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Samsung Wants a Piece of Apple’s Mobile Gaming Share


Samsung is mounting pressure on Apple in the mobile gaming segment as it partners with companies like Epic and Tencent to bring optimized gaming titles to its Galaxy Flip and Fold.

This comes as Samsung is looking at consolidating its market share in the mobile gaming segment and increasing sales for high-end foldable devices. Although the partnership is still in its early stages, the company is looking to leverage its user base, estimated at around 1 billion Galaxy users, to push earnings.

Samsung trailing Apple’s footsteps

Recently, Samsung ventured into cloud gaming for smartphones, taking Apple head-on in the gaming sector, which it has viewed as an untapped area of potential projected to reach $173 billion in global revenue this year, although the smartphone market experiences a slowdown.

Last month, competitor Apple launched its iPhone 15 Pro with an A17 Pro chip, which enables it to run high-end games like Resident Evil Village on an external monitor. Apple has promoted its iPhone 15 as the “next generation of mobile gaming,” able to run modern games, with the company believing the A17 Pro chip outperforms Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. The company has reportedly collaborated with game developers.

Now, more competition is coming in from Samsung, which seems to be encroaching on the mobile gaming segment without abating. According to a Wccftech report, Samsung is collaborating with gaming companies like Tencent, Epic, Krafton Inc., Nexon Games Co., NCSOFT Corp., and Pearl Abyss Corp. to bring some of the popular gaming titles to its mobile devices. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Flip and Fold, replacing the Galaxy Note Series, which was its most powerful device.

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Competitive edge

According to the Wccftech report, this development is expected to give the mobile device maker a competitive edge over its peers, Apple. The high-end games will be optimized for the Galaxy-branded foldable smartphone, which will allow the company to compete with Apple in this space.

While this will give Samsung an advantage over its competitors, the company still needs to be cautious and perfect its approach “ahead of introducing new titles.”

The report further notes that Samsung needs to “optimize the user interface of its foldable devices to cater for the forthcoming games.”

In a quick take, research firm Benzinga said: “As the boundaries between mobile devices and gaming consoles blur, Samsung’s entry into cloud gaming for smartphones could be a game-changer.”

“By focusing on the smartphone gaming market, Samsung positions itself to compete directly with Apple and other tech giants in this expanding industry.”

However, Wccftech notes that although Samsung may have a competitive edge, there is still more that needs to be done. For instance, Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro can be connected to an external monitor and paired to a wireless controller, which allows it to be transformed into a dedicated console that can be carried around.

This, the report reveals, is one aspect that Samsung needs to consider and possibly “introduce its own iteration with further controls and features.”


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