVE), and Chainlink (LINK) eToro, a leading investment...

Trading Giant eToro Launches DeFi Portfolio

Multi-asset trading platform eToro has launched a portfolio offering clients exposure to decentralized finance (DeFi) projects.Sponsored Sponsored Announced on Sept 23, eToro’s “DeFiPortfolio”...

Compound (COMP) and Flamingo (FLM) Technical Analysis: Buying Trend Continues

Compound (COMP) and Flamingo (FLM) Technical Analysis

Rate this post Compound and Flamingo are rebounding from critical support levels. COMP may reach $530, while FLM prices might double to $1.2 if bulls clear August 2021 highs. Compound (COMP) The lending protocol Compound is one of the earliest DeFi projects. It uses COMP for governance. Past Performance of COMP Despite consolidating from a top-down preview, the COMP crypto is bullish. COMP coin prices are up six percent on the last trading day. However, there is a double bar bull reversal pattern and a conspicuous engulfing bull bar with high volumes, possibly marking the end of last week’s losses. Day-Ahead and What to Expect The path of the least resistance is upwards. Compound crypto fundamentals are strong, propping COMP token prices reading from the daily chart. In the medium term, buyers can search entries above $340, targeting the immediate resistance levels at $530. As per the COMP technical analysis on the same chart, steep, unexpected losses below immediate support may cancel the uptrend. Compound Technical Analysis Overall, COMP coin prices are still in consolidation within a $210 range with identifiable caps at $340 and $530, respectively. The formation of the double bar bullish reversal pattern of September 13 and 14 forms the base of a possible rally towards $530. This provides an opportunity for aggressive buyers. Conversely, as mentioned, losses below $340 would signal a bear trend continuation of last week for COMP. Flamingo (FLM) Flamingo, a DeFi protocol on NEO, is interoperable and depends on the FLM token. Past Performance of FLM As per the FLM technical analysis in the daily chart, the uptrend is clear, and buyers stand a chance. On the last day, the FLM coin is up three percent. Nonetheless, FLM is within a bearish breakout pattern below the middle BB. Besides, FLM token price action is within September 7 high-low. Day-Ahead and What to Expect The FLM coin price is recovering, but consolidating near $0.60. Since trading volumes are decent, there might be more headroom for a retest of the middle BB and even August 2021 highs of around $0.80. Conversely, losses below last week’s lows might trigger a sell-off towards July 2021 lows. Flamingo Technical Analysis FLM token price action suggests bulls. A Fibonacci retracement between July and August 2021 trade range shows that FLM found support at the 50 percent level. As such, the consolidation might be an accumulation of FLM prices, a ground for $0.80 in the medium term. Losses below $0.60 may see FLM coin fall towards $0.32. Meanwhile, Flamingo crypto prices might nearly double from spot rates if it overcomes $0.80 to $1.2.

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What you must know about DeFi, NFTs as possible investment vehicles

Ethereum and Bitcoin have long been the market’s most prominent projects, with both considered to be some of the best investment options in...
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