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Round 2 matchups set in Antwerp


One of Vitality and Outsiders will be heading into elimination matches on day two already.

The second-round matchups have been set at PGL Major Antwerp after a volatile round one, which saw a number of upsets go down, with Spirit continuing their successful campaign in Antwerp as they brought FURIA to their knees in perhaps the biggest surprise of the openers.

Round two will shortly follow in the latter half of the first day of the Legends Stage, as the likes of Natus Vincere, Heroic, and ENCE will look to remain undefeated going into day two.

The first day of the Legends Stage will close out with Cloud9 vs. NIP

The next round of matches will kick off with one of the closest affairs of the lot between Vitality and Outsiders, two teams on the fringe of the top 10 who are currently down in the 0-1 pool and hoping to avoid elimination matches.

Another highly-anticipated pairing in the 0-1 matches will come later in the day between Americas’ representatives FURIA and Liquid in the first meeting of the two teams with their new lineups.

Over in the 1-0 pool, Cloud9 vs. NIP, taking place at the end of the day, stands out as one of the closest matches to call.

Below you can see the upcoming matchups and the schedule of the rest of the first day:

1-0 pool
18:00 Denmark Heroic vs. Russia Spirit
19:15 Denmark Copenhagen Flames vs. Europe ENCE
20:30 Germany BIG vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere
21:45 Russia Cloud9 vs. Sweden NIP

0-1 pool
18:00 France Vitality vs. CIS Outsiders
19:15 Europe FaZe vs. Kosovo Bad News Eagles
20:30 Brazil FURIA vs. United States Liquid
21:45 Europe G2 vs. Brazil Imperial

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  • Source: https://www.hltv.org/news/33804/round-2-matchups-set-in-antwerp

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