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Swift’s CBDC Connector Enters Beta Testing with Global Central Banks


Swift, the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services, has announced the beta testing of its innovative Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) interoperability solution. This move comes as part of Swift’s ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between digital and fiat-based currencies.

Global Participation in Swift’s CBDC Initiative

Three central banks, including the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the National Bank of Kazakhstan, are currently integrating Swift’s CBDC connector solution into their infrastructure for direct testing. This follows Swift’s commitment to develop a beta version after the first sandbox testing phase, where participants acknowledged the solution’s “clear potential and value.”

Furthermore, over 30 financial institutions worldwide are participating in the second phase of sandbox experiments. This phase aims to explore additional use cases such as trigger-based payments for digital trade platforms, foreign exchange models, and liquidity saving mechanisms. Notably, the Reserve Bank of Australia, Deutsche Bundesbank, HKMA, Bank of Thailand, and CLS are among the institutions involved.

Addressing the Fragmentation Concern

According to The Atlantic Council, 130 countries, accounting for 98% of global GDP, are currently exploring CBDCs. Nineteen G20 countries are in advanced stages of CBDC development, with nine already piloting their digital currencies. However, the primary focus on domestic usage could lead to a fragmented landscape across borders.

Swift’s response to this potential fragmentation is a concentrated effort on interoperability for digital currencies and tokenized assets. Their goal is to ensure these digital assets can seamlessly integrate into the financial ecosystem when deployed. Swift’s CBDC initiative, which started over 18 months ago, saw almost 5,000 transactions simulated between two different blockchain networks and existing fiat-based payment systems during its first phase.

Swift’s Vision for the Future of Digital Currencies

Tom Zschach, Chief Innovation Officer at Swift, emphasized the company’s focus on interoperability. He stated, “Our focus is on interoperability – ensuring that new digital currencies can seamlessly coexist with each other and with today’s fiat-based currencies and payment systems.” Zschach also highlighted the financial community’s recognition of Swift’s CBDC innovations, which aim to prevent “digital islands” while securely bridging current and future payment systems.

Swift is proactively embracing blockchain and CBDC, recognizing that blockchain has the potential to revolutionize its current system. As reported by Blockchain.News, Swift, in collaboration with major banks and Chainlink, announced successful experiments on August 31, 2023, to transfer tokenized assets across multiple blockchains. The initiative aims to address interoperability challenges hindering tokenized asset market growth. Swift’s infrastructure can act as a central point for financial institutions transferring tokenized assets, ensuring global interoperability. Tom Zschach of Swift emphasized the importance of interoperability and Swift’s role in facilitating global value transfer.

About Swift

Swift is a global member-owned cooperative, providing a platform for secure financial messaging. Connecting over 11,500 banking and securities organizations in more than 200 countries, Swift facilitates global and local financial flows, supporting trade and commerce worldwide. While it doesn’t hold funds or manage accounts for customers, Swift ensures secure and standardized financial message exchanges. Headquartered in Belgium, Swift maintains a strong presence in major financial centers globally, emphasizing its neutral, global cooperative structure.

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