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Star Guardian Nilah Splash Art Potentially Leaked


When the world needs heroes, there is no one that can get the job done like the Star Guardians. The “Star Guardian” skin line is one of the most popular in League of Legends, and it looks like it will welcome the newest champion to their ranks. Nilah is the newest champion to the popular MOBA and she will be heading into the game with two skins – her base skin, and potentially a Star Guardian version.

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Early in the day on Wednesday June 22, Twitter user and prominent leaker BigBadBear_ shared an image of what could potentially be a splash art for Star Guardian Nilah. The leaked splash art shares all of the iconic imagery from the other Star Guaridan skins. The account later followed up with a tweet highlighting that there are two other Star Guardian skins on the way. There appears to be three “evil” Star Guardian themed skins as well.

The reason for all of the Star Guardian content coming from Riot these past few days is all due to the upcoming Star Guardian event. A recent teaser trailer announced the event earlier this week. The trailer featured easter eggs of potential Star Guardian skins, including a short scene of a character wearing a Star Guardian charm.

The Star Guardian event is slated for July 14. Players can expected plenty of Star Guardian-themed missions and event-specific loot. This times up perfectly with the supposed release date for Nilah on July 13. With the release of Nilah and the start of the Star Guardian event, it seems like Star Guardian Nilah is more than likely to be the real deal.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games

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