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Ripple & XRP’s Value: The Debate Rages On Among Experts


  • Analyst challenges the prevailing notion that Ripple’s efforts solely drive XRP’s value.
  • Differing opinions emerge among XRP influencers regarding Ripple’s influence on the cryptocurrency.
  • The debate over Ripple’s role and future aspirations underscores divergent views within the XRP community.

Prominent XRP enthusiast, Crypto Eri, recently voiced her perspective that Ripple’s endeavors are not the exclusive drivers behind XRP’s potential ascent. Contrary to the belief held by many in the XRP community, she stresses that she isn’t banking solely on Ripple’s undertakings for the crypto’s price appreciation.

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This discussion emerged when another influencer, Digital Asset Investor (DAI), expressed his investment rationale for XRP. He spotlighted claims, ostensibly from Ripple, suggesting XRP’s revolutionary potential in the financial sphere – such as becoming a hedge during economic downturns, aspiring to be a global digital reserve currency, and possibly supplanting SWIFT.

But Crypto Eri, alongside other notable figures in the XRP sphere, diverges from this view. Attorney Bill Morgan, famed for his pro-XRP views, succinctly remarked, “You expect profits from the efforts of Ripple.” This statement alludes to the controversial Howey’s test, wherein the “expectation of profits” is a criterion for an investment to be deemed a security.

Given XRP’s recent legal tumult over its non-security status, Crypto Eri voiced her astonishment that some proponents hinge their XRP optimism entirely on Ripple, stating, “It’s surprising after surviving the SEC attack, anyone would subscribe to this reliance.”

While debates within the XRP community are fierce, the future of Ripple and XRP in the cryptocurrency arena appears luminous. With a foundation of robust technology and a vision to reshape the global financial ecosystem, the synergy of Ripple and XRP is poised to transcend these disagreements and carve an indelible mark in the crypto realm.

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