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Projecting the Potentials of the Cardano-Powered Media Project Incubator


Projecting the Potentials of the Cardano-Powered Media Project Incubator Blockchain, News PlatoBlockchain Data Intelligence | Vertical Search AI
    • Flickto is a Cardano powered media project incubator.
    • It aims to decentralize finance to media projects and to decentralize distribution.
    • ISPO has been launched to assist in staking for real change in the industry.

The media industry has over the years been marred with styles that are far from showcasing a level of fairness that is aimed at providing solutions to customers needs as well as rewarding creators.

Flickto is a Cardano powered media project incubator that is aimed at decentralizing finance to media projects and to decentralize distribution. Synonymous to bringing DeFi to Hollywood alternatively seen as a decentralized youtube/netflix media channel. Flickto is a pioneer of decentralized media (DeMe) owned by stakeholders such as consumers, creators and their intermediaries. Decentralized Media is aimed at creating an open source platform that gives people control over their data, the media projects that are funded and ultimately consumed.

Flickto is a solution to the issues caused by the current media landscape (wasted budget, not creating films/media for the audience, letting big money control the media we consume).

The entire concept of Flickto is essentially to bring out the captivating aspects of Cardano platform but with a sense of purpose that allows them to vote on the projects they are most interested in and to earn passive income too.

Recently, Flickto partnered with Museli Swap and launchedISPO Remastered to encourage people to stake.

An attractive feature that defines Flickto is that users are able to see how much Flick they have accumulated and its corresponding value in ADA. Since Flick is a utility token, Delegators are encouraged to put their Flick to work during voting rounds which will be used to fund the projects of budding content creators and aspiring media producers.

Future Plans

Flickto have successfully reached various milestones with an achievable timeline in line. Sequel to this, the following are the future plans of Flickto;

  • Cardano creative partnerships and a Cardano content creator fund to help creators and projects tell the story of the ecosystem.
  • More film and media projects with partners such as Bazooka Bunny and Delinquent Nation.
  • Blockchain and tech consultancy services to charities, NGOs and other mission driven organizations to help propagate the impact of cardano’s technology
  • First round of voting for projects is scheduled for the Q1 of 2022.
  • Providing marketing and production assistance to media initiatives and organizations attempting to achieve their mission is also a priority for Flickto.

What Problem Is Flickto Trying to Solve?

Media organizations should be open source and owned by stakeholders such as consumers, content creators and intermediaries.

The goal of Flickto is to provide solutions to the problems faced by today’s media structure which revolves around squandered funds, failure to create films and other kinds of media for the public and the autocratic power that dictates affairs in the media. In the quest to solve this problem, ISPO (Initial Stake Pool Offering) has thus been released to assist in staking for real change in the industry.

Why Stake With Flickto?

Enthusiasts and consumers in general have over time been sidelined in terms of ownership through various investment regulations aimed at creating an entry impediment for media ownership.

Following innovations and proactive solutions aimed at inspiring innovative solutions in cryptocurrency and ownership, Flickto is worthy of staking and this is confirmed by the following;

  • Pioneering media decentralized organizations: The impact of bitcoin for instance as the first mainstream digital currency as a store of value is likened to a pioneering decentralized media outfit that is poised at offering solutions using a smart open system where media is controlled by the users.
  • Swift passive income spinner: Users can vote on projects using separate voting cards simply by purchasing Flick. This leads to passive income for all Flick holders and in turn earns them more voting power to engage in the media platform. The community gets ownership and this process disrupts the conventional system that doesn’t offer rewards to the community for content.
  • Transparency of content: This is devoid of violence, inciteful or malicious content which could be grounds for conflict of any sort. Decentralizing the media provides people with greater influence on the content they consume.
  • Purposeful rich content: Flickto’s long term goal is to give voice to the voiceless and represent the underrepresented creators. This is a positive sign when a project constantly makes their work impactful and purpose driven.

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