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Quest 3 Accessories: Carrying Case, Straps, Lenses & More


Looking for Meta Quest 3 accessories? Here’s what you need to know.

After months of waiting, Quest 3 has arrived and if you’re looking to pick up Meta’s latest headset, you’ve likely got your eye on at least one of the many accessories being offered. Between carrying cases, headset straps, earbuds and prescription lenses, there’s much to consider.

Before we begin, let’s start with what Quest 3 includes out of the box. Every headset comes with a standard black facial interface, two Touch Plus controllers with two AA batteries already inserted, a 1m Type-C charging cable and a Type-C charging plug socket adapter.

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Right now, this list mainly comprises of Meta’s official accessory range. We’re still waiting to learn more about third-party Quest 3 accessories, particularly from companies like VR Cover, KIWI Design and BOBOVR. KIWI states those are coming in Q4 2023, while BOBOVR opens pre-orders on October 10.

We’ll continue updating this list as time goes on and we’ve also tried to keep this list varied with price, purpose and quality. We’ll test these accessories further once Quest 3 becomes available but for now, here’s what we’ve seen:

Quest 3 Head Straps

Quest 3 accessories - Quest 3 elite strap
Quest 3 elite strap

Different head shapes mean the standard default strap won’t be the best option for many people. Just like with Quest 2, Meta is releasing a sturdier ‘Elite Strap’ with a click wheel behind for tightening. In our hands-on time with Quest 3, we found the Elite Strap to once again be the more comfortable option for longer sessions, though in our Quest 3 review we also noted that the default strap was good enough for an hour or so of use. With roughly 2-3 hours battery life, an Elite Strap with Battery may also prove tempting.

However, if you bought an official Quest 2 Elite Strap, we’ve got bad news; they aren’t compatible with Quest 3 headsets. If you bought a BOBOVR M2 Head Strap on Quest 2 though, then the company is developing a retrofit kit to make that compatible on Quest 3, alongside a new M3 Pro design. Other designs we’ve not yet tested are also available on Amazon.

Quest 3 Carrying Case

Quest 3 accessories - Quest 3 carrying case
Quest 3 official carrying case

For a portable standalone headset, chances are you’ll be after a Quest 3 carrying case to take your new headset on the go or simply keep it safe at home. So far, we’ve only seen one carrying cases beyond Meta’s official option which actually shows a Quest 3 being used with it. We’ll be testing these further as time goes on.

Quest 3 Charging Dock

Quest 3 accessories - Quest 3 charging dock
Quest 3 charging dock

We haven’t found any Quest 3 charging docks yet beyond Meta’s official option. While the Touch Plus controllers use a single AA battery, the official dock includes lithium-ion rechargeable batteries so you can charge your Touch Plus alongside your headset. Until more dedicated options appear, this could also serve as a Quest 3 display stand.

Quest 3 Facial Interfaces

Quest 3 accessories - blood orange facial interface
Quest 3 Blood Orange facial interface

Presently, Meta only officially offers blue and orange Quest 3 facial interfaces though it’s likely we’ll see more options from them or third parties in the future. For anyone buying a Quest 3 with fitness in mind, you might be interested in the black silicone facial interface to ensure your headset is easier to clean.

Quest 3 Prescription Lenses and Lense Covers

Quest 3 accessories - Zenni Prescription Lenses
Zenni Prescription Lenses for Quest 3

Unlike Quest 2, no glasses spacers are required with Quest 3 but prescription lenses may still be preferable. On Quest 3, Meta is officially partnering with Zenni via the Made for Meta program. Costing $50, Zenni’s option comes with anti-scratch, anti-reflective, water-resistant and oil-resistant coatings. Microfiber cloth and a carrying case are also included.

If you’re after a cheaper alternative VR Rock offers lenses from $25 onwards, though additions like anti-glare cost extra. VR Optician will also sell prescription lenses later this month, though the cost is currently unknown. We’ll be trying these as time goes on and you can also buy a third-party cover to protect your Quest 3 lenses from sunlight.

Quest 3 Controller Grips and Straps

Quest 3 accessories - Meta Quest 3 Active Straps
Meta Quest 3 Active Straps

The Touch Plus controllers for Quest 3 include a basic strap as standard, letting you securely place them around your wrists so they don’t go flying. It’s effective but no thrills, and Meta has a premium ‘Active Straps’ option available too, while some third-party companies like AMVR are introducing silicone grip covers and their own knuckle straps.

As a reminder, the Touch Pro controllers are also compatible with Quest 3, so you may want to consider using those if you own a Quest Pro. However, buying them separately costs an extra $300, nearly half as much as the 512GB Quest 3 headset alone.

Quest 3 Earbuds or Headphones

Quest 3 accessories - Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed for Quest
Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed for Quest

While you can use any bluetooth headphones or earbuds with Quest 3 – alongside 3.5mm wired headphones – Meta’s partnered with Razer with its Made for Meta program for a Quest version of the noise-cancelling ‘Hammerhead HyperSpeed’ earbuds. You can use the USB-C dongle for a 2.4GHz wireless connection or Bluetooth. Razer’s option isn’t available until later this year, though PlayStation and Xbox branded versions are.

Just be aware that Bluetooth’s inherent latency issues mean wireless bluetooth sets usually won’t work well in VR, so you’re better off looking for 3.5mm headphones or ones with a USB-C dongle. Until Razer’s option emerges, there aren’t many Quest 3-specific earbuds or headphones we’d recommend, but you could always use some of Quest 2’s best options.

Quest 3 Face Cover

Quest 3 accessories - Kuject Silicone Shell Cover
Kuject Silicone Shell Cover for Quest 3

Not a fan of the white Quest 3 design? Alongside the colored facial interfaces, some third-party companies are also making face covers. So far, we’ve only seen two and we have yet to try either option directly. Kuject’s black silicone shell cover and an accessory pack from Walmart with seven color choices.

Quest 3 accessories - PC VR link cable
Quest Link cable

The Quest 3 comes with a 1-metre USB-C-to-USB-C charging cable but if you’re planning to play PC VR games through Quest Link, that simply isn’t enough. If your WiFi isn’t strong enough for Air Link or Virtual Desktop and you’d prefer an alternative, we’d recommend buying a 5m/16ft cable to avoid limiting your movement.

There isn’t an official Quest 3 Link Cable yet, though the Quest 2 Link Cable will work just fine. However, that’s a somewhat pricey option at $79, so we’ve included a few third-party options below that will serve as suitable alternatives.

Quest 3 Gunstock

Onward On Oculus Quest

Looking for a gun attachment for your Touch Pro controllers? We’ve not seen many yet beyond ProTubeVR. On Quest, it has a few options currently available for pre-order, alongside its HOTAS-style ‘ProTas‘ accessory, the ‘ProSaber‘ and golfing-themed ‘SWINGiT.’

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