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In a world-first fusion of theatrical production, jaw-dropping magic, mind-bending illusions, stagecraft, gaming principles and technology that pushes the limits of imagination, audiences are invited into the Metaverse of Magic. More than a body in a seat, you can play an active role in the journey at Canberra Theatre later this month.

Forget everything you think you know about magic shows – Metaverse of Magic has just rewritten the script as you’re invited to discover the secrets hidden in the inner realm of the Metaverse. 

TikTok sensation Ash Magic, aka Ash Hodgkinson, stars as Lenoxx, an I-Gen magician who sets out on a quest accompanied by all-knowing game master DIGI. Encountering the four Masters of Illusion, the audiences help guide Lenoxx to uncover their secrets in the hope of gaining access to the prestigious inner realm.

“They’re coming along with me and we have to defeat these challenges and overcome obstacles and collect Easter eggs along the way. They’re doing that; they’re playing the challenges on their phone, collecting Easter eggs similar to a video game, they’re leveling up, they have a character,” Ash says.

Using their smartphone, each audience member is invited to decide how much or how little they wish to be involved. Those who want an elevated theatre experience might choose to interact a lot, while those who want to sit back, relax, and just take it all in will still have an incredible experience.

“There’s a point in the show where the audiences get to choose what trick the magician does …The audience gets to choose what happens and how the show will play out, so every show will be different,” Ash says.

The rise of virtual reality and continuing developments in technology are providing a plethora of untapped resources, according to Ash. He says we are all like cyborgs connected to our phones each day, and to incorporate that into a theatre experience changes what we have come to expect.

“To take these essential elements that we’re so hooked on and build that into an experience has been untapped. No one’s done it before – to be able to have that theatre-going experience of all being one organism watching a show on stage, not only watch it but be a part of it and affect how that will play out and be moved by a beautiful story at the same time.”

The stage becomes an epicentre of talent as some of the globe’s most renowned magicians come together. Jetting in are Taiwan’s sleight-of-hand master Horret Wu, Japan’s gravity-defying illusionist Hara Hiroki, and the Netherlands’ Sabine van Dieman, who is strikingly beautiful and mind-blowingly talented. From just across the ditch is New Zealand’s beloved comedian magician Jarred Fell, and NZ-born Aussie illusionist and classic magician Charli Ashby.

“Not only is the show such a world-first in just the concept but their magic and the stuff that we’re bringing to the table and collaborating on is world-first magic in itself,” says Ash.

Brought to the stage by JONES Theatrical Group, who is the team behind some of the most innovative and favourite performances of recent times including The Cher Show on West End, award-winning performances of The Wizard of Oz and more. Part of the script team is renowned writer, actor, and composer Eddie Perfect, a personal idol of Ash’s. He says if there is one magic show to see in your lifetime, this is it.

“Even me as a magician or even a kid who loves magic or theatre lovers in general, this is the kind of show I would want to see. The mixture of tech and magic and futuristic elements, it’s going to be so cool they are going to have one hell of an experience,” smiles Ash.

Experience Metaverse of Magic before it hits the international circuit, at Canberra Theatre Centre, 22 November–3 December. Tickets:

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