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Rainbow Six Siege Introduces Street Fighter 6’s Ryu and Chun-Li


Season 4 of Operation Deep Freeze is just around the corner for Rainbow Six Siege. During this Season there will be several different gameplay changes, adjustments, a new map, a new Operator, and much more. However, before the Season launches, the Rainbow Six Siege team has a surprise announcement for players. During today’s special Operation Deep Freeze livestream, it was announced that Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter 6 are now in the game.

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Street Fighter 6’s Ryu and Chun-Li Are Now In Rainbow Six Siege

Popular and iconic fighters Ryu and Chun-Li are now in Rainbow Six Siege. The following Outfits are for the Operators Grim and Ying. The Outfits themselves showcase the two Street Fighter characters in all their fighting prowess. The following prices and items come in the following bundles.

Grim Ryu Bundle (1944 Credits)

  • Wandering Fighter Headgear
  • Wandering Fighter Uniform
  • Furinkazan 552 Commando Weapon Skin
  • Wandering Fighter Operator Portrait
  • Genbu Temple Card Background
  • Ryu Street Tag Charm

Ying Chun-Li Bundle (1944 Credits)

  • Spring Beauty Headgear
  • Spring Beauty Uniform
  • Hyakuretsuyaku T-95 LSW Weapon Skin
  • Spring Beauty Operator Portrait
  • Tain Hong Yuan Card Background
  • Chun-Li Street Tag Charm

Buying both bundles together will cost 3672 credits. Given the popularity of the Street Fighter franchise, there’s no doubt that some players will be happy with their inclusion in Rainbow Six Siege. The title has seen a wide variety of collaborations in the past with franchises such as Rick and Morty, WWE, Yakuza, and so much more. Only time will tell what other collaborations will be included as well.

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