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Rare Atom eliminate HUMMER at ESL Challenger Valencia


Rare Atom have beaten HUMMER in the Group B elimination match at ESL Challenger Valencia 2022, meaning the Chinese side moves on to face MIBR for a spot in the playoffs, while HUMMER will have to look for further opportunities to compete on European soil.

The series started off on Mirage, where HUMMER went on a streak of 13 rounds to win the map 16-4, and then moved on to Nuke, where the Brazilian team tried to make amends for their 16-0 loss against Movistar Riders on the map earlier in the day. They were unable to win however, as Rare Atom won the map 16-9 and moved the series on to Inferno where they also prevailed with a 16-7 scoreline and closed out the series 2-1.

JamYoung had an impressive series, averaging a 1.36 rating

Mirage, the pick of Rare Atom, was the first map of the series. The game started off as a close affair, with both teams trading rounds as the scoreline read 4-4. HUMMER figured out the playstyle of their opponents after that however, as they went on a streak of 13 rounds during which the Chinese side looked bereft of ideas. It was Caio “⁠zqkS⁠” Fonseca who was the star performer of his team as he won a couple of crucial clutch situations to give his team a 16-4 win and move the series on to Nuke.

Nuke proved to be a much closer affair, as Rare Atom were able to win the forcebuy wars at the start of the half to go on a streak of rounds, dropping just three more gun rounds to win the half 10-5 and move on to the T side. Yi “⁠JamYoung⁠” Yang continued his impressive performance on the offensive side, as he powered his team to a 16-9 win.

The decider of the series was Inferno, where HUMMER got off to the better start, going 6-2 up before a couple of clutches by JamYoung and Andrew “⁠Kaze⁠” Khong evened up the scores at 6-6. The Chinese side finished the first half in strong fashion, as they won out the remaining rounds to close out out with a 9-6 scoreline. The second pistol went in the favor of the Brazilian side, but Rare Atom immediately won the forcebuy and got themselves into a strong position to win the series. They didn’t drop a single round after that, winning the series 2-1 and keeping themselves alive in the tournament.



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  • Source: https://www.hltv.org/news/34156/rare-atom-eliminate-hummer-at-esl-challenger-valencia

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