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Sushiswap Exchange Review – Guide to the Decentralized Exchange

sushiswap exchange review

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In the decentralized finance market, Sushiswap is making it’s ground stronger every day and it is becoming highly popular amongst the liquidity providers and the crypto-traders. Do you know why? Are you interested in exchanging some of your Ethereum into some other cryptos? Yes, Sushiswap is an improvised and evolved version of Uniswap where you …

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In the decentralized finance market, Sushiswap is making it’s ground stronger every day and it is becoming highly popular amongst the liquidity providers and the crypto-traders. Do you know why? Are you interested in exchanging some of your Ethereum into some other cryptos?



Yes, Sushiswap is an improvised and evolved version of Uniswap where you can swap your cryptocurrencies and earn from it. Let us dig deeper and check the insights of this very popular Defi exchange. 

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Legal Name Sushiswap Cryptocurrency
Headquarters China (Probably)
CEO Chef Nomi
Year Founded 2020
Exchange Type Decentralized
Trading Fees Deposit Fee is Nil, Exchange Fee 0.3%, Liquidity provider fee – 0.25%
Deposit Methods Cryptocurrency
Supported Cryptos Sushi/ETH, USDT-ETH, UDSC-ETH, DAI-ETH, SNX-ETH, and other similar swaps
Fiat NA
Customer Service Email
Trading Options Swap, Liquidity Providers – Liquidity mining pool

What is Sushiswap?

Sushiswap is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can swap different tokens/cryptocurrencies. This is an AMM or automated market-making decentralized exchange. This is presently running on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is also a documentation site project that is run by a community and by their votes. The official core team of the company does not handle or manage this site. 

It is kind of an extended version of Uniswap which has been launched in this year 2020. It is referred to as an evolution of the Uniswap protocol design. On the main design of the Uniswap, makers of Sushiswap added community-based features to provide further benefits to the traders and investors. 

Sushiswap features 

Sushiswap being so popular must have some great features, what do you think? Let’s take a look into the same – 

  • Incentives to the liquidity providers: The liquidity providers who provide liquidity to the pool earn incentives not just in the form of trading fees but also Sushi tokens. You can further earn protocol’s fee on these tokens which will let you earn without even providing any further liquidity to the Sushi pool.
  • Distribution of tokens: The liquidity providers having Uniswap LP tokens can stake the same and earn Sushi Tokens as well. On this, they can get rewards as well and earn tokens. With every block, hundred Sushi tokens will be created. These tokens will be distributed amongst the stakers of the pool. 
  • Distribution of rewards: While in Uniswap, 0.3% of the trading fees goes to the liquidity providers, here 0.25% directly goes to them and the remaining 0.05% is converted to Sushi and then distributed amongst the token holders. 
  • Security Audit: The Sushiswap exchange’s security is quite good. It is safe for users. They also invite certain firms to audit their security to have better safety measures for the users. 
  • Smart Contracts: The smart contracts written by Sushiswap have quite a fair test coverage. They continue to test their smart contracts to find out if there is any issues and to resolve the same at the earliest. 
  • Liquidity Migration: Sushiswap has an added feature of migrating the tokens staked for liquidity in this platform. These tokens are migrated to the Sushiswap contracts. This is done to initiate a new liquidity pool for the token holders. Here both the stakers and the token holders are benefitted as stakers will continue to receive the rewards in the form of Sushi tokens. 

How to Set Up an account on Sushiswap

For exchanging and trading on Sushiswap you need to first create your account and the steps are mentioned below – 

  • You have to first sign up by registering yourself on the Sushiswap Website
  • You have to enter your details such as name, mobile number, email id, and others
  • You can also enter a referral code if you have one while you are creating the account
  • Once you submit the form, they will send you an email for confirmation of activation of the account on Sushiswap. 
  • You have to click the link in the email for confirming and there you go. 
  • Your account will be activated and you can use the password which has been sent on your email to log in and use the platform to exchange your tokens. 

How to Link your Wallet?

Once you have your account on Sushiswap, you can link your wallet. For Sushiswap, you need Metamask or Wallet connect as your wallet. Metamask is the most preferred wallet here on the Sushiswap platform. 

  • You need to have an account on Metamask or the other wallet platform. 
  • Click on the right top corner of the Sushiswap website on the ‘ Unlock Wallet’ tab
  • A page with both Metamask and Wallet Connect will open. You need to select the one you want to link. 
  • Once you connect, you can see the tokens and crypto-asset you have in your wallet. You can stake and swap them on the Sushiswap platform. 

How to swap tokens

Now, once you have the account on Sushiswap and wallet connected, you just have to swap your cryptos, and here is how you need to go about it – 

  • Click on the currency you want to swap. Suppose you have Ethereum in your Wallet and you want to swap it with Sushi tokens. 
  • Then you have to select Ethereum from your wallet and in the exchange option, you have to select the Sushi tokens. 
  • Once you click on the swap button, Sushi tokens against your Ethereum will get into your wallet. 
  • Here you have to pay attention to two things. One is the exchange value that is how many Sushi tokens you can obtain for the number of Ethereum you are staking. The second thing is the fees that you have to pay for this swap/transaction. 

Sushiswap Fees and Limits

The fees charged by Sushiswap for providing the trading and conversion facility is 0.3% of the total value of the transaction. The liquidity providers get 0.25% of these trading fees. The remaining 0.05% goes into the Sushi bar pool for the Sushi token holders. 

Currencies supported by Sushiswap

There are 100+ tokens that can be swapped on Sushiswap and the list includes some of these names – 

  • Ether (Wrapped) 
  • Wrapped BTC
  • Sushi Token
  • USD Coin
  • Tether USD 
  • Yearn. Finance
  • Dai Stablecoin and others

Is Sushiswap Safe & Secure

SushiSwap is an unaudited project as of September 2020. Even for audited and very trustworthy projects, depositing assets into a smart contract entails the chance of flaws. SushiSwap, on the other hand, was established by unidentified developers, making deposits extremely riskier.

Never put up more money than you can afford to lose. Furthermore, due to Ethereum’s extraordinarily high gas prices, smaller deposits may require a significant amount of farming before they can make a profit.


Sushiswap is becoming popular every day because of its unique features and facilities for investors. The rewards and the token distribution are very lucrative. The safety and security of the platform add to the benefit of the liquidity providers.

You can stake multiple crypto assets here on this platform and earn interest on your holding like nowhere else. Having said that, this exchange has a long way to go, it is just a novice in the market and needs to work on itself to provide better facilities. 


  1. Can I register on Sushiswap for free?

Yes, you can register on Sushiswap for free. All you need to pay is the trading fees for the transactions you do on this platform. 

  1. Can I use another Wallet on Sushiswap?

You can either use Metamask or Wallet Connect. Apart from these two, the platform doesn’t support any other wallet currently.

  1. How much time is taken to swap the tokens?

Your tokens are delivered to your wallet within a few seconds. You do not have to wait for days to get the tokens into your wallet.

  1. Is it safe to use Sushiswap?

Sushiswap has been very particular about its privacy and security measures. The platform is quite secure and it is getting better from time to time.

  1. Can I trade Sushiswap tokens on other exchanges?

Yes, you can trade Sushiswap tokens on other exchanges like OKEx, Binance, and others. Some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges have registered these tokens for trading.

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PayPal and Visa Lead $300M Funding for Blockchain Capital

Republished by Plato



Blockchain Capital remains a major tech backer in the DLT space with investments in numerous crypto and DLT projects.

Fund V with $300M Funding

According to a press release published on Monday (June 22, 2021), Blockchain Capital has closed funding for its Fund V LP. The capital raise reportedly drew participation from several high-profile backers including global payment giants Visa and PayPal.

Capped at $300 million, Blockchain Capital’s latest fund was oversubscribed likely pointing to the continued appetite for DLT-related funding despite the current crypto market downturn. Apart from Visa and PayPal, university endowments, hedge funds, family offices, and pension funds also participated in the capital raise.

Bart Stephens, co-founder and managing partner at Blockchain Capital commented on the closure of the fifth VC fund, stating:

“We are incredibly honored to welcome a world class group of investors into Fund V who appreciate the value of a firm dedicated to a single industry. As founders ourselves, we know how hard it is to build companies, protocols and, indeed, a whole new industry.”

Spokespersons for both Visa and PayPal stated that their support for Blockchain Capital was part of efforts to boost innovation in digital finance. According to Jose Fernandez da Ponte, vice president and general manager of blockchain, crypto and digital currencies at PayPal:


“Investing in Blockchain Capital’s new fund allows us to engage with the entrepreneurs driving the future of the decentralized economy and the new wave of financial services.”

Serial Blockchain Backer

Blockchain Capital is a serial investor in the crypto and DLT space. The company’s portfolio of projects cuts across several facets of the emerging industry including United States-based exchange giants like Coinbase and Kraken.

Blockchain Capital’s investment portfolio also extends to the decentralized finance market arena, backing projects like Aave, UMA, and Nexus Mutual.

Since securing about $2 million in funding from Blockchain Capital and other investors back in May 2018, OpenSea has been able to attract additional investments, including a $23 million injection as reported by CryptoPotato back in March.


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Ethereum, MATIC, Solana Price Analysis: 22 June

Republished by Plato



With a depreciation of 8.1% in 24 hours, the global crypto-market cap fell to 1.31 trillion at press time. Following Bitcoin’s footsteps, most altcoins in the market have been struggling within the bearish zone throughout the weekend. Ethereum and Solana, for instance, fell below their respective support levels. MATIC, on the contrary, while it moved south too, stayed above its support. 

Ethereum [ETH]

Ethereum failed to stay afloat above the $2,250 support level, with the alt trading at $1902 at press time. In case the coin doesn’t fall further, it could see resistance near $2055. The second-largest coin by market capitalization noted a decline of 27.2% over the past week. 

ETH’s charts pictured a bearish crossover on 15 June and despite the price recovering slightly on 20 June, the MACD’s histogram underlined bearish momentum. The Bollinger Bands diverged in the early hours of 21 June, meaning that there could be a hike in price volatility. 

The Chaikin Money Flow neared the equilibrium mark – A finding that predicted an even amount of capital outflows and inflows. Alas, at press time, capital outflows slightly exceeded inflows. 


MATIC showed promising recovery from 12 June to 15 June post the crypto market crash. However, it failed to hold on to the same momentum and prices dipped soon after. Worth noting though that the alt had not breached its crucial support level of $1.04, unlike other altcoins, at the time of writing when MATIC was priced at $1.06. 

A slight dip in prices would mean that MATIC too would break past the $1.04 support level. The Bollinger Bands were observed to be diverging, a sign of steep price volatility in the near term.  

Finally, the MACD’s histogram gave bearish signals for the whole week while the Awesome Oscillator suggested that bearish momentum was building up. That being said, it did read a few scattered bullish trading sessions in between. 

Solana [SOL]

SOL breached its $31 support level in the last 24 hours and then broke past its $24 support level too. It was priced at $23.66, at the time of writing. The alt somehow had managed to recover briefly in the last 48 hours, however, it did see a decline of 24.1% soon after. 

The market has been seeing intense selling pressure over the last few days. At press time, the coin had fallen below the 30-mark on the Relative Strength Index, a development which meant that the alt had hit the oversold and undervalued zone. 

The Awesome Oscillator suggested that bearish momentum was continuing to build up on the charts. Finally, the widening of the Bollinger Bands projected a hike in price volatility. 

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ZkTube Partners With Mo Works to Expand Global Outreach

Republished by Plato



ZkTube Partners With Mo Works to Expand Global Outreach

Advertisement &  & 

ZkTube, a scaling solution built to offer safety, low gas fees, and optimal zero-knowledge proof mining, has announced a new partnership with Mo Works in a recent report, following a global expansion plan.

Mo Works is a Melbourne-based leading digital solution provider. Its collaboration with ZkTube happened after the company appointed Mo Works founder and director, Mo Hamdouna as their global marketing advisor.

Mo Works Backs ZkTube on Its Adventure For a Global Expansion

ZkTube seeks to scale and support blockchain transaction capacity and project while retaining the Defi performances of a distributed protocol. It is basically aimed at promoting the global market.

Following the partnership, Mo Works has agreed to bring its exclusive experience in the cryptocurrency industry to help kick the global growth of zkTube in an accelerating mode.

Considering the functionality of the partnering companies, the collaboration will cause an integration between both communities as Mo Works will begin to provide support for ZkTube’s launch of strategic community engagement programs. Thereby, enriching and exploring the performances of both companies all around the globe.

Advertisement &  & 

Mo Hamdouna expressed excitements on his new appointment saying; 

“zkTube has a sophisticated, intelligent, and experienced team who will be disrupting the blockchain payment network industry with a technology solution that offers excellent safety, low gas fee, and optimal POS mining. I am very happy to work with their team on their project and look forward to a great year launching their solution.”

ZkTube’s aim to join efforts with Mo Works to raise a global community that will fully facilitate ZkTube’s marketing strategy and expansion plans towards the global launch is becoming a reality.

The founder of ZkTube affirmed this saying;

“the strategic partnership of Mo Works and zkTube will be instrumental in the overall development of the global marketing. But, more importantly, with Mo Works, our partnership will allow us to widen our community globally.”

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