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Splinterlands Guild Brawls Phase 2 Releases Today


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Splinterlands, a digital collectible NFT game built under Hive blockchain recently announced the release of its Guild Brawls Phase 2 last August 26 between 5 – 6 PM ET 21:00 – 22:00 UTC. Further, the update will happen after the current Guild Brawl   

For players who want to know more about the update about Guild Brawls Phase 2 can read some of the articles written by Cryptomancer, a Splinterlands and Hive Engine developer who is also handling the ins and outs of Guild Brawls Phase 2.

Splintershards (SPS) airdrop is not yet included and they clarify that they are expecting to add it in the near future along with the rewards for SPS tournaments and ranked battle wins.


Splinterlands Guild Brawls Phase 2 Releases Today News PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI

Splinterlands team also included in its post that the season rewards and the promised cooldown reduction of the cards is planned to take effect starting next season which will take place on August 31st.

According to their blog post, “the season end rewards will still be calculated based on the highest league achieved during the season for the current season, and starting at the end of the next season (ending on Sept 15th, 2021) it will change to be calculated based on your league when the season ends, regardless of what higher leagues you may have achieved during the course of the season.

Founded in 2018, Splinterlands, previously known as “Steem Monsters,” just recently received additional funding from notable investors like Animoca Brands, Blockchain Funders Fund and Side Door Ventures to further develop their game and technology.

Currently, Splinterlands has passed the 100,000 daily active users (DAU) mark this August. In comparison to last month, when the platform only had 14,000 daily active users.

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